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Casino Royale Reviews

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John M

Super Reviewer

March 22, 2007
Daniel Craig revitalizes the Bond franchise the same way Bale saved Batman. This was a throwback to the good ol days of Connery Bond.
Bob S

Super Reviewer

May 19, 2007
Almost all the the good stuff i heard about Casino is true. It is indeed one of the best Bonds ever and I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

Now - I hate when people say this but here goes - this movie was just too darn long. Don't even TRY to introduce a romance two hours into a film.
Eugene B

Super Reviewer

October 16, 2013
Possibly one of the most, if not the most critically acclaimed Bond installment. Martin Campbell directs a sleek, suspenseful and provocative revamping of the acclaimed Ian Fleming saga. It's filled with action, drama and unexpectedness all due to the flare and flamboyance of a strong story and delivery of Daniel Craig. 5/5
Daniel L

Super Reviewer

May 20, 2013
Casino Royale proves to be the best James Bond movie ever made by boasting strong performances, intense action, and a stellar story.
Josh L

Super Reviewer

July 3, 2007
I'm going to start this with as bold of a statement as possible: this is the best Bond film to date. If you were someone who was tired of the rinse & repeat nature of this series, strap in for a ride. Casino Royale throws everything out of the window and starts from scratch, resulting in the freshest installment since the early Connery days (before the formula was established). Daniel Craig gives us not someone trying to emulate Connery Bond, but someone who completely reinvents the role. No one before him tried it and whoever has to follow Craig when everything is said and done will have immense pressure. He's the best yet. It's ridiculous to think people said he didn't look the part when he was announced as the next Bond. Should we as fans pigeon hole the franchise into casting look alikes forever? Craig's portrayal answers that with a resounding "No". Casino Royale still has some Bond staples, from globetrotting, to exotic women, and the occasional quip, but everything is much more grounded in realism, giving this film an edge that Bond has lacked for decades. The villain is not hell-bent on ruling the world or destroying monuments with laser beams, but rather a simple terrorist accountant who leads to bigger fish to fry. Mads Mikkelson gives us one of the most memorable villains in the series as Le Chiffre. Eva Green's Vesper Lynd is not your traditional Bond girl at all. In fact, she is every bit his equal and their relationship is by far more complex than anything previously attempted by the franchise. Just to put everything into perspective, the producers did not go and get anyone new to script this. This is the same writing team that worked on the Brosnan films. It's amazing how much better this film is than those before it. They recruited Goldeneye director Martin Campbell to helm this one as well, and he proved to be the perfect choice once again to start the franchise with a new actor. The action in this one is much more brutal, bloody, and intense than anything before it. There are some truly breathtaking stunts in this film, way more sophisticated than traditional Bond. It's hard to think this is even the same character that was portrayed kind of like a superhero for so long. It still has injections of humor, but they are not farcical at all, and their delivery has some sting to them. Take, for example, when Bond is asked whether he would like his Vodka Martini "shaken, or stirred" after he has had his butt handed to him. Bond's response? "Does it look like I give a damn?" We don't even get the staple "Bond, James Bond" till the very end of the film, but it fits perfectly with everything. Indeed, this is not your grandfather's Bond, but the franchise is all the better for it.

Super Reviewer

March 1, 2007
I have to start by saying I thought the previous film was awful. It was like a cheeseball pastiche of all the worst elements of the worst Bond films; overly formulaic with ludicrous gadgetry, lame innuendo and cliched, two dimensional characters. Casino Royale is similar in that it also takes a lot of cues from the previous films (especially from Russia with Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service), except it takes all of the BEST elements of the BEST Bonds and distills them into almost the perfect 007 outing. The new Bond begins a new era and resets the character back to the beginning with an opening that dispenses with the ridiculously overblown comic strip action of recent 007 outings and replaces it with gritty cold war thriller style sequence in which Bond busts his double O cherry by executing a man with his bare hands in a public toilet. It has an uncomplicated but cleverly written plot, gritty, breathless action sequences, a believable and fleshed out love interest and a charismatic, brutal and amoral villain (to match an equally charismatic, brutal and amoral Bond.) It was about time Bond was dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century and right from the stylishly animated credits which thankfully replace the campy soft-core formula of the originals, they've done a great job. The action sequences are superbly done with a physicality that Daniel Craig suits down to the ground; unlike recent Bonds he not only looks good in a dinner jacket, but also looks like he can rough house with the best of them. Connery will always be the archetypal 007, but bloody hell Craig is good.

