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½ December 1, 2010
An explosive, hard-boiled and razor-sharp edge of your seat thriller. It`s dark, compelling, rich in character development and wickedly well-crafted. An insanely cool adrenaline-rush from start to finish. This is one hell of an awesome movie It`s frequently entertaining with it`s great story and it`s trio of powerhouse performances. Jason Statham, Paddy Considine and Aidan Gillen have never been better. Statham explodes with raw power and kinetic energy to his electrifying performance, he proves once again and more than ever that he`s not just a stellar action-hero but a stellar movie star. Considine is strong, intense and terrific. Considine and Statham command the screen with their star power. Gillen is tremendously evil, he`s one of the most compelling and sadistic movie villains to hit the screen in years. A sizzling and hard-core thrill-ride of a movie that's just a knockout. It`s wild, heart-pounding and powerfully unforgettable film. A real winner. This movie is really gritty, intense, down and dirty. It hits you hard.
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August 2, 2011
Rather thick British in this film (I used the subtitles). It is a satisfying cat and mouse chase, with a really nice payoff at the end. There were some bits where the story could have been a bit tighter, but the characters were so likable, that I forgave them. It is a bit violent, not gory, but hard hitting with sound effects that are 'cringeingly' real. There is rarely a dull moment, and even the slower pace sections have an energy to them that makes you wonder what's coming up next. Good film!
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July 2, 2012
Detective Sergeant Tom Brant: A word of advice, girls. If you're picking the wrong fight... at least pick the right weapon.á

"Killer-Cop Versus Cop-Killer"

Blitz is a traditional cop thriller. There's nothing here that is new or groundbreaking. It's all pretty standard when you look at movies that populate the genre. As it is, Blitz is just an average thriller at best. Some scenes were cool, but most of them were just the same old, same old. If the movie did anything right, it was putting Jason Statham in the lead. He can always take an average action thriller and make it easier to watch.

A tough as nails, rule breaking cop is trying to find a cop killer. From that sentence, you know exactly what you're in for. The rule breaking cop cliche in these type of movies, has been around forever. Since Harry Callahan, these characters have either intrigued us or made us laugh at how cliche they really are. Tom Brant made me kind of do both. I was intrigued just because of Statham and his screen presence, but I also had to laugh at all the extra crap that was thrown into his character. He beats the shit out of criminal, he drinks, he defies authority, and the dialogue that comes out of his mouth could sometimes rival that of a Stallone character like in Cobra.

Blitz definitely isn't the worst movie in its genre, but it will probably do little to excite you, if you've seen more than three movies like it. I, myself, have. So, all this was a movie that sounded thrilling with all the loud noises, but ended up being nothing special. I still don't think Statham has appeared in his best movie. Sure, his early films with Guy Ritchie were good, but if you give this guy a great concept thriller and let him run with it; it could be great. He deserves better films than ones like this and Killer Elite. He's a much better than average action actor, and it's about time his films start reflecting that.
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October 8, 2011
Mr Statham is a hard ass cop, no surprise there then, he's butch, gruff, unshaved and talks like 'Dirty Harry' we know where we are then. Based on a novel I have never heard of so I can't compare but the film is pretty good for a British cop thriller to be fair and doesn't feel over glamorised in any way.

Based in London with a dirty gritty flavour to it the film is a full UK affair with a good solid cast of character actors giving a nice realistic feel but also a slight hint of 'The Bill' at the same time haha. This is perfectly fine I might add and just feels like a TV movie...but with the powerhouse that is Statham running amok in it like a balding rottweiler, actually he doesn't quite fit the film to be honest. Statham has become a total action man and this slow burning stalker type thriller isn't really the vehicle for Statham's skills as he kinda sticks out against the other slow moving coppers and Aidan Gillen's excellently played psychotic killer but its still a good ride.
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½ July 17, 2011
A gritty hard thriller about a cop killer in London. It has a great well known UK cast, more TV than film though. The only real problem is the story they have to work with, it's a bit weak at best. As a result there is very little suspense in the plot, it also has a fairly low budget feel to it. It's ok for those who like a quick fix of action/thriller with a simple basic story. Others might like a bit more substance in the plot could have made it a lot better.
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May 22, 2011
Jason Statham aside, Blitz comes across as a great British Drama, that you would perhaps expect to see as a Drama series. Whilst one of my top guys, Considine is in the film the star role most certainly goes to Aidan Gillen in this film.

