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½ November 5, 2010
A meandering, lackluster police procedural and mystery of sorts that stars Audrey Tautou as a young 19 year-old newlywed whose gentle grip on reality is threatened when a baby's corpse is discovered buried in her basement. The detective, Deveure (Vincent Winterhalter), assigned to investigate has a permanent limp from an earlier altercation. This fact seemed completely overplayed as we were reminded of it countless times, to no apparent purpose. Add in the fact that seemingly every woman he meets falls instantly head over heels for him and there are enough distractions to begin to wear the viewer down, trying to decide which ones are important and which ones are just filler. The conclusion this viewer reached is that they are all filler. The scenery is a bit disappointing, but the mere presence of Ms Tautou, as a fragile, porcelain skinned waif, earns this less than stellar affair three stars. It is watchable, if slightly less filling than one would hope.
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