Super Reviewer

July 3, 2007
Things were getting awfully tired and ridiculous by the end of the Brosnan era, and it was obvious that an update was needed.

To pick up the series and give it a much needed revitalization, Martin Campbell returned to the director's chair, and he decided to go the direction of a reboot, showing the roots of the venerable spy, and how he got his venerable license to kill.

Despite a couple of odd things, like the shock paddles in the car, this is probably the most down to Earth, serious, and realistic entry in the long running series, and that's also one reason why it's one of the best. The other would have to be the focus on a nice balance between stunning action, and legitimate, deep character development and drama.

This film shows Bond at some of the most human and vulnerable he's been in a long time, if not ever. To pull this side of the coin off, we get Daniel Craig in his debut as Bond, and he easily pulls off the dramatic and action oriented sides of the character with ease. He's intense, and a real force to be reckoned with. Eva Green is wonderful as Vesper Lynd. who, despite being the love interest, plays a crucial role to the story, and is one of the better characters in series history.

The plot is wonderful, the script is stellar, and the direction is superb. This is such a great film (in general) that I kind of hate it as a result. There's really nothing wrong here that's not nitpicking. Yeah, maybe some might be a little put off by how serious and dark the film is, but I found it to be just what was needed at the time. Plus, this really works as a satisfactory espionage thriller for contemporary times.

Definitely don't miss this one. It's a real high water mark for the series.
Everett J

Super Reviewer

November 10, 2012
I remember when it was announced that Daniel Craig was taking on the role as James Bond a lot of people were nervous and/or upset. "A Blond James Bond?" "He doesn't look the part!" "Worst. Choice. Ever." I saw those three sayings a lot in the lead up to "Casino Royale". I'm proud to say I thought Craig was a good choice, and was more hopeful than anything. Then, I went to see the movie with my Dad, and knew that this movie was special. This is my favorite Bond movie(although "Skyfall" is very close now"). Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond, and in my opinion the Best Bond(sorry Connery supporters). He makes the role very realistic and has a real badass persona, mixed with charisma that most actors don't pull off at all. "Casino Royale" is kind of like the James Bond version of "Batman Begins". It's a reboot of the series, and sets it off in a very grounded way. This movie has everything a Bond movie should have. Hot women, crazy action, a weird villain, and one of the best on screen poker games ever. I love this movie and left the theater in absolute joy at where the franchise was heading. I rewatched this the other night(had to skip some Bond movies to watch the Craig movies before "Skyfall".) and it holds up very well, and I'm sure 20 years from now this will still be at the top(or very close to) of the list of Bond movies. If you haven't seen this, then jump on board and check it out. It's an absolute must watch!

Super Reviewer

January 11, 2010
Daniel Craig brings back the James Bond character with the most slick style possible. His witty character has kind of become dark and serious, while still staying true to the source personality. "Casino Royale" focusses more on story than action, while still have just the right amount to have action junkies drooling all over the screen. The cinematography is superb, better than any other James Bond picture out there, the script is much smarter, and the bond girls can finally act well. This is easily one of the best bonds out there, if not the best. This film brings back the Bond character for a new generation, and it is fantastic!
Al S

