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January 26, 2013
This was a great movie you are upset because black people look good in it and it is a dance movie it is all about dance not the plot that like saying all action movies suck they are all about the fights so shut the hell up
½ September 19, 2012
I question both the mind that conceived this was a good idea, and the person who funded that idea. Hopefully it was the same person. It's like the muppet babies went urban: Completely laughable and absolutely untenable.
While I understand this is intended for kids...I would never subject them to such a thing. Sniffing glue would kill less brain cells.
September 18, 2012
to me the kids really have good talent so i like it
June 14, 2012
i want to it look like it has swag
June 3, 2012
Ok. Do we really need another movie with the word "Battle" in it somewhere? The last two years had a Battle movie in them with the latest one still in theaters, and they were all (appropriately) bombs. Not interested.
½ June 3, 2012
What the hell is this, step up with kids, great even stupider, who thought this was a good idea, i mean really.
½ June 1, 2012
Most moving scene: when the dance instructor says "You have the heart, but you don't have the soul.. wait.. you have the soul, but you don't have the heart... thats not it... You have the heart and soul, but you don't have the talent".
May 31, 2012
Hmmmm...I may have to make Jackie and Cody see this with me. This has blog review written all over it.
May 29, 2012
"most anticipated film of the summer"... bane might want to know about this
May 25, 2012
zas moc mlade decka, to je asik hit tohto roka 2012 ale tak berem to ze to ma byt parodia ako svina a preto si to aj pozriem
April 6, 2012
This is You Got Served before puberty
March 28, 2012
well this looks...uninteresting...
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