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July 9, 2010
great movie,great direction,great cast
April 13, 2010
This movie evokes nostalgic feelings for the time of Yugoslavia, even to audiences who were born after the break up and never witnessed life in the joint country. Through great comedy, the movie paints a realistic picture of the multinational character of socialist Yugoslavia, but also gives a remarkable metaphor about the events that lead to the devastating war and separation. The acting is also remarkable, since each character is a highly trustworthy depiction of it's nationality. Also, supreme photography!
February 22, 2010
very solid co-production of ex-yugoslavian countries, set in the dusk of yugoslavian times, in 1987. and in the yugoslavian peoples army that should be defending the country against the evil spirits of nationalism. instead, army is dealing with itself. a commanding officer somewhere on the albanian border tries to get a permition to move to another barracks, anywhere near the civilization. meanwhile, he is trying to treat an STD, and during that time he claims that the albanians are about to attack. the only recruit allowed out of the post is a young doctor who falls in love with the officer's wife...
this movie has some of the real strength in political background, but what lacks is a motivation for impending doom. love story is too weak and unbelievable, and in some point takes over the movie and tears it down to just above the average.
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