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September 6, 2010
Compared to the original movie, which is considered an 80s classic, this movie is horrible. I do not recommend it.
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½ August 15, 2009
"Caddyshack 2" might not be one of the best sequels ever made, but I didn't think it was as bad as a lot of people seem to think it was. I thought parts of it such as the waterslide prank and the gopher playing its dirty tricks was hilarious. But I do agree that it's not a classic like the original was and that it's not as funny because it doesn't feature the hilarious cast that the original had. But it's not all that bad of a sequel in my opinion. I've seen much worse.
If you liked the original "Caddyshack" movie, I would recommend at least watching "Caddyshack 2." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000.
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½ May 7, 2008
Oh God, why?
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December 19, 2007
Good hilarious with the return of Chevy Chase's jerk character, but Jackie Mason and Dan Aykroyd made me laugh in this sequel golf comedy.
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November 20, 2007
Not as prolific and star-studded as the original, but still a fun movie.
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September 14, 2007
I saw this as a kid, without ever having seen the first one. I enjoyed it quite a bit back then. Maybe that's the best place for it.
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August 18, 2007
Half of the greatness of the original "Caddyshack" movie, there's a few comic actors and jokes left for this unnecessary sequel. Yosemite Sam makes an appearance as a prop at a mini golf course.
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February 6, 2007
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½ October 25, 2006
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June 10, 2014
"Na, na, na, na..." The wacky adventures at Bushwood Country Club continue in Caddyshack II. Harold Ramis delivers yet another weak script that focuses heavily on class warfare. This time the owner of a construction company tries to join the Bushwood Country Club in order please his daughter, but he proves to be more blue-collar than they care for. Featuring Jackie Mason, Robert Stack, Dan Aykroyd, and Chevy Chase, the cast isn't that bad. But the performances are terrible; Mason in particular is out of control and toxic to the film. While screwball comedies tend to be pretty zany, Caddyshack II is overloaded with craziness; making it incredibly stupid.
Cameron W. Johnson
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½ May 17, 2011
Boy, you have got to love that gopher... and that's about it. No, but seriously, other than that adorable, jittery and sadly underused ball of Nibbler-voiced hilarity, the ever-so occasional effective joke and a good soundtrack, there is hardly anything enjoyable about this film, which suffers its predecessor's flaws of bad sound editing, crudeness, a lack of development and slowness while adding cheesiness, bad writing, poor sound mixing, weak performances and a lack of memorability to the cons list, as well as character homages that are so overdone that they're more like rip-offs. So, we're suppose to think that the other clever, snappy-talking rich jew with technological golfing equipment isn't a rip-off? He wasn't even dead then and I bet Rod Dangerfield was already spinning in his grave. Ultimately, there are bright spots, but only enough to expose the worst sin of "Caddyshack II": its struggle to match its classic predecessor, only to become an underwhelming rip-off and sorry waste of potential.
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February 22, 2008
alright flick but no where near the original in the laughs dept.
½ June 7, 2007
I feel that Caddyshack II is the worst drop-off for a sequel ever, considering the original was a 5 star movie and this one is so bad. None of the brilliant cast returns from the first movie that alone is enough to ask the question ‚Why did they make this?‚? The new characters are not funny at all and a weak plot makes this movie fall flat on its face.
½ October 19, 2009
The rest of the original Caddyshack may not be present in this comedy sequel, but at least Chevy Chase can still golf below par. At below average quality, I don't find any jokes funny here.
March 25, 2009
Still some laughs. SOME being stretched to its limit. Definitly not the original, but it tries to act as the original's clone, humor wise. It doesn't achieve that because it doesn't have most of the original's cast, and Jackie Mason is a poor replacement for Rodney Dangerfield.
½ January 6, 2009
It doesn't touch the original, and Jackie Mason's charector is a cheap rip-off of Al Czrvek. But, it's still a lot of fun to watch.
½ July 8, 2008
Allan Ankrush and the writers of this sequel, 8 years after the first, are doing it merely to milk the idea again, but this seqwuel is a missed ball chucked into the swam trap. Even Chase and Ackroyd can't save it.
June 30, 2008
The sequel rule applies... not as good as the original, but still damn good... very subtle mrs. esterhoooouuuuse
June 5, 2007
They could of made this a lot better, but didn't try so hard. They really relied on the first one to make this good. Again they had a wonderful cast. Chevy Chase was on top of his game. But the others didn't take to the parts very well. The Gopher was still very funny though. I give them credit for trying, but it just didn't work.
September 16, 2007
seemed like the only reason this was made was to cash in on Chase's star power at that time. although he did nothing in the film and it was horrible.
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