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June 2, 2014
When the 8-year-old in the room predicts how your movie is going to end, this is not a good sign, my friends. One star for the always funny Taye. And one star for the dog.
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February 26, 2014
She's done flying solo.

Decent Movie! "Baggage Claim" is one of those typical romantic comedies that's predictable you have the girl meets a guy in an unexpected way and falls in love. And true it has plenty of one liners and funny lines to entertain a viewer and it's filled with sugar and spice love scenes to enjoy. Whilst it offers a charming and pleasant experience it is not inventive as a story, succumbing to the rom-com principle of Mr & Mrs perfect live happily ever after. Not a bad experience for viewers who go see it in couples.

Determined to get engaged before her youngest sister's wedding, flight attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton) finds herself with only 30 days to find Mr. Right. Using her airline connections to "accidentally" meet up with eligible ex-boyfriends and scour for potential candidates, she racks up more than 30,000 miles and countless comedic encounters, all the while searching for the perfect guy.
February 9, 2014
This was an easy, funny movie. It was predictable, but still entertaining. If you are in the mood for a sappy chick flick this is a good one to watch.
½ November 5, 2013
Paula Patton plays flight attendant Montana Moore in the generic, predictable, annoying and insulting rom-com Baggage Claim. Montana has a minor breakdown after her relationship with a seemingly Mr. Perfect (Boris Kodjoe - Surrogates) comes to an end and she realizes her younger sister will be married in 30-days and Montana won't even be engaged! As Montana cannot bear the thought of not having a man when her sister gets married (seriously ... that's the plot!), her and her friends -- who also work with the airline -- use some unorthodox methods of tracking down various ex-boyfriends of hers (when they travel on their airlines etc.) from whom Montana could envision herself accepting a proposal in such a short amount of time. Montana tracks down numerous exes (including Taye Diggs - Chicago) as she racks up some 30,000 travel miles ... but she has no luck although her nice neighbor (Derek Luke - Glory Road) across the hall encourages her not to give up as HER time is running out! Just when she thinks she is out of time, she meets Quinton (Djimon Hounsou - Blood Diamond) but by that point Montana has no idea what she is wanting! The tracking down of one's exes plot has been used before and much of Montana's antics and worries are downright annoying in Baggage Claim as the film also initially comes across as insulting to women as few of the them in the film believe that they don't need a man to complete them (Montana's mother -- Jenifer Lewis [Cars] -- is somewhat detestable here). Montana isn't always looking for a "partner" for life ... she let's it be known that she "needs" this which makes one question whether or not she has any self-worth. Baggage Claim struck a wrong chord with me which is unfortunate as I like Paula Patton and believe she deserves a lead role in something watchable; but this Baggage Claim is empty.
September 13, 2013
Well for it being a Black Rom Com, it certainly did the job. It had, I Know That Black Actor in the movie. I was very happy to see Paula Patton ALMOST everything again. It was a decent movie for MATINEE price.....
½ May 10, 2013
I actually had low expectations for this movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very original, super funny and had a healthy dose of romance. I can understand some reviews saying this would never happen in real life, but how many hollywood productions actually do?
November 3, 2015
The romantic comedy "Baggage Claim" (PG-13, 1:36) is the entertaining story of a single 30-something woman looking for Mr. Right and dealing with serious pressure from her family to find him - right now.

Montana Moore (Paula Patton) is a flight attendant who wants to settle down, but her search for a husband has been impeded by the demands of her job, her high standards, and the occasional two-timing boyfriend. When Montana's younger sister announces her engagement, Mo feels the pressure, especially from her mother (Jenifer Lewis). Mo's well-meaning co-workers and friends (Jill Scott and Adam Brody) hatch a plan to use their airport contacts to let Montana know when one of her old boyfriends is flying somewhere (since "everyone flies during the holidays") and get Mo on the flight for a not-so-chance encounter. After all, one of her exes may have blossomed into the man she's looking for.

Mo has 30-days to find a great date -slash- potential mate to take to her sister's rehearsal dinner - to satisfy her own goals, and to get her mother off her back. Mo's 30,000 mile odyssey leads her to encounters with former suitors played by, among others, Taye Diggs, Boris Kodjoe, Trey Songz and past Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou. All the while, Mo's childhood friend (Derek Luke), who lives in the apartment across the hall, is there to encourage Mo and just be a friend when she needs one.

The story's path may be predictable, but the journey is still pretty enjoyable. The major characters are charming and funny - especially Mo (although Patton does have a tendency to overact at times). There are a number of laugh-out-loud moments and the movie has some important things to say about family, friends, life and love. What's "B" stand for? "Baggage Claim", that's what.
½ September 9, 2015
are you kidding me JLo was amazing in this one
½ July 23, 2015
Aceptable, para reir un poco, nada mas
July 7, 2015
Cheesy cheesy and BEYOND cheesy! So bad I couldn't even finish the movie....waste of time.
February 14, 2015
I want 96 minutes of my life back.
February 1, 2015
Movie was sorta cute but very predictable. Paula Patton aka Montana was horrible. Not sure if her character was suppose to be ditzy OR if it was actually her acting skills. Over the top dramatic acting, she tried way too hard to convince herself that she can act. Horrible just horrible acting. At least her Co-stars were great.
January 5, 2015
Appalling movie. No one can act. Patton is annoying.
September 25, 2014
The charming Paula Patton isn't enough to keep this carbon copy of better romantic comedies afloat. While it's sort of fun (in a goofy "Gidget" kind of way), the contrived plot is both sexist and boring.
½ September 7, 2014
They should change the name of this movie from Baggage Claim to Bag of Shit. What a fucking terrible movie. The lead female character in it is the most annoying fucktard in the World. Constantly whinging about how she is single. "oh Im soo pretty" "why am I still single" "oh my diamond shoes are too tight" waah waaaah Get over it you fucking knobface, try having face cancer for a week and then come back and whinge about been single you spastic and also why are all the female characters in this movie basically horndogs on heat especially the fat one with the humongous baps !!! She is one step away from rubbing herself off the furniture in the scenes. All the male characters are fucking arrogant gobshites too.. Seriously no children (especially girls) should be allowed to watch this movie in case they think its ok to grow up and become a giant douchebag. Also this movie was described as a comedy ???? WTF when was it meant to be funny??? WHEN???? The only way this movie wouldve been good wouldve been if in the first scene when theyre on the plane that the plane suddenly got hijacked and the hijackers stabbed the lead character in the neck and shot the fat whorey girl and then flew the plane into a building with all the other characters in it.... The actress is so fuckin annoying and she is so so shit at acting -she has lovely tits though- and all the other actors are fucking crap too although everyone has lovely teeth... Anyway its embarrassing how fucking terrible this movie is and I cant believe 50% of the audience like it.... They must be fucking retards.
August 31, 2014
Not the most original movie but so much fun!
½ August 9, 2014
Its far from perfect but it is a light and fun movie
½ July 13, 2014
This movie is just bad. It feels something more from the 60s then of modern times. However, it lacks the camp that made 60s romantic comedies at least likeable. Paula Patton doesn't have a lot to work with here, but still she isn't very good at what she was given. This should have been straight to video.
March 7, 2014
Baggage Claim is trying to be a romantic comedy with a heartfelt message and sweet atmosphere to it, but it turns into a goopy, false-feeling romcom with almost no feeling or spirit.
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