Statham invites the Hollywood version of himself to merge with himself in on the British scene and the contrast of the Action guy within a gritty tale, just about passes, although little moments could have been toned down to fit in with the rest of the films style.

The story had me glued to the screen and although it's not without it's flaws, it was a very enjoyable film.
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½ June 28, 2011
Rule-breaking cop Brant (Jason Statham) is up against a copper-killing punk (Aidan Gillen); many will be bludgeoned before the dust settles. The high concept of Blitz is Dirty Harry set in South London: gimlet-eyed Statham embodies focused rage with an officer's badge. This is quality thick-ear entertainment with added frills (Paddy Considine as a steel-cored gay cop chasing through underused London locales, for example), which mask its familiar story-line. Brant could be a signature role for Statham.
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August 30, 2011
Cast: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, David Morrissey, Aidan Gillen, Richard Riddell, Zawe Ashton, Ian Hughes, Nicky Henson, Luke Evans

Director: Elliott Lester

Summary: With an insidious serial killer known as "the Blitz" on the loose in London, Detective Brant (Jason Statham) takes to the case while working out his own aggression issues with a police-appointed psychiatrist. But when he and his partner (Paddy Considine) eventually corner a suspect, they don't have enough evidence to apprehend him.

My Thoughts: "The movie is just OK. It's not as good as the past flicks I've seen Jason Statham or Paddy Considine in. I expected more action and a bit more development story wise and character wise. Still a decent flick, just not what I was hoping for. The film just didn't deliver. Good acting though. I thought Aidan Gillen was very good as the suspected crazy. Worth the rental."
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½ August 23, 2011
Mediocre movie. The script was horrible, the story was a joke and the acting weak. Jason Statham didn't really showoff his moves like his usual roles in which he does a bunch of martial arts moves, in this one he talks more than what he kick ass in. I didn't like it that much, watch at own risk of disappointment.

