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Battlestar Galactica Reviews

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John M

Super Reviewer

January 31, 2008
Just finished watching all 24 episodes of the original series. What a fun ride down memory lane. Was a great time.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This is the film which started the classic TV series. In fact, it may have been better to leave it as a film, or film series, and not gone to TV, but that's just my opinion. I really liked this movie, it's exciting, fun, and a sometimes unintentionally very funny. It's not a fantastic movie, but I enjoy it.
Lafe F

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2007
This bored me to tears. I could never get into the movie or the television series. It had a superb theme song, great ships, awesome Cylons, and a neato robot dog, but the human characters were dull; I didn't like any of them. The insectoid Ovions were cool when they were cocooning the people in the basement of the casino.

Super Reviewer

June 16, 2007
Trashy TV special shown in cinemas in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of Star Wars. It's pure 70s cheese from beginning to end, and that's part of it's appeal. And Starbuck is even cooler than the Face man! Entertainingly kitsch junk that really only has value for the nostalgic.

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2007
Loved the series.

Super Reviewer

May 5, 2007
I was glued to the TV every week.
August 17, 2008
This first episode of the original TV show Battlestar Galactica was a classic example of bad 1970's TV. I first saw it on the Sunday night when it was first shown in the TV room of Stout Hall at Oklahoma State University. I got there late and missed the first 15 minutes and then in the middle of the show Jimmy Carter interrupted the show for an hour to show the signing of the Camp David Accords. I have an MCA Laser Disc of the version shown in movie theaters outside the U.S. When you watch it you see how bad the acting was for most of the supporting cast. The whole thing was a big rip-off of previous movies. Obvious was the rip-off of Star Wars. George Lucas even sued them over it. John Dykstra produced the show and did the special effects and had also done the special effects for Star Wars. They ripped off the book Chariot of the Gods. They ripped off The Ten Commandments. They ripped off Bonanza and Wagon Train. They ripped off Star Trek. Those are the just the ones I saw. I heard they ripped off The Book of Morman. There was an obvious theme in the story that was critical of Jimmy Carter's policies of negotiating with the Soviet Union. That's probably why he interrupted it. That and the fact that he knew there were going to be high ratings for the show. There are some good parts to the movie. Dirk Benedict's Starbuck character was fun and Laurette Spang was hot. But I like to call the characters after their Bonanza inspiration. Pa Adama, Hossbuck, Little Apollo and Sheriff Teigh. There was actually only about 15 minutes of special effects and they kept using them over and over again. They used Tektronix Vector Scopes for the displays used on the spacecraft. The Cylon voices were cool but they were clumsy copies of the Star Wars Storm Troopers. They were also a rip-off of the robot in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. On the Laser Disc version I have the Cylons lop Baltar's head off. On the TV show they let him live so they can have a human bad guy. Since there was a lot of political pressure to clean up TV they used a lot of stupid fake curse words. The new reinvention of the show shown on the Sci-Fi network is 1000 times better than the 1978 version. So if you see the old version on TV or rent a DVD prepare to laugh your ass off. It's really so bad it's good.
May 29, 2009
Another great movie. Special effects are awesome!! It's about mankinds fight for survival after a robotic race called the Cylons destroy their home planet Caprica. Caprica was said to have a sister world called Earth. When this takes place, wether or not we're talkin about our Earth or some other planet named Earth, ext.. are the questions posed by this movie.
August 7, 2008
Dileriously campy late 70s early 80s series about a lost tribe of humans trying to find Earth, and a cheesy TV movie, make up for some of the strangest space battle effects since Buck Rodgers, and some of the coolest ships since Star Wars and Star Trek. They mix up military and navy ranks. The same ship explodes multiple times! The Cylons are men in gleaming suits. Starbuck came out as a name long before coffee.
June 13, 2008
a childhood favorite of a tv show (disregarding the crap that was "galactica 1980"). while i've become a bigger fan of the reimagining, i still have soft spot for the original!
December 30, 2007
If this is the butchered movie version of the TV show then BOOOOOoooooooo.

The TV show doesn't hold up when it's chopped up and cut up into just small parts to be shown on the big screen.
October 19, 2007
a childhood favorite of a tv show (disregarding the crap that was "galactica 1980"). while i've become a bigger fan of the reimagining, i still have soft spot for the original!
June 30, 2007
Am I the only person who paid to watch this in the theater? I waited for months for it to come out. I really preferred the ending of this film to the ending of the two part opener for the television series adapted from this film.
June 20, 2007
Even though I adore Jane Seymour, this was awful, not her fault, except she must've been broke to do this clinker.
June 19, 2007
The pilot movie for the original series was always my favorite. John Dykstra did the special effects so you know it's going to be good.
May 13, 2007
As the pilot to a TV series, the acting's not totally polished, but I can't help it. I love this film!
April 25, 2007
I loved the series as a kid and thought Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) was the perfect rouge. Even though it may seem corny now it's leaps and bounds above that cheap soap opera the SciFi channel is trying to sell us now - ick!
February 22, 2007
I prefer the new version to this ole one, but it's still an interesting story. Lorne Green commands the last surviving Battlestar after a devistating attack aganst their home planets, and they pack up and head out to deep space fighting to survive, looking for earth. The first half of this movie was good, but the silly second half slowed it down a bit. A young Jane Seymour was very watchable .
February 11, 2007
This movie was put together from a great tv show that was too far ahead of it's time and cancelled far too early, but then revived over 20 years later...
January 5, 2007
Yes, it is pretty cheesy when it comes to the special effects when you put this film up alongside films today from the sci fi genre but, I love this movie. I was a HUGE Battlestar Galactica fan as a kid...watching the series when it first ran and when it went into repeats. I begged to be taken to the movie when it was released and loved that as well. I developed my first, hardcore, star, crush on Dirk Benedict's character "Starbuck". I had the novelization bought for me by my mum after I kept checking it out from the library over and over again. I saw the series again before the new series came out and enjoyed the cheese a lot...with the computerized Cylon voices, light effect lasers, and all. If your into older sci fi movies then give it a watch it's not bad.
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