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August 21, 2011
Cannibal Ferox is yet another, sleazy and extremely gory cannibal film. The film is excessively gory, violent and should appeal to gore fans and grind house film fans. This film is meant to shock and disgust and it does that in spades. As far as cannibal films are concerned, this film doesn't this film doesn't offer anything new or exciting. The film just plays out for gross out shocks and that's about it. I've gotten used to this type of cinema, and I really wanted to enjoy this. However Cannibal Ferox just doesn't deliver the thrills that so many other exploitation classics had done so well. Umberto Lenzi basically does what Ruggero Deodato did with Cannibal Holocaust, which was a far superior film. Although entertaining, I just felt that Cannibal Ferox didn't do anything memorable, and it was basically the same old formula at work. This film will surely appeal to fans of the genre, but is definitely not a film for the faint of heart and a lot of it is hard to take. After this film, there haven't been many cannibal films that have tried doing to something refreshing. Everything has been done before, and though high in violence content, this film doesn't horrify the Cannibal Holocaust did. A good film, but it doesn't have a hint of originality, and it's clear that the cannibal genre quickly lost its shock value, as this film like the ones that came bore it relied on the same old things that have made this genre of film notorious. For what it is, it should appeal to exploitation film fans, and despite the fact that it uses the same gross out tricks, there's a good cult classic here.
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½ April 6, 2008
Still one of the funniest movies of all time, assuming you're not shocked by cheap gore. Never mind the "20 scenes of extreme brutality" mentioned in the introductory "warning" (ROLL UP! ROLL UP!), there are at least 30 scenes of extreme hilarity....

If you're looking for a good cannibal flick, "Cannibal Holocaust" is the one - still pretty dumb, but good. "Ferox", on the other hand, is the one to choose if you want a good bad-taste laugh. There are way too many hilarious moments to list, but I love the central premise that Lorraine de Selle is going into the jungle to prove that cannibalism DOESN'T exist, and NEVER HAS. Right - I just walked home from the pub and didn't get into a fight, that proves that no one has ever got in a fight on the way home from the pub. And no one who's seen this film will ever forget John "Giovanni Radice" Morghen's acting as he wails the immortal line, "then...THEN THEY ATE HIS GENITALS!!!"

The commentary track on the DVD is fantastic - Lenzi is a hilariously arrogant idiot, while Morghen's camp, bitchy comments had me in hysterics.

But don't believe this nonsense about how "Ferox" is "sickening" for showing a snake crushing something to death, or South American tribes killing a turtle. Have you never watched a documentary about snakes on the BBC or the Discovery Channel? Guess what - they show them crushing things too! And if you don't believe that nature documentary crews actually feed "innocent" animals to predators just to get good footage, you're very naive. As for the turtle -- these tribal guys live IN THE JUNGLE, ok? "But you don't have to show them actually cutting the head off a live turtle!" Well first of all, the fact that it's a "live" turtle is neither here nor there - if it was a dead one, it would still have been killed, duh. And secondly, what? We can eat our turtle soup, but we don't want to watch it being made? Grow up.
Ariuza k.
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December 13, 2010
My 3rd favorite movie for some unholy reason. An Italian shocker that's much less better then cannibal holocaust movie. To me that was just amazing this is still awseome though. Simple story.

A bunch of friends go into the jungle to disprove that cannibalism was never real and "Man Eat Man" was just bull shit all along. Then they run into Mike Logan who has enslaved a native tribe and plans to make them dig for emeralds and grow cocaine but only to have the younger natives come home from fishing and find the students and Mikes gang. They enslave both even the ones who didn't do anything and plan to "Make Them Die Slowly"
They Cut and torture them to the limits of pain.

I think the funky score was just cool that real 1970s music playing at the start when he walks down the street of NYC. And then flicks to the jungle were this heavily scary yet exotic at the same time starts playing.
I think Mike Logan is the best character ever in any film all he does is sniff cocaine and he quotes "Ar this is the shit doesn't give you brain damage doesn't slow you down just makes you feel alive". And he is a man on the run because of the mafia and him owing a major debt of 100,000 dollars.
That's the sub plot in this movie Mike and a detective looking for him and that links all the way to the end.

Cannibal exploitation as people put it always start of in big cities because they want the viewer to see the differences once they enter the jungle to see man eats man in a world with no rules. Still the intro to this movie is the best ever.
The acting is awesome I don't know why everyone says it's bad it's mad, they really know how to act when they start to die, Mike again is like that but he killed a native girl and the exasperations on his face made it seem like he had no guilty condenses.

I come to a close but last but not least Umberto Lenzi's direction is just mad he really new how to make an awesome exploitation film.
Keiko A. --Samurai--
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October 22, 2010
Oh I really don't like these kinds of movies there to sick for my likening Cannibal holocaust is something I had to see because of all the raving reviews and all the positive reaction. But cannibal ferox is something I have been needing to see and my boyfriend keeps saying watch it (only because this is his favourite movie). So like Meany I ordered it and just got it today it also came with another movie by the same director called Eaten Alive but I won't watch it any time soon.

