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September 6, 2010
I saw this when I was a kid and I really liked it then, but I barely remember it now, maybe I'll watch it again someday.
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½ October 8, 2009
Care bears...stare! Always loved the cartoon, and this movie is a great reminder of it.
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½ May 13, 2007
Yes, I've seen it. Shut up.
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½ May 23, 2007
A lot of animation errors, but a cute movie overall. Imaginative!
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July 28, 2009
I remember this movie. It was a little scary but I loved it.
½ June 30, 2014
Everyone needs friends.

An orphaned brother and sister have lost hope in the theory of friendship and kindness in mankind. The Care Bears observe their feelings from the clouds and come down to talk to the siblings about their feelings. Meanwhile, another orphan finds a book of magic that could kill everyone on Earth. Can the Care Bears and orphans work together to stop the boy and his evil magic?

"It's amazing what you can do when you really put your heart to it."

Arna Selznick, director of Back to School with Franklin and Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby without a Name, delivers The Care Bear Movie. The storyline for this picture is fairly cheesy, straightforward, and mediocre. The animation is classic 80s style (think He-Man, GI Joe, and Thundertcats). The voices are appropriate for the characters and I was always glad they worked the Care Bear cousins into the movie.

"Our only hope is the Care Bear stare!"

I came across this while flicking through the children's section of Netflix. I watched this with my daughter and she loved it as much as I did as a kid. I actually watched this with my mom when I was about 5 or 6 with my best friend at the time Kelly Dow at her grandmother's house. This is one of those films you love as a kid and grow-up and think, "wow, super cheesy." Overall, this is a movie your children will love but you'll likely never feel compelled enough to purchase.

"The Care Bear stare didn't work."

Grade: C
½ March 6, 2014
Not only does it exclude the the young at hear, but most of youth in general. Only kids around the age of 6 will find something to enjoy in this overly simply animated film.
½ July 25, 2013
Cheerful songs by Carole King and Paul Sebastien and the pleasant voice of Mickey Rooney as the narrator brings some merit to this animated tale about the titular characters who try to bring goodness to disillusioned children. Even so, THE CARE BEARS MOVIE is more for younger aged children, for the themes presented therein are often saccharine and quite young. It's not an example of great animation either, produced rather quickly in eight months time, resulting in a look that seems like, well, marginally better Saturday morning cartoon television animation. The characters aren't all that genuine either, and with the exception of Grumpy Bear (arguably the most interesting), the other bears don't really stand out. The positive messages of friendships and caring are valuable, to be sure, but there are better examples of animation promoting similar messages. Aside from King, Sebastien, and Rooney's contributions, THE CARE BEARS MOVIE gets points for the occasional delve into spooky territory. The Spirit of Magic (with a sepulchral voice supplied by Jackie Burroughs), although cardboard cut, makes a solid, manipulative villainess, and the spell casting scenes and the climax get points for edginess. The plight of the unfortunate Nicholas, who gets waylaid by said spirit, is also more interesting than that of siblings Kim and Jason. OK entertainment for kids, but kids only. At least this is superior to the CGI series of today.
March 11, 2013
I was a huge Care Bears fan when I was little, but as I look back on it now... I can't imagine why. Okay, maybe because I was 5. But watching this now was pure torture. I guess you have to be a kid to appreciate it.
January 22, 2013
A fairly dark turn for the Care Bears. However, it's been about a decade since I saw this. Hopefully, it's not as dark as I remember.
½ August 4, 2012

Good for the wee ones, helps with morals and stuff. Watched it as a tyke, myself, and did alot of good, I haven't killed anybody yet.
½ September 11, 2010
Fun for kids and those who wish our world could be that happy and cheerful. A decent film based on the popular show. Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins were favorites of mine at the earliest age I can remember: along with Mighty Mouse and Gumby.
April 11, 2010
I use to have this when i was little!! my grandma video record this but i remember this i love it when i was a little
½ August 13, 2009
I'm gonna pull the "nothing else was on TV" card even though I don't watch TV. This is my first time exposed to these "Care Bear" monstrosities and already I'm traumatized with the overused color pixels and the plastic and joyous moralistic bear characters. This movie in particular (I don't know if the series aims similarly) has an evangelical Christian analogy, thinly veiled by cartoon crap directed towards children. It's almost religious indoctrination, and brain washing is child abuse for children. Burn and piss on every copy of this movie within your sight to stop diseases from spreading!!
½ April 12, 2009
Yet another strange, kinda creepy, childhood favorite. But still, these Care Bear movies from the '80s are so much better than the more recent CGI ones.
½ July 6, 2008
Little cuddly bears that care for everything fly around in the clouds and stare down their uncaring enemies in this movie version of the kid's show. Maybe the writers were on drugs.
June 1, 2008
haven't seen this movie in a reaaaally long time, but I still think about it every now and then. I particularly recall the kid's eyes swirling crazily while hypnotized... it gave me nightmares.
May 26, 2008
Though I was a huge fan of the Care Bears when I was in my childhood, and I actually took my chances and viewed this movie, and wow, it was so awful! It was cheesy, yet mediocre at the same time. I never thought how cheesy this franchise was, or the movie was just cheesy itself, because I remembered watching the television series on the Disney Channel years ago, and it was actually fun to watch. Wasn't sure if the same studio, writers, or even animators were involved in this production, but it wasn't that good -- even for an animated feature from 1985. Honestly, animated features before this fared better. I usually watch a entire film before reviewing, but this was one of the exceptions. The film failed me miserably. It failed from the start, and ten-minutes into the film, it died. Honestly, I'm not sure if children these days would want to view this. I recommend the television series over this dismal recreation of the series.
½ February 21, 2008
I loved and adored the television show, which is why this movie sorta freaked me out. Dark and creepy elements that freaked me out as a child, now only make it feel less happy and fuzzy than Care Bears normally do. However, unlike most other cartoons of its era it translates well across time and age groups. Sure, I can't stand half the songs (and accompanying dance numbers), but otherwise the movie has a decent plot with morals and happy-happy joy-joy feelings woven in rather than being piled on top and good voice actors, making it somewhat enjoyable 20 years after its release.
February 23, 2008
This movie is so freaky. I seriously had nightmares as a child after watching this movie...but I still watch it every now and then just to get a little scary in my life. I mean, what children's movie has a satanic book which allures a little boy into it's souless realm of evil and then convinces the boy that all good from the world needs to be erased? Horror. It's a horror movie. But, it's the morbidity and the horrific content that make it worth watching. "Nicholas...Nicholas?" Creepy.
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