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December 30, 2011
Ofcourse i loved the original secret garden and although this is no where near as brilliant it is still a sweet and lovely movie!
If you want a magical heartwarming family movie then this is a must see! :)
½ July 13, 2010
Saw the beginning and couldn't watch the rest. She married her cousin and the cute horse tamer guy was dead.
March 25, 2007
nice try. but nothing to the first. not even a very good story line. theres just too many things to point out.
January 11, 2007
I was happy they made back to the secret garden, becuase I fell in love with the first, so I made my grandma buy it as soon as it came out on vido.
½ May 30, 2011
What made the story of "The Secret Garden" so special was the fact that its magic never strayed away from reality; instead, it is the kind of magic that if we look carefully, we can find within our world. This unnecessary sequel to the made-for-TV production (not the 1993 version with Kate Maberly) takes no account of that and instead suggests the kind of magic that only exists in storybooks, thus robbing us of the charm of the original. In addition, the corny storyline and the lackluster acting do not help at all. Still, it is regardless entertaining enough for its running time.
½ July 18, 2010
Michael Tuchner's follow-up to The Secret Garden is a far less inspired outing than it's 1987 predecessor, but never the less still passes muster thanks to some cutesy performances and even cuter scenarios, courtesy of cast and filmmaker. As with most low-key sequels,[i] Back to the Secret Garden[/i] follows path of a new bunch of characters, all experiencing the joy of the titular garden. Lizzie, orphaned American lass, finds herself laying her bed in the same manor where the events of the first film occurred. Miss Sowerby (Joan Plowright), is the be all and end all of the said garden, but under her watchful eye, Lizzie discovers the said place, a place of faith, courage and determination. [i]Back to The Secret Garden[/i], like the first film, has some lovely messages in there for the children. While at the same time, giving Mum's a break from that well worn VHS of the original to put something else in the machine for a while. Follow this path for further inspiration.
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