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gumnerf gumnerf ½ February 5, 2008
Very unbelievable even while TRYING to suspend belief. Probably intended as a parody, but not far-fetched enough in my opinion. It just comes across as a poor movie.
Horror1o1 Horror1o1 July 28, 2010
This film has a good 80's feel it's not bad but not great? You get to see Linda Hamilton Boob and leaves you with the question. Was Tommy Lee Jones ever young?
J3Christie . December 23, 2007
Good 'ol 80's shlop. Not terrible, certainly watchable. Enjoy an entertaining young Tommy Lee Jones.
FilmGrinder S. FilmGrinder S. ½ February 25, 2013

"I need that funny looking car."-Sam Quint (Tommy Lee Jones)

I just have one question, is it possible to get blue balls on top of blue balls?
Tom D October 21, 2011
the top action flick of 1986, history in the making!
Jesper J. Jesper J. ½ June 5, 2010
Maybe it was something back then.
But not anymore
starlett2005 starlett2005 ½ February 18, 2006
John Carpenter wrote the story for this stylish exciting action film from 1986, although the film seems to have a low budget, must be because it was made through Roger Corman's old company, New World Pictures. Any rate, Tommy Lee Jones is great in one of his most exciting roles, before he became a major star. Jones plays Quint a man who steals from the governement. He steals a certain disc and hides it in 21st century car built by a former NASA agent. However, problem is, he's being tracked by government agent Johnson (Bubba Smith) who relies on his famous line "Don't fuck with the government!" Quint also falls in love with a young woman named Nina (Linda Hamilton) who just happened to steal the car that has the discs in it. Become a fun filled, action pached chase in the end, and the action scenes in the L.A. sky-rise buildings are awesome.
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