Super Reviewer

March 13, 2007
The best Bond film ever. A truly fantastic film. It's brilliant, dazzling and unforgettable. A classic. Director, Martian Campbell first introduced us to Pierce Brosnan as Bond back in 1995 and now again succeeds in 2006 with Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is terrific, he's the toughest, coolest and best Bond yet. A spectacular, adrenaline-fulled action-packed extravaganza. An unstoppable, unmissable and amazingly explosive thrill-machine. Great stunts, clever tricks and non-stop excitement. One incredible action sequence after another. Great chases, great fights and great effects. Smart, crackling, eye popping and exhilarating. It's awesomely entertaining action movie fun. Pure high-octane, stylish, thrilling, unforgettable and pulse-pounding cant beat entertainment. This movie will take your breath away. A wickedly fun adventure ride. This just keeps on getting better. James Bond is back and better than ever. It adds new depth to the character as we have not seen him before.
EightThirty .

Super Reviewer

April 23, 2007
18/10/2012 (DVD)
Sam B

Super Reviewer

October 14, 2012
The action moments in Casino Royale (of which there are many) are unbelievably big, and each one would likely settle for the grand finale in any other movie, but is just one in a series of parts for Daniel Craig's first Bond adventure. Giving James Bond emotional depth doesn't always work (he doesn't seem to learn much despite being told he has near the end), but besides for 2012's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I can't think of a over-the-top adventure more fun than Casino Royale.

Super Reviewer

July 26, 2012
James Bond: Why is it that people who can't take advice always insist on giving it? 

"The Pawn. The Con. The Bond."

Casino Royale eclipsed, in my mind, any James Bond movie ever. That's including the Sean Connery ones. When I think of Bond now, I think of Daniel Craig and this movie. Ditching all the silliness that many of the older Bond movies incorporated; Casino Royale is an absolutely pulse pounding auctioneer from start to finish. It also is a film with a brain to go along with its balls. The chases are spectacular, the camera work is spot on, and the acting is cool. It's a good old fashioned thrill ride and the 144 minute runtime couldn't have felt shorter. That's always a good sign. 

Casino Royale is a great introduction to James Bond virgins. We get to see how James Bond got his start, with his first mission. Bond has just been made a secret agent and is put to the test when he is asked to make sure a financier of terrorism doesn't win a high stakes poker game. That synopsis doesn't exactly go into detail, but that's the perfect amount of knowledge to go into the movie with. Let me just tell you, there's a lot more action than just card playing. Bond jumps from buildings, climbs walls; just about anything action related you can think of, he does.

This movie works so well because of a variety of reasons, but most importantly it is Daniel Craig as Bond. He's absolutely perfect. He has the look and the talk of Bond. He looks classy, but also physical. He is athletic, but also has that sense of intelligence. And his screen presence with the ladies is also perfect. All these things are vital when looking at what makes a good 007. Craig has all the traits, just as Connery did. 

I'll admit, I was never the biggest Bond fan. I've never been all that thrilled with a Bond movie, and I've seen many of the classics. I was thrilled by this one. Casino Royale is everything a smart, action movie should be. It's thrilling, sexy, and fast. I'm sure there are some huge Bond fans out there that look to one of the Connery movies as the defining film in this long, long franchise. I think I'll always look to this one though. That is unless the Christopher Nolan rumor is true, and he gets to make a Bond film. You know that would be fucking awesome.

James Bond: The name's Bond... James Bond. 
Eric A

Super Reviewer

August 9, 2011
It's great to finally see a James Bond that is more human, rather than superhuman. Daniel Craig's James Bond is more vulnerable and carries much more personality and emotion than previous Bond's. Aside from these characteristics, this is one of the best 007's ever made. The action, swagger,'s all there, and together they make one awesome film!
Clintus M.
Clintus M.

Super Reviewer

March 29, 2012
Daniel Craig reignites the James Bond franchise in Casino Royale, one of my favorites in the long-running series. This film is grittier, more emotional than perhaps any before it, and I believe, the best since the first three in the early 1960s. The gadgets are always fun but no substitute for brawny action, and Craig delivers it. He's a physical action star as well as a skillful, versatile actor. This Bond seems extremely macho yet is vulnerable to feminine counterpart, Vesper Lynd. All of the actors playing Bond in the long running series have been able to pull of suave but not necessarily tough. Connery, of course set the standard, and I think George Lazenby could have continued it too. Craig is almost sadistically tough in this role. This guy doesn't give a damn if its shaken or stirred.