Detective Sergeant Tom Brant who is dispatched to take down a serial killer hell bent on killing off the police force one by one. "The Blitz" manages to slip through the grasp of Tom every time, and with the precious lives of his colleagues diminishing one by one, Tom is led to the question: if we can't protect our own, then what good are we?
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½ August 21, 2011
It's just a waste of time, the movie make me look to the police force and the detectives as "stupid creature", and making the paranormal coincidences like "full HDD for the last 6 weeks!!!" can happen
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½ August 8, 2011
'The Stathe' as he's now known, kicks some arse in his hometown 'Landan' and to use a parlance from our Cockney friends, he's not "'avin' a fackin' bubble" either. He's deadly serious and intent on dishing out some rough justice.
Detective Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham) is a no nonsense cop, under investigation for alleged police corruption. Still, when a serial cop killer (Aiden Gillen) starts kicking around 'daan the Old Kent Road' bumping off the 'bobby's on the beat', Brant is the only guy hard enough to track him down.
Statham has went down a treat in America and has become a new action hero for them, but personally, I'm not into all that. Let's face it, his films are aimed more at teenage boys. As usual, he does his thang of looking tough, talking tough and staying as far away from a razor as possible. Paddy Considine gets a brief moment where his class shines through but it's hard not to feel sorry for him when he's reduced to such material. Why hasn't Considine been snapped up by the American market? He's one of the finest British actors around at present and the biggest surprise for me, is why he's even involved. It manages a marginal interest in seeing what is essentially "Dirty Harry" playing out in London. Nice use of locations also and a gritty urban feel, but sadly that's about all.
Statham's hard man routine is wearing a bit thin these days. Considering he used to be an Olympic diver and a model he talks a bit too big for his britches. He carry's it well and his films are what they are really. Let's put it this way, you hardly need your noodle when watching one of them.
Watch the aforementioned Clint Eastwood/Don Siegel classic instead. It's much more rewarding.
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½ July 30, 2011
You don't wanna mess with an infuriated Jason Statham. Especially not when he's got a hurley and looking to whip some serious butt with it. For those that don't know, that's a wooden stick usually used in the Irish sport of hurling. Whatever his methods though, you can always count on him delivering a proper dose of kick-ass. In this edge-of-your-seat thriller, he plays a hotheaded London cop (or "bobby" as they say over there), who has a lot on his plate as he battles his own internal demons, while simultaneously being on the hunt for a cold-blooded serial killer. The combination of these struggles really elevated the intrigue, and made for some taut and rip-roaring moments when he comes face to face with the main antagonist. Another good thing I can say for this film is that it doesn't waste any time. Right from its very first scene, it jumps straight into the ring with its gloves off and keeps up that momentum for the better part of the story. There's sure-handed balance between the action and dialogue, and it never goes too far into either direction. A quality which the Brits have perfected through the years, and which Hollywood is yet to learn from. Besides it's well-structured pacing, we're also pleasantly subjected to some highly competent directing and a strong supporting cast. One of the stand-outs being Zawe Ashton, who gives a subtle, yet heart-rending performance as police constable Elizabeth Falls. Aidan Gillen is very convincing as well as the psychopathic title character, "The Blitz". It's not hard to figure out how everything will play out, but it's still a pretty intense experience, that engrosses through and through. A word of warning to sensitive viewers though: some of the imagery is quite shocking in its unrestrained violence, so if you know beforehand that you're easily bothered by this, you might wanna consider watching something else. To the rest of you, however, who have grown jaded to such things, I can highly recommend this cavalcade of thrills.
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½ January 1, 2012
Blitz is yet another Jason Statham vehicle that under delivers. When London is terrorized by a serial killer (known as Blitz) who's targeting cops, a rogue cop (aka Statham) must go outside of the law in order to bring him to justice. As plots go, it's not a bad one, and there's a subplot or two that helps to heighten the intrigue. But, the film lacks the focus to hold the action and suspense that the story attempts to build. Yet despite its problems, Blitz is still a pretty entertaining crime thriller.
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½ August 29, 2012
In "Blitz," the upside of DS Tom Brant(Jason Statham) being investigated for any number of infractions is that he has plenty of time to provide solace to his colleagues like WPC Elizabeth Falls(Zawe Ashton), just out of rehab and frustrated at not passing the sergeant's exam and DCI Bruce Roberts(Mark Rylance) who just lost his wife. While Roberts is out on bereavement leave, he is replaced by Porter Nash(Paddy Considine). Brant unlike his fellow cops does not care that he is gay. That general attitude complicates Nash's first big case, trying to find a killer(Aidan Gillen) of policemen. And as he informs tabloid journalist Harold Dunlop(David Morrissey), there will be more bodies, as he takes on the nom du guerre Blitz.

