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November 17, 2007
I realize the storylines for most of Shirley Temple's movies are pretty much the same, this one no exception. But some are better than others, and this one is very cute, touching, and funny!
½ March 12, 2014
This is the first Shirley Temple movie that I have actually taken the time to view in its entirety, but I was surprisingly unimpressed. Shirley may be cute at times, but it really wears off quickly to the point where she becomes annoying. (First and only viewing - 3/12/2014)
½ January 17, 2012
Unless you like shirley Temple, this film is a waste of your time, as it's just like most of her other films as a child.
May 20, 2007
My grandpa danced on the radio (tap danced) with the naughty little girl in this movie. I loved this movie. It was so cute.
November 25, 2007
i loved all Shirley Temple's old movies....cute curly hair and boy could she sing and dance.......As a child I enjoyed them, and still I enjoys them.
June 15, 2007
Huge Shirley fan since i was a kid! Love the brat and the old man in this one! Who would name a brat like that Joy! Shirley si absolutely loveable in this.
May 19, 2007
Another popular ST movie. Alot of people think "The Good Ship Lollypop" was a ship. It was an airplane. Cute movie, but I feel bad that Shirley had to be tied to that song forever! (even though it's a cute song)
½ December 31, 2006
though she's been long gone, from the movies but her movies are still going. Shirley Temple, former child star and She starred in over 40 films during the 1930s. she was honored with a special pint-sized Academy Award. This is such a tear jerker.
February 25, 2014
Bright Eyes is my favorite of the Shirley Temple films. Jane Withers as Joy is really what gives this movie five stars! I don't know if there are many children who play the spoiled, rotten, brat as well as she did in this film. She is a character you just love to hate! Shirley is good too of course as her usual sweet self...
½ August 31, 2013
Bright Eyes is a cute film. It is about an orphaned girl is taken in by a snobbish family at the insistence of their rich, crotchety uncle, even as her devoted aviator godfather fights for custody. Shirley Temple and Jane Withers give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. David Butler did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and humor. Bright Eyes is a must see.
January 31, 2013
A cute and predictable affair which Temple shines in, and her ability to act is no mistake, yes, but the antagonist, little Jane Withers, is the best child actress on view here. But no doubt, Shirley owns the picture. James Dunn also is wonderful in this. Withers is untamed, spoiled and generally, a little brat. Classic little madam.
½ August 20, 2012
"What better way to describe this classic other then say it's simply enjoyable!"
Shirley Temple is a Hollywood Childstar. Her Iconic curls and dempled smile, makes generations alike appreciate her lively charm and pure innocents.
During a time when war dampend the world's spirit, Sherly brought hope and distract us only if for a minute. Bright Eyes is well pulled together and fun for the whole family.
½ October 22, 2010
Shirley Temple's greatest movie! It has everything I love: an ironic and loveable ending,a dark scene,and drama! The only reason it didn't get the full is because of how they let Shirley down. It's too sad! Overall,awesome!
February 20, 2006
Good ans short and touching.
½ June 30, 2005
½ April 25, 2005
ANZAC weekend - did I spend it in patriotic remembrance of the fallen? Uh *sheepish* no. I selfishly watched movies with friends ...

[u][b]Shrek 2 (2004)[/b][/u]
Written and directed by *KIWI* Andrew Adamson (yay we rock!). Can't wait to see his efforts on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe due for release at the end of the year.

OMG - Puss in Boots as Zorro what an inspired choice! I lurrrved Antonio Banderas' voice, purrrrr! I love the zillions of references to other movies - it would be such a cool party game to try and pick out the most. The soundtrack rocks (esp. Frou Frou and Dashboard Confessional who also do "Vindicated" on Spiderman2) and the bit at the end about Far Far Away Idol (with *animated* Simon Cowell-har har) is a hoot.

[b][u]Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (1967)[/u][/b]
Each scene is set kinda like a stage play (maybe it was adapted from one?). Stellar performances from all cast, but Sidney Poitier's performance is particularly brilliant. I loved (and related to) his speech to his dad (retired postal worker) about not owing him anything and not being his dad's possession - it was his dad's choice to raise him and contribute to his education (now a doctor of international status):

[size=1][color=orange]"You listen to me. You say you don't want to tell me how to live my life. So what do you think you've been doing? You tell me what rights I've got or haven't got, and what I owe to you for what you've done for me. Let me tell you something. I owe you nothing! If you carried that bag a million miles, you did what you're supposed to do! Because you brought me into this world. And from that day you owed me everything you could ever do for me like I will owe my son if I ever have another. But you don't own me! You can't tell me when or where I'm out of line, or try to get me to live my life according to your rules. You don't even know what I am, Dad, you don't know who I am. You don't know how I feel, what I think. And if I tried to explain it the rest of your life you will never understand. You are 30 years older than I am. You and your whole lousy generation believes the way it was for you is the way it's got to be. And not until your whole generation has lain down and died will the dead weight be off our backs! You understand, you've got to get off my back! Dad... Dad, you're my father. I'm your son. I love you. I always have and I always will. But you think of yourself as a colored man. I think of myself as a man. "[/color][/size]

It was also moving to see the interaction between Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn - some of the scenes show their real emotions (they knew Spencer was dying and this was his last film).
There have been a lot of cross-cultural romantic movies of this type done (before and) since, e.g. the recent: "Ae Fond Kiss" which is about a Scottish-Indian couple - this is pretty good too.

[b][u]Bright Eyes (1934)[/u][/b]
I got this mainly to see Shirley Temple sing "On the Good Ship Lollipop". My friend's child is turning 3 and I wanted to gauge whether she would enjoy this before I buy it on DVD for her birthday. Verdict? The mean little girl that Shirley has to live with is a bit disturbing and the bit at the end when her mum slaps her is a bit shocking for our PC generation. My friends 10yo niece also commented that Shirley's dresses were "a bit short". Although her character is supposed to be 5yo, I suspect the makers were capitalising on her cute babyish looks - hence the chubby bare legs, "see the baby dance and sing!". I think on the whole it's OK for modern audiences (although overall the film is decidedly average) and kids love watching kids on screen. Perhaps I am better off buying her the more popular and readily available "Heidi" or "Little Princess" instead ...

[b][u]Actors (2003)[/u][/b]
If you like the UKTV show "Black Books", then you'll appreciate the offbeat humour in this strange comedy. The many disguises and personas donned by the main characters are amusing. Michael Caine in drag is funny, but it's been done!
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