So the movie is directed by Umberto Lenzi and stars Giovanni Lombardo and Robert Kerman (we also saw him in cannibal holocaust). So really the film is all about the Drug Empire and trafficking as well as cannibalism.

The film begins in New York City, with an unnamed man visiting an apartment to get heroin (using the term "horse") from his dealer named Mike. Instead of finding his usual pusher, the man finds two mobsters who are also looking for Mike, who had apparently skipped town owing them $100,000. After questioning the man about Mike's whereabouts, they shoot him and leave him for dead. Then it flicks to brazil were a group of people are out to disprove that cannibalism is still around only to run into mike and his friends who are hiding out in the jungle for the time being.

So I liked it a lot more then I thought I would have it slow though you don't really see any acts of violence or any thing good for a while but its great to watch the scenery and listen to the wired music.

70% for story the film is mostly about drug trafficking more then cannibal people eating each other when it does come to that stuff it mostly has a shock factor. To see people dying like this.

70% for acting its nothing great nor bad just average I also believe Robert Kerman from cannibal holocaust is really just playing the same part as he did in the other one just a detective now.

90% for special effects they are truly shocking not as mind blowing as cannibal holocaust but they keep your eyes closed for the time being till that scene ends.

60% for characters nothing great just you're typical characters running into a drug dealer and getting wasted by the cannibals.

70% for everything else Music is good for scenery shots, Editing is good but I was really disgusted in real animal murders like a lot of you.

But really it's enjoyable like it a lot more then I thought I would have. But I still don't like these movies.

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May 13, 2010
Honestly, I've got to say that I enjoy this a lot more than Cannibal Holocaust. It's completely trashy and ridiculous, but I kind've think that's why I like it so much. There are consistently more and more shocking images and scenarios throughout the movie, culminating in one crazy dick cutting scene. It also has probably one of my all time favorite one-liners of all time, " Get of my case, MOTHERFUCKER". Umberto Lenzi sure knows how to keep you entertained, but doesn't insult your knowledge and pretend that this movie is more than an exploitation film.
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½ August 6, 2007
An interesting experience, to be sure. I actually have the soundtrack to this.
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November 11, 2012
The last time I saw anything with the word "Cannibal" in it I felt asleep around four times before completing the film. As for Cannibal Ferox I will say is not quite as boring as Cannibal (2010), but it's not really all that shocking for something in the Cannibal genre or "video nasties" variety.

Cannibal Ferox is about three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge. The film is a poor man version of Cannibal Holocaust. The opening theme, I kid you not, is very misleading and lead me to believe that I had accidentally bought a porno. Also, we see a walking from the hospital to his apartment only to be killed within the first four minutes. You know a movie is bad when the opening credit itself is pointless. Another problem with the plot is a lack of characterization and exposition. It switches between characters, locations, and plot lines with no real focus. Why do we need to know a blue butterfly landing on a boat will bring bad luck and then see a man eat a butterfly? The movie does has many ridiculous moment! The dialogue is plain awful, but the delivery of these lines makes them unintentionally hilarious. You will laugh when you hear "They tied him to a stake, and castrated him with a machete. And then they, ate his genitals". The movie fails to send a message since it's essentially tries to be Cannibal Holocaust, but fails at it. With no characters nor interesting plot you will have very little reason to stick around.

The acting is really terrible from everyone. The fact that I was able to laugh at a persons dead body is sign of directionless actor. The editing and music in general could use some serious work. How am I suppose to take a cannibal dying seriously when the transition has disco porn music playing. The movies tries to shock you by showing an actual skinning of alligator and killing of hog, but cuts way so we clearly see it and often from far away for these killings. Despite a man getting the top of his head cut off with cannibals presuming to eat his brain and a nude women getting hooked into her breast and hanged there's only one scene that's uncomfortable. The only scene that's cringe worthy is the "castration scene" and this is the third time I saw a castration which does no get easier watch. The special effects are somewhat good, but some of them fall notably flat. One being a scene where a character leg is getting by piranhas, but you can clearly tell the piranhas are swimming around his leg. It tires to shock to you, but the fact that my a friend of mine got a "surprise boner" in a movie about in a movie about cannibalism is a trait of shocking film.

Cannibal Ferox could be best classified as a porno gone horribly wrong and turning into a cannibal movie. It falls flat in every area and is a forgotten piece of cinematic history.
Francisco G.
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½ June 15, 2013
Yet, another italian cannibal flick that actually has a pretty good idea at it's basis, for what could've been a very good exploration of the city boys vs. the tormented tribe but it quickly descends into exploitation territory with gratuitous animal violence, tasteless deaths and atrocious acting. It's also one of those movies that "steals" scenes and music from other movies. Literally stolen! They are cut from other movies and inserted here for god knows what reason.

