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October 20, 2010
Williams tackles a growing media preoccupation in the UK, namely knife wielding yoofs, but pushes it into the face of the cosy middle classes with a worthy follow up to 'London to Brighton' (lets just ignore 'The Cottage'). What the film does well is to capture how quickly a calm suburban evening can be destroyed by the wrong knock at the door. Williams cleverly contrasts the attackers and their prey and it has a much more authentic feel than say Haneke's 'Funny Games'. Most of the violence is heard off-screen or through the results which disturbingly makes your mind fill in the blanks. The central lull in proceedings actually becomes tense as you and the characters wait for the promised grisly end.
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½ November 10, 2011
An hour and 17 minutes of my life wasted.
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December 4, 2010
Superbly directed and acted home-invasion thriller that's over in a brisk 75 minutes. It's like Funny Games without the breaking of the 4th wall or the "aren't I clever, and aren't you sick" audience winking. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and that's about it, and the lack of point means it only really works as a technical exercise.
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October 4, 2010
"Cherry Tree Lane" has many similarities to "Eden Lake" but it is clear that the director was very influenced by "Funny Games" and the way it was shot by Haneke. All of the action is restricted to the interior of the house at the fateful address, generating considerable claustrophobic. There is not on screen violence but it is still intense at times and sometimes difficult to watch, and it truly offers no respite by the end. The acting is very believable and the movie seems like a real event that anyone can go through in a routine and ordinary day.
½ May 31, 2013
Funny Games without the tension or social critique....lame! While it is well-made, Cherry Tree Lane is a British home-invasion horror film that lacks any real teeth...
August 18, 2013
This movie I had to use toothpicks to hold my eyelids up. Slow moving and friggen boring. Just a complete waste of time. My husband and I actually DID fall asleep 1/2 way through. BORING! BORING! BORING! Watch Hatchet III instead.
February 17, 2013
Hard to comprehend what was being said and the pace was too slow.
½ January 31, 2013
A simple night at home turns into a deadly game of survival for Christine and Michael when three of their son's low-life friends hold them hostage while waiting for him to return. Director Paul Andrew Williams of THE COTTAGE fame has digested the works of Wes Craven and Michael Haneke then placed an urban edge on them in the 2010 home invasion Horror story, CHERRY TREE LANE. A strict dichotomy is drawn between Britain's upper and lower classes, where Williams has the chance to explore the mutual exclusivity of each through the microcosm on screen. The same dark humor that we experienced in FUNNY GAMES creeps through these teens' bleak world view as well, proposing a life in which violence and crime have become accepted as a daily occurrence. Where CHERRY TREE LANE falters is in its inability to bring anything new to the table. We have seen this all before, it has simply been reprocessed to fit the current social climate that surrounds Britain's inner city youth. Williams does leave us with a brilliant closing shot, however, and one that intentionally provokes the viewer to choose between giving in to their insatiable blood lust and desire for revenge, or to maintain their last hold on civilization. CHERRY TREE LANE does show a marked improvement in style and form for the director.
Matt S.
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January 30, 2013
Cherry Tree Lane is this year's Eden Lake, with an ending just as shocking and abrupt. The film is confronting and the most raw home invasion film I've seen in years. The film starts out pretty simplistically with a slow boil pace, with an older couple that is settling down in their home for the evening to eat dinner. In a moments time they hear their door bell ring and what any person would do they answer it. Thugs burst through and demand their son who isn't there, they then duck tape them and wait helplessly bounded. The film is such a nail biter because the viewer for most of the time doesn't know what's going to happen next and when it does it's off screen, but you hear the horror and that is even more disturbing. The film boils over into one harrowing conclusion; it makes you think how far would you go to protect your family?

Just like such films as Eden Lake and Funny Games the performances are subtle yet powerful. The actors that play the troubled youths are a real standouts and you get to know a little about them and their flaws, than them just being figures of fear. All of the actors are pretty much unknown, which is a plus because you don't as high of expectations regarding their acting. Everything flowed in a tense, natural, gripping matter that made the viewing experience a mostly effective one.

Director and writer, Paul Andrew Williams has already established a pretty promising career so far in this genre, with films like London to Brighton, which I really want to see now, and his other works such as the pretty decent but not great The Cottage and the very solid and chilling, killer kids flick The Children, which he wrote the story for. I'm pretty excited about what he is going to come up with next because every new film seems to be very different and slightly better than the last. He knows how to create suspense, confronting drama and how to meticulously build suspense and terror. He then mixes it together with a dab of dark humor to effecting results. Keep an eye on him!

Overall, the film treads on a tired formula and doesn't have as much action, chaos or scares as some other more superior home invasion movies. The ending, though it kept me on the edge of my seat clutching the arms of my chair in anticipation of what's to come, left the viewer out cold of what the next move of the film will be. The conclusion bothered me because you don't really officially know the outcome. That being said Cherry Tree Lane is one of the most provocative British crime/thrillers I've seen in a while even though it's not that original.

6.9 out of 10
September 7, 2012
absolute worst horror ive seen in my life, not at all scary, extremely slow film, slower than watching paint dry. definitely leaves you tense, but only because youre wondering when the action is going to start - which it never does. i dont understand why critics have given it such a high rating, probably because the picture was good quality i dont even know.
May 27, 2012
I think this was trying to be a tense and claustrophobic home invasion thriller but what it actually became was an hour and a half of pointless and unsettling violence. The storyline is paper thin and I just don't see what the point of this film was. There was no real background, nowhere the characters could have gone, it's basically 3 thugs threatening and abusing some people while they're tied up for most of the movie.
½ February 21, 2012
Well... this was boring.
½ December 22, 2011
Seems to be one of the general home invasion movies that comes out, all with the same storyline. This one was short but had tonnes of filler, could have been only a 40 min film
November 7, 2011
Well another UK Movie with Teenage Kids loosing control. Whats wrong with that?
½ October 5, 2011
Suspense and violence don't mix.
September 23, 2011
What a violent, disturbing and dramatic horror this is! How one couple's evening can go from watching tele to being subjected to the horrors of druggie hoodies in their own home is terrifyingly tooooo realistic! It makes unsettling viewing but keeps you watching as it is filmed in real time and you need to see the shocking ending! Oooh! x
September 12, 2011
Social commentary at it's most disturbing. Superbly scripted and acted.
September 5, 2011
A pretty tense and well-acted home invasion thriller. Along the lines of 'funny games' and 'the strangers'.
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