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September 4, 2006
Corny and predictable, but easy watching. Dorff plays the bad guy reasonably well, no boring parts, but could have been helped along with more suspense..
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February 18, 2011
A watchable but unspectacular thriller about a family of New Yorkers who move into a big country house with a sinister past that brings dangerous consequence for the new occupants. The film builds slowly gathering a bit of mystery and suspense then gets a little livelier towards the end. Really good cast too but with mixed performances. A good time-filler but there's nothing memorable about it. Plot-wise it's been done before and a lot better.
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November 10, 2007
Tense thriller about a family who move into their new home. They are soon targeted by the old tenant who has a dark secret and wants them out. Good cast.
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½ May 23, 2010
A truly terrible and bland movie, the only worthwhile element is the Stephen Dorf/Juliette Lewis crazy couple that reeks havoc on an unsuspecting good-natured family. Half of the movie is a poor rip-off of the original Amityville horror and the other half is a poor rip-off of Last House on the Left, two of my favorite horror movies, so this was bound to not sit well with me.
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August 18, 2009
The snakes really freaked me out. And the weird thing is that I am not afraid of snakes in real life. I jumped so much during those scenes though...
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February 4, 2009
Despite the presence of Juliette Lewis, Dennis Quaid, and Sharon Stone, Cold Creek Manor just comes off as a made-for-tv movie. A boring made-for-tv movie. It's predictable and unforgivably dull.

The plot is as cliche as it is thin. A husband and wife move from the city to a large house in some unspecified rural area, because they think it will be good for their relationship and their two children. The house they move into has an unknown, sinister history that puts the entire family in danger. Blah, blah, blah. It's marketed as sort of a mystery/thriller, but there is precious little mystery or thrills to be had here.

I'm not going to waste a lot of time with this review, because I already wasted more than enough watching the movie. There was no reason for it to be made, let alone watched.
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November 5, 2007
excellent thriller reli interesting dark and spooky
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½ March 6, 2008
Not bad just painfully dull and predictable. City couple go off to live a new life in the country "Oooooh". There they find pretty much everyone is a country hick sick of these cityslickers "WOW". Then Stephen Dorff starts acting creepy. The film gets one star for the performances which are pretty decent despite the bland characters (although Stone admitting that she was prepared to have an affair comes as a rather complex emotional moment). The half star is for the greatest comedy scene of the last 10 years, where each member of the family finds a snake in the house (at the same time) and proceeds to run around screaming "AAH SNAKES", it keeps building to an amazing gut-busting shot where Quaid opens a door and throws his arms up like a little girl.
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December 11, 2007
I was very disappointed, and not just because I had thought it was a supernatural horror film. I doo think the snakes scene was quite effective, but the rest...sigh...
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May 21, 2007
Not a bad thriller not as scary or spooky as some. Similar to Cape Fear in some ways.
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½ January 26, 2007
Creepy and Stephen Dorff makes you believe he's a little off... which I'm sure he is.
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July 16, 2006
This movie proved to be a major box-office dissapointment, but I thought it was better than that. I admit, it's a pretty "ordinary" thriller and there really isn't anything special, but it held my attention for two hours and actually entertained me. Plus, Stephen Dorff's physique is likely to entertain anyone remotely into that kind of thing. The plot is a bit done and predictable, but it still sets a great mood and has potent atmosphere through setting and character development. A solid script but a not-so-solid plot.
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½ October 1, 2011
I din't really enjoy this one as much as I thought I would...It was WAY too predictable...and the acting was..a little bad. Extremely slow-paced and way too long. It makes you feel like you were watching it for 5 days, just waiting for the ending. Skip it.
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October 28, 2007
Usually a story like this is the setting for a ghostly horror movie. In this case, it's the setting for a shitty movie. The story itself wasn't that bad, but Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone have no chemistry what so ever....and then there's Stephen Dorff. THIS is the tough guy, out of prison, who wants his house back??? This little twerp?! Who did the casting for this movie? Even the kids wouldn't be scared of Stephen Dorff! I general like the people in the cast of this film, but it's like they did this movie as a favor to someone. It really doesn't flow, the characters are unbelievable, and the story was just OK. I'd say pass on this one.
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December 27, 2011
Boring... misleading title that confuses the audience. I honestly did not feel attached to any of the characters nor understand what I just watched
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April 7, 2009
While this might be an entertaining movie, I dont think its a very good one. The movie is about this family that moves from New York to a farm. Soon there after they meet the former owner of the house. At first he seems rather friendly,but that quickly changes. He does everything in his power to get them to leave.
This movie didnt give the audience much too think about,rather brianless thriller. While there were a few scares here and there it wasnt nealy enough. There is nothing that we haven seen before. Not only that but the stroy takes sooo long to get going,like an hour!! What the hell people! There is no reason to watch this unless you want to fry your brain. The only good thing that I can say about it was for some reason I wasnt bored to tears. Maybe it had to do with Stephen Dorf's performance as the bad guy. Even that wasnt like great,just kinda good.Yeah its that bad...

Dale Massie: [about to kill Leah and Cooper] Quick question. Do you think I'm crazy? Yes or no?
Leah Tilson: [Scared] ... No.
Dale Massie: Wrong answer!
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December 17, 2007
What a waste of everyone's tal-- Oh, wait...
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½ March 27, 2010
I didn't really feel "horror" or "fright" in this movie. In fact I didn't feel much of anything because it was obvious the entire time what was happening. It wasn't like there was any chance of Dennis Quaid being crazy/insane.

This movie didn't have much plot in my eyes, and was extremly slow. I only enjoyed the performances, but besides that even some of the chracters felt tacked on, like they had no purpose.

Also, the ending absolutly annoyed me, and made no sense.

Please don't watch this movie, it kept my attention less that the fly that was on the edge of my TV screen. When the fly flew away, my eyes followed the fly, not what was happening on the TV. I beg you not to watch, unless you want to be bored and see good actors ruin their good acting reputation.
March 22, 2007
Sharon stone is not as good as she was but shes ok, the story is typical, but the characters brought out a sense of new to this old story
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