A total miss despite the good idea behind it.
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January 30, 2007
Great sleaze classic. John Morghen is heartwarming as the cocaine dealer who incurs the cannibals' wrath and dooms the others in his troup. Love the score and the deaths are all very inventive (except blowdart death, but it had to live up the the Eaten Alive death). A wonderful, magical film.
½ August 9, 2015
cannibal ferox is a movie that happened shortly after cannibal holocaust. it is an ok movie the gore was gross but not as gross as cannibal holocaust.
½ January 23, 2014
Finally ticking another heavy hitter off the List Of Shame. This one isn't as bad overall as Cannibal Holocaust, but I still have to say that overall I view the copies of these I own as research material and little else, as I can't see revisiting these for much entertainment value.

July 24, 2009
I'm not going to attempt to defend the actual killing of animals in this movie, which is always a sensitive topic. If you're sensitive, you probably won't watch a movie in which cannibals eat a guy's brain, penis, and in which a girl gets hung up by her tits. I saw this as a teenager, and at that time it was easily the most fucked up thing I had ever seen. Since then I've watched it a bunch of times and can appreciate the twisted humor and exploitative genius of it all. For fans of grindhouse cinema. I like movies that are unlikeable by mainstream critics, and "normal" people I guess. If that makes me a freak, sue me. My DVD collection still kicks more ass than yours.
May 1, 2011
Probably the 2nd most famous jungle-cannibal film. This one has a group of American students in South America on a quest to prove jungle cannibal tribes are a racist fabrication. Lost in the Amazon jungle, they soon happen upon two other Americans who are on the run from a tribe of native cannibals. When the group is caught, one of the Americans has his pe-pe removed by the cannibals in full view of the rest of the captive Americans. They cut off his pe-pe because he had earlier cut off a native's pe-pe when the native wasn't successful in finding emeralds as per their agreement. More brutality ensues. They are almost saved, but the cannibals lie to the would-be savers. Later one of the Americans does escape and because of liberal White-guilt writes a book covering up the reality of the natives' traditions.
½ August 1, 2009
Another Italian cannibal gorefest. Solid enough movie but not anywhere as good as Ruggero Deodato's classic, 'Cannibal Holocaust'.
June 22, 2009
Gross but fun Italian cannibal epic of cheesiness and gore including some animal slaughtering. Lenzi is really at his peak with this movie!
½ January 22, 2009
An exploitation of an exploitation movie. This Cannibal Holocaust leftover is kind of boring and the sleaze just doesn't hold up enough. It needed more but the soundtrack is really jammin
August 23, 2008
Not as intense as Cannibal Holocaust, but it's up there.

Again, as there was an actual animal killing I don't support buying this movie.
April 30, 2008
Fuckin awesome...some of the most realistic blood and gore I have seen...the dialogue was great...some kinda cheesy but entirely entertaining
May 6, 2008
There are so many versions of this movie floating around that I have absolutely no idea what was cut from the version I saw, and what wasn't. All I know is that it was the recent Grindhouse Releasing version.

I expected absolutely nothing from this movie, other than completely amateurish nonsense in the vein of an updated Hershell Gordon Lewis. I was shocked to find that Cannibal Ferox really isn't a bad movie at all. The storyline, acting and production values were as solid as you could expect from such a multi-lingual low budget exploitation flick, especially considering the amount of outdoor location shooting, and Grindhouse have done a really good job with the remastering. Lorraine De Selle is great, trying to take the whole thing seriously while Giovanni Lombardo Radice chews the scenery around her with leering, bog-eyed abandon. Zora Kerova looks like she wandered in from the set of Friday 13th Part II, all blond curls and pert tits, and suffers the consequences. The whole New York subplot stinks of running-time-filler and could be totally done away with.

The gore is minimal but effective ? a blink and you'll miss it latex castration and a rather more shocking breast-on-hook impalement. The much criticized animal cruelty really isn't as bad as everyone tries to make out ? usually consisting of little more than Discovery Channel style documentary footage of animals chasing and killing each other. On the few occasions in which people actively kill animals, they do so quickly and efficiently, and there's no sense that the animals are suffering, or no more than they would in the average abattoir. It's interesting that when animals are butchered for your viewing pleasure in Italian exploitation movies it's banned in a dozen countries, but when Coppola does it (far less humanely) in Apocalypse Now, it's art.

This was my first journey into the Cannibal genre, and if I can get my hands on Cannibal Holocaust, it won't be my last. Ferox is a fun, trashy, low budget, exploitation fest that is far more enjoyable than some of the big-budget mainstream dross that I've had to endure (Constantine anyone?).
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