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Baghead (2008)


Average Rating: 6.6/10
Reviews Counted: 95
Fresh: 74
Rotten: 21

Critics Consensus: Pitting actors against murderers in a self-aware struggle for stardom, Baghead successfully skates the borders of horror and comedy.

Average Rating: 7/10
Reviews Counted: 36
Fresh: 29
Rotten: 7

Critics Consensus: Pitting actors against murderers in a self-aware struggle for stardom, Baghead successfully skates the borders of horror and comedy.


Average Rating: 3/5
User Ratings: 2,878


Movie Info

While the Duplass Brothers were shooting their last feature film "The Puffy Chair," a crew member raised the question "what's the scariest thing you can think of?" Someone immediately said "a guy with a bag on his head staring into your window." Some agreed, but some thought it was downright ridiculous and, if anything, funny (but definitely not scary). Thus, "Baghead" was born, an attempt to take the absurdly low-concept idea of a "guy with a bag on his head" and make a funny, truthful, … More

R (for language, some sexual content and nudity)
Drama , Comedy
Directed By:
Written By:
Jay Duplass , Mark Duplass
In Theaters:
Dec 27, 2008
Sony Pictures Classics - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Baghead

All Critics (96) | Top Critics (37) | Fresh (74) | Rotten (21) | DVD (4)

The truth eventually comes out, as it must, and it's not exactly a stunner.

Full Review… | September 18, 2008
Arizona Republic
Top Critic

A refreshingly brisk and modest salvo from the American independent film front, proving there's still interesting life in the scruffy, shot-on-video genre.

August 29, 2008
Miami Herald
Top Critic

Baghead is at its best when it captures the subtleties of romantic machinations, macho power plays and the indignity of women aging in Hollywood.

Full Review… | August 21, 2008
Washington Post
Top Critic

The coda, even if it doesn't wholly work, should have some sobering lessons for would-be filmmakers who see this. Kids, try this at home.

Full Review… | August 15, 2008
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic

he brothers Duplass have a knack for the to-and-fro of modern relationships. Their horror sense is less acute, but at least they understand that when the budget is low, it's best to keep the villain in the shadows.

Full Review… | August 8, 2008
Toronto Star
Top Critic

Too bad the characters are so rote. The women are almost nonentities, and the bond between the men borders on the maudlin. The actors are often better than their lines.

Full Review… | August 8, 2008
Seattle Times
Top Critic

Something [that] is both impressive and thrifty is Jay and Mark Duplass' Baghead, unquestionably the most inventive horror film in years -- one that puts character first and genre expectations last.

Full Review… | October 21, 2010
Quickflix intriguing premise that's employed to predictably subdued effect by the Duplass brothers...

Full Review… | January 24, 2010
Reel Film Reviews

There are some humorous and touching moments in Baghead, but the actors lack the finesse needed to make us really feel for their characters.

Full Review… | August 30, 2009
Washington Times

The Duplass brothers waste a perfectly good porno premise by getting meta on our asses

Full Review… | August 26, 2009

That documentary-like naturalism might be a bit much for some viewers, but Baghead is still an intriguing film, as the Duplass brothers construct genuine suspense while toying with their audience's expectations.

Full Review… | August 14, 2009

Baghead delivers more scares with its paper masked stalker than Jason and Michael Myers combined in their respective reboots.

Full Review… | July 5, 2009
What Would Toto Watch?

An extended navel gaze.

Full Review… | October 22, 2008

A wildly funny parody of low-budget horror cinema.

Full Review… | October 18, 2008
Screen International

The plot is tired, the actors are not much good, the situation is way too familiar, there is no humor or fright in sight.

Full Review… | October 18, 2008
San Diego Metropolitan

Just when you think the film is about to zig, it zags and heads another direction. And it's smart enough to cut things short before it wears out its welcome and before it gets too predictable.

Full Review… | October 18, 2008
Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Alternately funny and scary, 'Baghead' suggests that 'The Blair Witch Project' may be as responsible for mumblecore as any of the self-consciously anti-commercial movies that usually are credited with jump-starting the trend.

Full Review… | September 19, 2008
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

I want to shout, not mumble, that the Duplasses are a couple of the most promising filmmakers out there.

