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November 18, 2012
Same old same old. Don't understand why it was necessary as its a carbon copy of both 'Essex Boys' and 'Rise of the Footsoldier'. How many times do slightly different versions of the Rettendon murders story need to be told? 'Rise of the Footsoldier' was a good film with a good cast, better than 'Essex Boys' in my opinion. But a third version is pointless. Tammer Hassan is an awful actor and I try to steer clear of anything that he stars in. I loved him in 'Football Factory' and 'The Business' but all the straight to dvd stuff since I ignore. Accept in this case. For whatever reason I took notice of this film and with no expectations thought for the sake of an hour and a half it might be worth a watch. How wrong I was. The supporting cast is weak, doesn't hit the standards of the supporting casts in the two previous versions of this story. However I did enjoy Neil Maskell's performance. He was very inconsistent though, at times his input was pointless, but then there where glimmers where he showed he had more acting talent than the wrest of the cast put together. I enjoyed him in 'Football Factory' and he is the only highlight of this film. Since then im pleased he got his break in 'Kill List' which I thoroughly enjoyed. Actors like 'Tammer Hassan' only appear in these kinds of films and over time it becomes boring. Frank Harper is a great example of an actor who always seems to play the hard man, but then mixes it up occasionally with a performance like in 'Bend it like Beckham'. Its a breath of fresh air to see a predictable actor do something different. Hopefully this will be the case with Neil Maskell as I feel he has the potential to be a very good actor. Overall this is a poor film and a waste of 90 minutes of my life i wont get back. Just hope nobody else decides to make a forth film about the Rettendon murders.
October 5, 2012
The story of the Rettendon murders has spawned two terrible, tasteless movies. Now there's a third.
July 18, 2012
Well worth watching even if "the sum isn't worth the whole of the parts". Classic British gangster film precisely because of its swearing.
May 19, 2011
Tedious. Dull. Completely unnecessary.
½ January 11, 2011
a bit predictable but not bad
January 2, 2011
Don't believe the cover, this is NOT better than Rise of the footsoldier, only watch this version if you are interested in the story and have already seen the previous two versions.
½ December 20, 2010
Guy Ritchie style gangsters without much content. Not bad but not good either.
December 19, 2010
What a shit movie, I mean I know its somewhat based on fact but it basically trys to clone the mid to end of ROTFS, and fails on every aspect! I'm honestly shocked that two of the actors and one actress came back to reprise any kind of role from ROTFS in this mediocre farce, all they have done is tarnish a character they played a couple of years ago from a good, well made, well acted movie, all I can say is the money must have been good for this one....
December 6, 2010
pretty average, a gap filler only
September 5, 2010
Let me first start of by saying I have been interested in the 90s essex boys shootings since the ROTFS movie and have read a few books including Essex boys, Bonded by blood by the author bernard o mahoney and Bloogs19 which is all about darren niccolls turning supergrass.Thinking i would have a good head start and enjoy this film i decided to travel 67 miles down to castleford,west yorkshire to view the movie as it wasnt showing at any theatres in the north east of england.(i now know why).

As soon as the movie opens you feel confused with what its trying to do, there is no real storyline, it fails to follow any lead charachters consistantly. I found it confusing that Neil maskell who plays ( Darren nichols ) in Rise of the Foot soldier plays Craig rolfe and the asian actor Adam deacon (Adulthood) plays Darren niccols,which i thought was a strange choice of the director. The film continues to show people snorting drugs,scene after scene,and is totally over done. There is one scene where Pat tate is driving with a girl in the car that reminded me of a scene out of the Catherine Tate show. What i couldn't work out was there was so many decent actors who have showed serious talent in other work but never showed any in this movie. The film never seemed to flow, the actors never seemed relaxed in their parts or roles and this film was truly disappointing, apart from some good camerawork this movie never had anything good i could mention. If i could say one thing to the makers of this film it would be simply,WHY??.

Another embarrassing corny british gangster film that should be avoided at all costs, at the end of the day if people pay to see this quality of movie other directors will think it is ok to continue making more of the same, and it really just isn't good enough.

steve swan,Middlesbrough.
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