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August 6, 2012
Much more moving and complex that the first picture, Danys Arcand bring these delight characters to the screen again, together with past, present and future sad ghosts.
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½ July 7, 2012
A French Canadian guy is dying slowly so his rich son sets it up so he goes out after his old friends party together one last time (like that Greek philosopher guy ... but with woman). Lotsa talk about the good ol'days and sniffles later and everyone nods their head and says goodbye. Tries maybe too hard to be meaningful, like a Hallmark card with nothing personal written on it.
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½ February 6, 2008
A truly outstanding film that leaves you with a great deal to digest. It does have its lulls, but the excellent acting and the double-edged sword that is Arcand's script more than make up for it. To the very end, you don't know who to take seriously and who to dislike, and the end result is a moving experience sprinkled with some of the darker comedy you'll ever see on film. It's a great creator of cynics, and while you may think you get what you want with the ending, you may not want what you got. It's brilliant.
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June 4, 2007
The guy who played the son looked a LOT like Zach Braff. All the themes - whether concerning the culture clash between the liberal and conservative, or the moral question of using drugs - gracefully intertwine to make this dazzling, dazzling gem of a film. I REALLY wish I could've seen "The Decline of the American Empire" prior to this so that I could've gotten to know the characters a little better, but this stands on its own extremely well.
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August 9, 2007
Full of gallic charm and wit with a stunning performance from Remy Girard
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½ September 8, 2006
Didn't find this funny at first but as the film progressed, I started to laugh. Particularly the character of remy and his view on life. the relationship between remy and his son, Sebastian was something else done very well.
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May 28, 2006
Bloody awesome filmage. A man dying sets things right and talks to family, friends and ex lovers. Revealing and a nice look at death and the niceness of life.
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January 30, 2013
The sequel to the Decline of the American Empire takes the life pondering group of friends into the age of death and decay and their attempts to embrace it with dignity. A treatise on relationships and how complicated ones end up being simple when faced with the end of life.
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½ April 23, 2010
An outstanding piece of French-Canadian cinema. Wonderfully written and performed. It was the smaller simple moments that touched me but I was absorbed in this film right from the start.
One of those films that depicts death and dying yet is incredibly life-affirming (and not in that obvious "bucket list" kind of way.)
Anxious to see "The Decline of the American Empire" also written and directed by Denys Arcand, it's predecessor, which takes place 17 years earlier, which I meant to see first. But y'know life's like that.
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June 11, 2009
It Is Good, Like It Or Not People!
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½ September 14, 2010
Excluding the overt attack against socialized medicine, this movie takes a unique view on father son relationships. Remy the intellectual has traveled the full spectrum of intellectualism and fervent believer in socialism and his son Sabasian who typical of his son is a successful pragmatic capitalist. There is no real change in their relationship except that they both basically come to terms with being around each other and end they end the son tries to pay his debt to his father. Remy is terminally ill and trapped in his poorly functioning social medicine system in Canada. Only through bribery and several drives across the border to the US is Sabastian able to find adequate medical care for his father. He even bribes several of his father's disinterested college student to visit in the hospital. In summation, if you can tolerate (or maybe enjoy) the virulent attacks on the state of Canadian socialized medicine the story return a soul-wrenching but realistic portrayal of a Father-Son relationship.
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½ May 13, 2009
I can see why this movie won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film in 2004. Anyone who has a lost a loved one to cancer or any other disease will be moved to tears while watching this film. I highly recommend this film...but get out the kleenex box.
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½ September 29, 2008
A witty,eccentric dialogue film,recalling the countless heroes of Rohmer's...aging as the protagonist jumped from a Clarie's Knee to the Canadian landscape.Brilliant method acting and improvisation at the same time,a touching screenplay and a great Croze,for it might not be the peak of Arcand but still fascinates with an intellectual quality of words and conceptions.
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February 8, 2007
Denys Arcand's celebration of life in the face of death is at once funny, snide and moving, and perfectly presents French Canada's joie de vivre in a deeply heartfelt manner. It's even complete with the requisite shot of gorgeous Canadian fall colours!
October 15, 2012
Euro moral relativism set around a bloated dude I assume is dying from super-AIDS. Not bad, but I wasn't terribly excited.
½ February 29, 2012
One of the most powerful and emotionally exciting films I've seen so far this year. An incredible portrait of life and lives.
July 22, 2010
Absolutely seamless film that, on the surface, is a poignant family drama with as many funny elements as sad, but at the core is an examination of the world around and what different things mean and how they effect our daily lives. Definitely a rewarding film-watching experience. Highly recommended.
June 15, 2009
This movie is really great. It's a continuation of "The Decline of the American Empire". This one, is basically about the disillusionment with socialism and the growing disillusionment with capitalism.
I really recommend it. The story is great.
March 27, 2009
saw the movie I guess it would have been better if i had known the background and saw the previous shows or versiosn with the characters. It was to me a bland look at a family in Quebec who like everyone else has problems.
½ August 2, 2008
The characters in this movie were really annoying. I don't know if French-Canadians are really like that, but I didn't care much about the dying main character. It seemed to be written like a soap opera and what's with the constant fade-outs. I also didn't buy the girl playing the heroin addict. I don't think they usually dress so fashionable and have chic haircuts.
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