Full Review… | September 11, 2008
Arizona Daily Star

Baghead's got exactly one joke to exploit -- it's a relationship movie masquerading as a horror movie -- and proceeds to beat it to death.

Full Review… | September 5, 2008
Las Vegas Review-Journal

The co-directors and co-writers, Jay and Mark Duplass, appear to be saying, 'Hey, we are the new emperors of the independent cinema. And guess what? We have no clothes.'

Full Review… | September 5, 2008
Baltimore Sun

Baghead is best in its first half, when it's just about a group of four friends trying to escape the ruts their lives have become.

Full Review… | September 4, 2008
Las Vegas Weekly

Jay and Mark Duplass -- the brothers who wrote, directed and produced this bauble -- take literally two-thirds of the film to come to a very small point.

Full Review… | August 29, 2008
Charlotte Observer

Alternately hilarious, subtly sinister, and finally poignant, Baghead is not quite like any other film in memory.

Full Review… | August 23, 2008

Audience Reviews for Baghead


Decent low budget horror comedy that is pretty decent. The idea behind this film is pretty interesting, and it is different. Although it is a decent flick, it still has plenty of flaws, and the end result is a film that had so much more potential than what it turned out to be. The dialogue is one of the weaker points of the film, along with a few questionable performances. For the most part, this is a fun film to watch, and it definitely is a refreshing take on comedy horror despite its imperfections. For what it's worth, the cast do what they can with a sketchy script and the result is an imperfect film that does still manage to deliver a fun, entertaining hour and twenty minutes. The direction is quite good, but is never great and that's to be expected from a low budget film. As a whole, if you're tired of the same old remakes, and want something really original, yet imperfect, give Baghead a shot. This is a decent picture that manages to be quite fun and is a must see for genre fans. At times the film has corny dialogue and laughable scenes, and not in a good way, luckily the directors are able to deliver more with effective interesting ideas that work, which in turn makes up for the film's mistakes. Baghead is a decent film overall and work well enough to keep you entertained from start to finish, just don't expect anything great with this one. Worth seeing if you want something quite different that your usual horror comedy.

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski

Super Reviewer


Matt: Hey. What's that?

An ultra low budget human drama that contains elements of comedy and horror. Its simple, nothing too amazing, but the improved performances make it seem natural, along with some actual tension in parts.

A group of four struggling filmmakers decide to spend their weekend up at a cabin to hopefully develop a script and make a movie. The group includes two guys and two girls. One guy is more successful with women. One girl doesn't show the feelings for the other guy who desires her. Basically, there's a handsome guy, a funny guy, a slutty girl, and the cute girl.

Some mystery ensues when a mysterious figure keeps appearing outside the cabin with a bag over their head. Whether its one of the four or someone else completely is the source of a mystery that begins to run throughout.

The movie is shot with a digital camera and makes no attempt at having clever visual tricks, its about what its about, and I thought it worked.

Chad: Goodnight, movie girlfriend.
Michelle: Goodnight.

Aaron Neuwirth

Super Reviewer


Worth its weight in gold as a curiosity - kind of a mumblecore Bubble, if Bubble wasn't mumblecore as it is. As a movie about movies, it feels incessantly "filmed," and the viewer never forgets what they're watching. This approach may seem intrusive, but considering that this is a movie about intrusion on many different levels, the filming is a positive influence more than a detraction. The amateur actors are charmingly shitty, which sort of endears them to you all the more, and the characters they put forth are distinct and unabridged. The plot itself isn't terribly original but the execution is what to watch here - the Duplass brothers do an admirable job spinning a compelling tale from a simple foundation and without spending too much money.

Nothing here will blow your mind, but it functions adeptly as a lo-fi genre meld, and at only 70 minutes it's not a huge waste of time even if you don't find something worth championing. An inspiring tidbit of indie cinema.

Drew Smith

Super Reviewer

Ultra low budget horror comedy about four actors who are terrorized by a mysterious man in the woods while trying to write a screenplay that will make them all stars. Film's reliance on an apparently improvised script and non-professional actors seems unfocused and sloppy at times. However this unique film manages to incorporate a tale of personal relationships, independent filmmaking and horror, in a most unusual way.

Mark Hobin

Super Reviewer

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