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½ December 23, 2010
An exhilarating stop-motion animation that not only proves to be impressively well made and visually spectacular, but also boasts a delicious story full of adorable characters, hilarious dialogue and amazing action scenes, making for a lot of endless fun.
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½ June 12, 2012
Fantastic animation and artwork, brilliantly performed voiceovers, a hilarious script and heaps of Aardman detail, this film is successful on every level and withstands inordinate amounts of rewatching.
Directors Cat
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August 16, 2011
This film has a hugely undeniable charm, it is exciting and brilliant to look at. The detail of the animation is simply a spectacle and the voice acting is a real talent. I feel that this film is so much better then the Wallace and Grommit pieces of work. You will care so much about the characters and there are moments in the film that are hilarious when it's not telling a well thought out story that is.
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December 20, 2011
The stop-motion animation is impressive with well-executed action sequences to boost. Unfortunately, the story treads on too much familiar ground and tends to feel too mellow at times. The characters do a good job for the purposes they serve even though not one is particularly memorable. Despite some really good moments of humor, this film fails to be as endearing as Wallace and Gromit, another Aardman Animation effort.
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March 5, 2011
Chicken Run is a genius piece of animated film, and it will be in my childhood until the day I die, and it really is funny and has a great storyline, and is a great spoof to The Great Escape.
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January 22, 2007
From the creators of Wallace & Grommet comes Chicken Run, Dreamworks very first animated film. Although this movie draws heavily upon The Great Escape for the actual story and style (not to mention the score), it still goes out on its own and manages to come up with some interesting ideas. The comedy itself is very deadpan, with a few visual gags tossed in to change things up. It's also slightly dark in areas for a modern family film, which is a good thing. I have a few problems with it, none that I can mention without spoiling the film, but overall it's pretty entertaining. It doesn't have a lot of repeatability, but it's very enjoyable for a one-off.
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½ August 1, 2009
wallace and gromit have a lot to answer for.
michael e.
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½ December 22, 2010
its almost as good as all the wallace and gromit movies but thats the biggest flaw it isn't wallace and gromit
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½ July 21, 2010
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½ May 16, 2010
I was never a fan and never will be a fan of Wallace and Grommet so I was bound to have my issues with this. I really distasted the humor, it was either overplayed or just dumb. I felt like they were just trying to be the anti-Pixar, but much like Dreamworks other animated films it just failed to be anything. The plot was uninteresting and the characters equally so, it needed a lot of work from where it was.
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February 28, 2010
This was good.
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January 18, 2010
A perfect film! This movie stands alone as one of the best claymation movies out there!
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½ September 4, 2007
Always entertaining to watch this brilliant animated fun movie!
Entertainging funny and love the characters always entertaining to watch!
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½ September 24, 2009
It has its moments and the animation is brilliant, I just don?t think it?s Park?s best work.
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½ May 24, 2009
Very cute.
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July 13, 2007
Good original story about chickens who want to escape their pens before they are made into chicken pies!
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April 30, 2007
Classic, from the people that have brought you Wallace & Gromit short films and The Curse of the WereRabbit. I only got to see the last half of the movie, but it's an excellent kids movie, with plenty of British humor to keep the adults entertained. The pie maker part is CLASSIC!
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½ October 9, 2006
It's "The Great Escape" meets "Wallace & Gromit".
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August 9, 2006
Neat film for the humor and storyline.
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½ September 30, 2007
Is a great animated movie. Chickens in a dead-end job, looking for a way to escape!
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