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½ October 15, 2007
Not Bad...Not Good either ^_^
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November 7, 2008
The movie is very much in the style of the Jason Bourne movies with the formula agency spooks and espionage stuff. The first and last 20 minutes are pretty good and even though the middle section drags quite a bit the movie still never had that feeling of being terrible like Today You Die. The bad guys aren't too clichéd while John Pyper-Ferguson is a welcome casting, even though he seems to be putting on a bizarre accent. The fight sequences, which are extremely few and brief, are poor. The poorness of the fights however are due to the fact that Steven Seagal isn't present in any of them, even though his character is involved. However there is a great car chase and the movie also includes some impressive stunts.
½ September 14, 2015
Short summary of the last 20 Steven Seagal movies:
1. He's ex-CIA/Navy-Seal (flash-backs at start of movie)
2. GF killed by bad guys (lots of flash-backs)
3. The government needs his extra 100 pounds to knock out the bad guys
4. Logic of the story reinforced by lots of close combat, despite ample heavy weapons floating around.
5. Look out for a few katanas, meditation & Buddhist stuff.
6. Bad guy always killed in the last 5 minutes in hand-to-hand combat.
½ October 21, 2013
This film had problems when Steven walked out of the shoot after 18 days and thus all fight scenes required a double and stunt personnel. The film is well photographed but the acting fails to come up to any real standard as such this is ranked as a TV movie fill in. The plot is engaging and may keep you to the end. Music is cheap and cheerful. Nibbles: Roasted Red Cabbage.
½ April 3, 2013
Worthless in every aspect of a movie; not even a "C" rate movie. Some flows in the script make it worst viz, the last sequence of taking the nuck in the chopper to the ocean, there is a augment one should actually leave the chopper when the time to detonation is less than 4 minutes. Even the chopper is not started !
Will Seagel ever stop doing these flops ?
½ February 27, 2013

Just about done with Seagal vehicles.
½ December 6, 2012
Not worth your time.
September 6, 2012
Steven Seagal isn't the only action movie star to continue making movies long after his prime. The difference is that the rest of them are still pretty charismatic in the twilight of their career. and Seagal has never been that. His early movies were fun because of his fighting skill, and now that that has passed him by, there's not much left.

"Black Dawn" is one of the worst of his newer efforts, a ridiculous and boring thriller with grandiose ambitions on a miniscule budget. Seagal does better with smaller scale projects, and this lofty premise bout terrorists trying to blow up Los Angeles, is just too much for him to pull off. There are too many characters, so much so that their motivations and goals begin to get cloudy and confused. There's a lot going on and none of it is worth following.

Seagal continues to embarrass himself by the obvious use of a stunt double who looks nothing like him in most scenes. The one brief fight scene he has looks like it was filmed while he was in the other room eating a bagel. The horrible CGI used in the finale is appallingly bad when the nuclear device is detonated over the ocean, but the strange thing is that computer effects are used in key scenes to presumably keep the budget down and the aging star safe. Look at the scene on the back of a truck or the helicopter at the end, and it's all phony.

"Black Dawn" is budget filmmaking at its worse, an attempt to create a product because there might be demand for it overseas. It's slow-moving, cheap-looking and will entertain absolutely no one. If you've stuck with Seagal for this long, you deserve better.
May 9, 2011
Monday, May 9, 2011

(2005) Black Dawn

Super low budget rental film has Akido maestro Steven Seaga as an ex-CIA agent Jonathan Coles going undercover to infiltrate a terrorist bombing, but along the path are some double crosings and dealings!

Labelled as an action picure but is very uninspiring either because the music score is very bad or that the action sequences were never very good to look at! And they're some action films that are rated very negitively among movie critcs which I like very much, such as "Exit Wounds" and Half Past Dead" to name a few because they consist some stuff I had never saw before in a film or because the budget reflects it's action payoff! This one is a straight up dud!

2 out of 4
½ February 20, 2011
Rare when a sequel is better then the first, rarer when a Seagal sequel is better than the first, and even rarer when the sequel is better than the first, but it still is a crappy movie. There's some cool action and some decent car chases which I enjoyed, which in fact is the only reason it is better than the first.
½ June 27, 2010
Very poorly acted, written, filmed, and terrible CGI. But that's why I love Seagal.
½ July 15, 2009
See the review for The Foreigner.
August 16, 2006
When CIA agent Amanda Stuart (Davies) sees her supposedly dead mentor Jonathan Cold (Seagal) show up with a armsdealer meeting with a crazed Muslim rebel (Davidoff), she knows something very big and very bad is coming down. But little did she know that soon she and Jonathan would be battling both terrorists and renegade CIA agents bent on detonating a nuke in downtown Los Angeles.

"Black Dawn" is absolutely, totally predictable; it's decently acted, with okay stunts, but there's nothing you haven't seen done better elsewhere. What's more, the cast is too small for there to ever be any doubt as to the identitiy of the traitor within the CIA. Then, to add insult to injury, we don't even get treated to decent fight scenes.

I don't know if Seagal is too old or too fat (and I know I'm not one to criticize someone for packing on the pounds come middle-age... I've turned into a true porker over the past five years) or if he may have been sick during the two-week schedule I assume this cheap quickie must have had, but not only were all three of the potential fight scenes over virtually before they started, they were done using stand-ins!

Yes, iconic Akido tough guy Seagal--the guy who in an interview on the DVD of "Black Dawn" talks about how he was in hundreds of fights before he lost one--doesn't do a single one of his fight scenes in this film. In fact, the stand-ins aren't built like Seagal (one doesn't even have similar hair, and we're treated to several seconds of the back of his head!) and there doesn't even seem to be an attempt to match the style he used when he DID do his own fight scenes.

I wonder if "Black Dawn" spells the end of Seagal's career. He's not really much of an actor, and if he can't do his own fight scenes, what's left? Maybe it's time for him to move behind the cameras and let others star in films that he produces? (On the other hand, he could well have been sick. There are several scenes where he seems to be carrying himself strangely, particularly with the way he crosses his arms.)

Sheesh... I seem to be going on about Seagal... but that's because I ran out of things to say about the movie in the second paragraph, and because I think he's done some pretty good action flicks (like "Hard to Kill", "Under Seige", "Half Past Dead" and "The Foreigner" [to which "Black Dawn" is a sequel], and it's a bid sad to see him go out on such a pathetic note, if that is indeed what's happening.

If you want to see a fairly generic, relatively low-budget action flick with some sorry blue-screen shots, you want to pick up "Black Dawn." If you're looking for a good Steven Seagal flick, stay away from this one. You'll be very dissapointed.

Black Dawn
Starring: Steven Seagal, Tamara Davies, Nicholas Davidoff, and Timothy Carhart
Director: Alexander Gruszynski
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