All the cast contributed in this new-look film. Eva Green as Vesper was a cool, effective Bond-girl, atypical. Judi Dench as M is a likewise genius move; things have definitely been shaken up. LeChiffre, the criminal mastermind, is sufficiently creepy. The bleeding eye is a great touch. I didn't really like or buy into Giancarlo Giannini as Mathis; I didn't like him in Hannibal either. Also, my only real complaint is that at 144 minutes, it could have been cut to speed it up some.

This film accomplished a rare feat; it presents a different side of James Bond and a return to his roots at the same time.
Albert K

Super Reviewer

October 23, 2010
What a great reboot of a dying franchise... especially after "Die Another Day". This was a fun flick. Daniel Craig has a natural talent in acting. One of the gripes about this movie is the score. I never enjoyed the upbeat "classical" feel of the 007's... this reboot is grittier and much more hands-on than the other 007's so how come they kept the same music? I'm just nitpickin'...... and the poker scenes were just ridiculous, and still a bit too cheesy. Great movie nonetheless.
Jens S

Super Reviewer

November 18, 2006
Probably the best Bond movie in over 20 years. Starting out with the least spectacular beginning, followed by the coolest title sequence (including a great Chris Cornell song) and an excellent first half. The chasing of the acrobatic bomber and the airport sequence belong to the best action scenes of Bond history. Unfortunately the movie can't top that at the end. The card game in the middle of the film feels a tad too long, but is still pretty exciting. The excellent dialogues with one of the most interesting and sexiest Bond girls ever (Eva Green) make up for it, though. And Daniel Craig probably shows the best acting performance of all the 007 actors so far. A worthy new beginning and not as hectic and Jason Bournesque as some made it out to be. It's still clearly a Bond film.

Super Reviewer

August 5, 2010
A total surprise! Not only is this a great Bond movie, it may very weel be the best Bond movie. Truly, a great film!
Alexander D

Super Reviewer

June 24, 2011
If you have seen CASINO ROYALE, I'll refresh your memory a little by saying there is a fantastic take on the classic gun barrel sequence used in all James Bond films (well, except for QUANTUM OF SOLACE, kind of). If you have not seen it, first of all, I pity you, and second of all, let's just say the gun barrel sequence has been officially fit into the plot.

To keep it plain, simple, and within five one-syllable words: Craig is the best Bond. Dare I explain? I guess so: all the other Bonds are so unlike Daniel Craig is in CASINO ROYALE: Sean Connery is always smiling whenever he has a close-up shot or a profile image; it's so difficult and even ironic to imagine both George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton holding a Walther PPK (or, let's face it, ANY gun); Roger Moore has puppy eyes that make it look like a cute little chihuahua gunning down tons of people; and Pierce Brosnan just looks incredibly harmless and good-looking. So that leaves us to conclude that Daniel Craig isn't too good-looking (but he still has three Bond girls in just this installment), AND he actually comes across to us, the audience, as a trigger-fingered, killing spy who can actually wield a Walther PPK without hearing comments like, "Love your smile", "Umm...that's you?...holding a gun in front of my face?", "Aww...look at the cute little puppy with human features everywhere but his face...", or even "Bond? James Bond? You can't be serious; you can't kill me without feeling an overload of regret!"

Another thing to add is that this film is where you'll find the best, sexiest, well-acted Bond girls. All three of them--Vesper Lynd, Solange, and Valenka--are portrayed by little-known actresses, but they were all casted in exceptionally great Bond girl roles.

That said, CASINO ROYALE is probably the best Bond film (maybe behind 1973's LIVE AND LET DIE): it's got the most individual take on the classic barrel roll sequence, it's got the best Bond actor, it's got the hottest Bond's got it all.
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