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½ July 5, 2009
set in a future nyc, tho it sure looks like the 80s, the film posits a post-revolutionary socialist society that isn't the great success the government claims. the poor and minorities have seen little change in their situations and feminists, tired of waiting for their turn, get organized. this is the most radical feminist film i've ever seen, with women's groups plotting full-blown terrorist activities, and in fact i'm still a bit blown away that this thing even exists, but i'm so glad it does. it's inspiring to know we once dreamed this big. this is a great example of ultra low budget guerilla filmmaking, admittedly rough but with some really good acting, effective satire and a whole lot of passion. and it's the tea party's worst nightmare
April 16, 2015
Not a great film, but has some great ideas and moments. Honestly it's mostly just edited poorly, this could easily be recut and come out more coherent. That theme song is hillaaaaaarious though.
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