Jing wu men (Fist of Fury) (The Chinese Connection) Reviews

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½ November 27, 2007
the choreography for the first hour of the film was pretty weak, but it improved considerably for the end of the film and the story was a cut above most kung fu movies. although more than 30 years earlier this film could be watched as a sequel to jet li's fearless. a true classic and one of bruce lee's best films.
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November 1, 2010
I have to say up front, just so you know, that I've never been a strong Bruce Lee fan. The reason why I went back to watch this was because I enjoyed the Jet Li remake, FIst of Legend, so much when I saw it recently. While this one is definitely good to see, so you can say you've seen it, there is no comparison, for me, with Fist of Legend. The latter is a better scripted story, a better directed movie, and Jet Li is the better actor. As far a martial arts style goes, I think they are both equally talented, but Li has definitely emerged over time as the more talented actor.
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½ February 3, 2008
Bruce Lee beats the crap out of evil japanese guys. Fun times.
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May 21, 2007
This action-packed import, in which Bruce Lee plays a martial arts expert out to avenge the death of his mentor, is outstanding, watchable fare. In the most electrifying performance of his career, Bruce Lee demonstrates complete mastery of his art in scene after scene of the most realistic and brutal unarmed combat ever filmed!
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½ April 12, 2007
Bad dubbing, great fighting.
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April 11, 2007
I was rather impressed by this film.
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½ November 30, 2008
This Bruce Lee classic is continuously entertaining, though cheesy at times due to its dated quality.
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½ October 11, 2008
Bruce Lee's best film, and the period settings is quite good. Here, you can see that he improved his cinematic presence and this film brought his stardom to a whole new level. As usual, the action sequences is above average, and the revenge plot is exciting. Bruce Lee's best acting effort.
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½ September 6, 2007
This is Bruce Lee's best in my opinion. I actually really dig the story quite some it's a interesting twist on making the hero just really a crazy mofo and hurting others because of actions he sees just. It's a little like the martial arts version of a Shakespeare tragedy.
March 14, 2014
Crossing another classic Bruce Lee film off my shame list, this one really pays off with the action, even after all these years.

Great stuff, recommended.
December 17, 2012
When a young man comes home too find his master dead, he is heartbroken, but when the Japanese arrive at the funeral just to be dicks and insult the dead man...the young man goes for revenge (which gets ramped up even higher when he discovered that his master was actually poisoned by the same folks). Bruce Lee stars in this decent Kung Fu film that is still pretty solid entertainment. Oddly, when both "The Big Boss" and "Fist of Fury" were coming to America, they decided to rename "The Big Boss" and connect it to the recently successful "The French Connection" by calling it "The Chinese Connection"...which kinda makes sense when you consider the drug related plots...but somehow things got mixed up and "The Big Boss" got renamed "Fist of Fury" and the actual "Fist of Fury" got renamed "The Chinese Connection". So neither film was titled correctly. It seems these days they are trying harder to give these films their actual titles, but it was really confusing trying to find out what was the right film. Anyhow: this film is good and Bruce Lee is always awesome, so I'd say if you like his work, you'd like this one.
½ September 21, 2010
You don't care how much the audio effects simulating punches and kicks are overused. You just care about Bruce Lee's character and his invincibility towards exacting revenge for Master Huo. Great brawls.
December 1, 2006
This film is neat, simply because it's a revenge story. Nothing significant happens, but revenge movies are almost always interesting to watch if they can engage the audience.

The film also features a delicious strip tease. : )
August 4, 2008
if you ever want to see a movie about loyalty and betrayal done right...this is the movie to watch......
June 9, 2008
bruce lee is my favorite actor and he the best one of the real kung fu ever. and so much violence ever too.
½ March 13, 2007
Chen Chen returns to the international compound of China only to learn of his beloved teacher's death. This is compounded by the continual racist harassment by the Japanese population in the area. Unlike his friends, he confronts it head on with his mastery of martial arts while investigating his teacher's murder.
August 29, 2007
Very good film!!! Bruce Lee is the ultimate Martial Arts master! He is the best there ever was and ever will be!!
½ December 5, 2007
This movie was very enjoyable, great fight scenes, especially toward the end. I saw some of the most awesome martial arts I've ever seen bruce lee do. Its like as i go back and watch his earlier films, the better they get!!!! This is a must see if you want to get a real appreciation for Bruce Lee and classic martial arts films.
½ September 16, 2007
If film making had been better I think this would have been a better movie. Bruce Lee was just too fast to be captured correctly on film. I think he would be a lot more fluid now.
July 11, 2007
In my opinion, this was Bruce Lee's finesdt film. This man was/is a god among us unworthies. Watch it.... NOW!
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