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November 2, 2012
Nothing original and not many scares. Cool to watch around Halloween, but not something I'd recommend considering the acting is pretty shoddy and the narrative is predictable and testing.
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June 10, 2010
Boogeyman is one of those horror films that every critic hated and you end up realizing it's not as bad as what everyone has said it was. This is an average film with a pretty good story, and shouldn't be viewed as the worst horror film. The film is flawed, but there are far worst flicks in the genre than this one. Yes, the film is weak at times, but for the most part, it succeeds at being a mindless horror film, which is what it is. Boogeyman is not to be taken so seriously. There's a decent cast of actors that grace this film but the film does suffer from a somewhat lacking script and relies too much on special effects, which if toned down slightly would have a better scar factor on the viewer. There is tension found within this film, but it never really is truly scary. On a production design standpoint, the film looks excellent and has incredible sets, especially the main characters house. Overall Boogeyman is a pleasant time waster not to be taken seriously, if you do that you may just have a mindless fun viewing experience. Boogeyman is lots of fun from start to finish, and is the perfect film for you to simply shut your brain and have a mindless film night. I really don't see the hatred towards this film, sure it's not the best, but it definitely is better than a lot of films that are currently being put out nowadays. Never truly scary, Boogeyman has plenty of tense moments to keep you interested. A much underrated film, one that should not be quickly dismissed.
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March 4, 2010
Well I always check under my bed. There are far worst creatures than boogeyman. This was scary indeed. There were some moments that made me jumped literally. Though I would say my scare level wasn't high enough as I could go to sleep peacefully after watching this at mid night. I would say this was decent. Mysterious. Confusing. Frightening. Everything I could think of (except humor). Can't wait to see the second part. Hope that will be better than this.
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September 8, 2010
2 stars
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½ October 6, 2008
Not scary. It was just a semi-okay film. I like Barry though...
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½ January 1, 2007
Oh dear! Be afraid, very afraid...of the closet!?? It had a good opening then went down hill so quick it's unbelievable. Not scary, spooky, creepy at all. Would have been better as an 18/R rating film. I have to mention the cgi was a joke as well.....and this has 2 sequels, that's something to be afraid of!
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½ February 6, 2010
I was scared out of my mind when I was younger and I watched this, but it is really stupid now!
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August 3, 2006
A ridiculously poor Horror movie, captures the bad parts of 80?s Horror, yet updated to recent years. No scary parts, no tense moments, no thought provoking ?play on your mind? moments, just very dull.
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½ July 7, 2009
Seen it all before, repetitive bollocks. I can't really say one good thing about it. I suppose at times the atmosphere in certain scenes was rather impressive, but other than that it's the same old stuff. The fact that it ends with revealing the boogeyman to be a CGI version of someone in blackface is both hilarious and awkward. God knows how this spawned 2 sequels and it's even more perplexing as to why I will watch them.
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May 17, 2008
This was -terribly-, -terribly- predictable.


Funny, I suppose?
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½ June 25, 2007
I'll admit, I was impressed...with myself. I can't believe I somehow found the fortitude to endure this travesty of a horror movie.
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½ September 4, 2007
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½ April 9, 2007
There are a lot of things about this movie I really liked, but the casting was the main thing that kept me from really getting into this flick. I wish they had gone into more depth of how fear came to manifest itself as a homicidal force, but all in all I liked this one. Could have been better, it is true, but it didn't deserve the slamming it got by critics.
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½ April 7, 2007
Some good parts totally ruined by the ending.
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½ March 2, 2007
It wasn't even scary.
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½ February 22, 2007
A merciless flogging of every horror cliche in the book. A pedestrian script, awful acting, ham-fisted direction and a lack of anything remotely memorable all mean that this doesn't deserve a minute of your time.
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½ December 24, 2006
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November 16, 2006
Really shock and scary in the dark vision of pure evil.
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October 22, 2006
It suffers from a lack of genuine chills or suspense.
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½ June 22, 2006
ummmm idk kinda dumb
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