As you can see from the above, there is quite a lot going on in "Blitz," all of which we have seen before, especially the dreaded cliched serial killer. The movie also works at cross purposes calling for tolerance while showing how police and criminals are not that different, and not in a good way, either, almost saying that the police have a right to brutality.(No wonder the look of this film is so grimy.) To highlight that contradiction, the movie goes for an odd couple vibe by casting one of the strangest possible combinations in Jason Statham and Paddy Considine. It is a pleasant surprise that Considine does not blow Statham out of the room, instead taking the low key route in his method acting. On the other hand, Statham might finally be playing a character who is too complex for his gruff charm.
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July 7, 2011
Jason Statham has established himself as the premiere action star of generation X and he shows why in Blitz! Unlike many of Statham's films, this one isn't just about shooting people, it's actually a great thriller, about a serial killer in London, who is targeting the police. That being said, straight action films are supposed to be exciting and fast paced, but when it's more of a thriller, it needs to slow down a bit. I was impressed by Blitz, but I honestly felt like I was watching the film in fast forward. Statham's character is also a bit of a change from what his fans will be used to. Brant is a crude, tough cop, who doesn't follow any rules and is actually quite funny. I honestly never saw Statham as someone who could pull off a role that involved humor, but he was amazing in this movie. His performance as well as that of "the killers" really enhanced this film. I'm most definitely an action junkie and I've seen quite a few Jason Statham films, and I can honestly say that this is the best one I've seen. The action scenes are intense, the story is intriguing, and Statham's character is the kind of cop that audiences will fall in love with. Action is a very repetitive genre and it's truly refreshing when you find an action film with a big star and great story attached to it.
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½ November 20, 2011
A brutally raw but amazingly real and brutal view of what happens when an emotionally burnt out and over the edge police detective Seargeant Tom Nash (Jason Statham) goes all out to locate and stop a crazed cop killer in the gritty and raw London Streets. Not holding back and refusing to give up until the crazed killer is behind bars or dead...for the crimes that he is committing for attention and public acceptance. Truly an incredible and well paced action epic that is truly unforgettable.
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August 17, 2011
"Blitz" delivers a bone-crunching chain of heavy action sequences that will assuredly send chills of sheer fright down our spines. Sadly, the other components of this film are unable to match the nauseatingly thrilling quarrels that save it from being wounded by a nearly fatal bullet of tedium. Unmasking the culprit behind the series of murders within fifteen minutes sentences the remainder of the film to an all too foreseeable path crackling with reckless spine-snapping maneuvers and frenzied skull-crushing action. This kind of continuation may still appeal to many bloodthirsty viewers but may disappoint those who were expecting a clean, balanced mesh between suspense and violence. Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that both of these types of viewers will certainly concur that Jason Statham is an entertaining watch in any action film and that Aidan Gillen stars perfectly as the demented serial killer. Overall, "Blitz" launches a fusillade of intense action sequences that sadly friendly fires upon its story┬┤s suspense, an essential casualty that could have provided a far greater degree of enthrallment.
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½ April 19, 2012
This is of course another guilty pleasure film for me as I am a Jason Statham fan and like his quirky bad-ass characters who are literally unstoppable in his many action films. The last several years he has been churning out film after film and while only a couple of these are really "good" films they are mostly entertaining and at least fun and fast-paced action-romps. "Blitz" features a pretty solid British cast made up of various television and film actors/actresses who make the film feel very very British which for me being half British is always a great thing! The film is typical in it's pace and action but the villain in the film comes off as pathetic when put against Statham who never once even vaguely feels threatened or concerned by this cop-killer. He may be able to kill several dimwitted and often unaware or just plain pathetic policemen without much fuss when it comes down to it he is just a punk that ultimately you know is going to be taken care of by Statham and company. While the script, plot and pretty much every other aspect is either conventional or plain cliched the film manages to be entertaining enough to keep your attention. Mind you this is a very light script with little to work with and far from creative but at least it focuses on it's strong points the most, Jason Statham kicking ass that is, and little else.
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½ April 1, 2012
Statham is THE action man of recent years, Considine brings a bit of class, and Gillen is brilliant as the insane killer. The direction was fine and the script had a good flow. However, throughout the film I remained uninterested and disengaged.
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½ August 30, 2011
Not Statham's best...but not his worst by any means. The character he plays comes off a little too harsh, but he does provide some excellent one-liners as the cop who doesn't care about anyone but himself and cracking the case. A few of these other Irish and British actors you'll recognize from previous other English movies like Aidan Gillen and Paddy Considine. They're strong...but nothing comes off as real in this cop thriller.

A few loose ends in the story line that the cops couldn't piece together and my dad and I finding them out makes you think they over looked the script for what was a pretty solidly shot movie. I was left wishing that Statham was going to tear through baddies in this movie but it didn't come true.
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