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Critic Consensus: Loud, excessively busy, and often boring, Batman Forever nonetheless has the charisma of Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones to offer mild relief.

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Director Joel Schumacher inherited the Batman franchise from Tim Burton and began steering it in the campier direction of the Sixties television show with this third installment. First-time Batman/Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer), in his only outing as the Caped Crusader, is effectively brooding as he ponders strange dreams about his parents' death and escapes his own near-demise at the hands of Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), a former district attorney driven insane and turned into a master criminal when a gangster throws acid in his face. Meanwhile, as sexy psychologist Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) tries to analyze and seduce both Bruce Wayne and Batman, Wayne Enterprises employee Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey) reacts badly to getting fired, using his self-invented mind-energy device to transform into the super-intelligent Riddler. The Riddler teams up with Two-Face to bring down Batman and drain the minds of Gotham City residents with his device, while Batman gets some much-needed help in the form of circus performer Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell), out for vengeance after being orphaned by Two-Face. ~ Don Kaye, Rovimore
Rating: PG-13 (for strong stylized action)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By: Lee Batchler, Janet Scott Batchler, Akiva Goldsman
In Theaters:
On DVD: Aug 27, 1997
Warner Bros. Pictures


Val Kilmer
as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tommy Lee Jones
as Harvey Two-Face/Harv...
Jim Carrey
as Riddler/Edward Nygma
Nicole Kidman
as Dr. Chase Meridian
Chris O'Donnell
as Robin/Dick Grayson
Michael Gough
as Alfred Pennyworth
Pat Hingle
as Commissioner Gordon
Elizabeth Sanders
as Gossip Gerty
Rene Auberjonois
as Dr. Burton
Joe Grifasi
as Bank Guard
Philip Moon
as Newscaster
Jessica Tuck
as Female Newscaster
Dennis Paladino
as Crime Boss Moroni
Ed Begley Jr.
as Fred Stickley
Jon Favreau
as Assistant
Ramsey Ellis
as Young Bruce Wayne
Michael Scranton
as Thomas Wayne
Eileen Seeley
as Martha Wayne
Jack Betts
as Fisherman
Tim Jackson
as Municipal Police Gua...
Daniel Reichert
as Ringmaster
Corey Jacoby
as Harvey's Thug
Glory Fioramonti
as Mom Grayson
Maurice Lamont
as Harvey's Thug
Larry A. Lee
as Dad Grayson
Jim Palmer
as Harvey's Thug
Bruce Roberts
as Handsome Reporter
Bob Zmuda
as Electronic Store Own...
Rebecca Budig
as Teenage Girl
Peter Radon
as Harvey's Thug
Sydney D. Minckler
as Teen Gang Member
Maxine Jones
as Girl on Corner
Terry Ellis
as Girl on Corner
Cindy Herron
as Girl on Corner
Dawn Robinson
as Girl on Corner
Amanda Trees
as Paparazzi Reporter
Ria Coyne
as Socialite
Jed Curtis
as Chubby Businessman
Marga Gomez
as Journalist
Kelly Vaughn
as Showgirl
John Fink
as Deputy
Noby Arden
as Trapeze Artist
Marlene Bologna
as Trapeze Artist
Danny Castle
as Trapeze Artist
Troy S. Wolf
as Trapeze Artist
Mike Smith
as Harvey's Thug
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By now, Jim Carrey is doing sarcastic takes on his own sarcasm, and there's something funny and a little scary in that.

Full Review… | July 6, 2010
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

Joel Schumacher submits to the Wagnerian bombast with an overly busy surface, and the script by Lee and Janet Scott Batchler and Akiva Goldsman basically runs through the formula as if it's a checklist.

Full Review… | April 16, 2007
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

As for Kilmer, he gamely steps into the dual Batman/Wayne role but can't get much traction, finding, as Michael Keaton had, that beyond a stern jaw there's not much to be done with it, since the suit does most of the work.

Full Review… | April 16, 2007
Top Critic

The second sequel to Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster makes its predecessors appear models of subtlety and coherence.

Full Review… | January 26, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

The film recovers from that initial confusion to get stronger as it goes along, and to shape up as a free-form playground for its various masquerading stars.

Full Review… | May 20, 2003
New York Times
Top Critic

As for Two-Face, my favorite Batman baddie on the printed page, Tommy Lee Jones makes a complete mockery of the character with a broad performance that's difficult to stomach.

Full Review… | October 4, 2012
Creative Loafing

Audience Reviews for Batman Forever


With unbelievable dialogue, goofy action and ridiculous cartoonish characters, this softened Batman movie after Burton's installments is only embarrassing and laughable, with a pathetic story full of plot holes. Not even Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey can save this nonsense.

Carlos Magalh„es

Super Reviewer


Joel Schumacher does a solid job advancing the vision from Tim Burton's adaptation, but Batman Forever doesn't strike as much as the predecessors. Though Jim Carrey & Tommy Lee Jones' splendid enthusiasm hits, the less-than-entertaining action misses. 2.5/5

Eugene Bernabe
Eugene Bernabe

Super Reviewer


This was the first sign of a really bad direction the studios were going with Batman. There's a difference between paying tribute to a comic book and making a comic book into a movie. I know it's beating a dead horse but I put all the blame on Schumacher. I say that because with the outrageous direction the actors were given, all the actors did the best they could. Jim Carrey was the saving factor of this film and kept if from being a disaster. That is also why I put a little blame on him for what was to come...

Joshua Wilburn
Joshua Wilburn

Super Reviewer

Batman Forever Quotes

Batman / Bruce Wayne: I don't blend in at a family picnic.
– Submitted by Mikey M (2 years ago)
Batman / Bruce Wayne: We all wear masks.
– Submitted by Mikey M (2 years ago)
Batman / Bruce Wayne: Just like my parents. Its happening again... a monster comes out of the night, a scream, 2 shots.... I killed them.
Alfred Pennyworth: What did you say?
Batman / Bruce Wayne: He killed them, Two-Face. He slaughtered that boys parents.
Alfred Pennyworth: No, no you said "I" "I killed them".
– Submitted by Mikey M (2 years ago)
Dr. Chase Meridian: My opinion? This letter writer is a total wacko.
Batman / Bruce Wayne: Wacko? that a technical term?
Dr. Chase Meridian: Patient may suffer from obsessional syndrome with potential homicidal tendencies. Does that work better for you?
Batman / Bruce Wayne: So, what you're saying is, this guy's a total wacko?
Dr. Chase Meridian: Exactly.He's obsessed with you. His only escape may be to purge the fixation.
Batman / Bruce Wayne: To kill me.
Dr. Chase Meridian: I think you understand obsession more than you let on.
Batman / Bruce Wayne: ...... You have a thing for bats?
Dr. Chase Meridian: Oh that's a Rorschach Mr. Wayne, an ink blot, people see what they want. I think the question would be, do you have a thing for a bats?
– Submitted by Mikey M (2 years ago)

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