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July 5, 2009
If hate sends men to war, then it must be love that brings them home.

Good Film! It's beautifully crafted, assembled, and absolutely mesmerizing in all aspects of film making techniques and style. The music score and soundtracks are so appropriate locked into the events and the moods of the characters. And the film's title? It does project its allegorical appeal.

This Civil War saga addresses romance, friendship, and the ravages of war--both in the field and on the home front. Captures the horrors of war for both those fighting it, and for those left behind. This is a tale of hope, longing, redemption, second chances, and faith.
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½ June 5, 2008
Charles Frazier's distinctly American take on the personal ravages of the Civil War and what small hope may be salvaged from it's incalcuable wreakage, gets lost somewhat in this curiously foreign view of his simple yet elegant piece (Why are all the principals from overseas? Were there no Americans with vision or chutzpah enough to take this on?) We are left then with the shoestring romance of two lonely strangers separated by war who endeavor to overcome its apparent difficulties and return to each other's side. This is capably performed, undoubtably, yet the ghost of Frazier's intent is manifest by its absence.
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May 12, 2011
A romanticized civil war film with a fantastic cast and a heartfelt story. The length of the film might run a little long for some, but I enjoyed all of it.
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February 15, 2008
It's very long but worth watching.
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January 5, 2011
A very long movie about civil war that will make you bored. However, it is a good movie that deserves to be watched. But I don't quite like it and doubt that I will watch it again in the future. The cinematography is beautiful. They have a good job in making the accent of the area. Jude Law as always, bringing the best he can to the movie. Nicole Kidman, to me, is boring here because it looks like she got a character who is "weak". Natalie Portman, even if she's not in the most scenes, did a great job as Sara.
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½ October 3, 2010
A wonderful film! I really did not know what to expect when I watched this because I had only heard a little bit about it, some good, some bad. I was very surprised by how good it was. I loved it!

Best thing about the movie is the absolutely brilliant cast. I don't really like Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellweger, but I really enjoyed their performances. Renee Zellweger was worthy of her Oscar. Another thing that blew me away was the strong supporting cast. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Eileen really makes every scene in this film strong, entertaining, and touching, which adds lots of momentum to the film.

Why was this not nominated for 2003 Best Picture? Obviously The Return of the King was superior than any other film during that year, but Cold Mountain is definitely a better film than both Master and Commander, and Seabiscuit, which were both Best Picture nominees. This truly is a great film. I recommend it!
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September 11, 2010
Beautiful, sad story with an amazing cast and stunning scenery.
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June 9, 2006
This is a pretty long Civil War melodrama, but it's pretty damn good. I;m not really into romance movies, but Civil War dramas are okay in my book.

I really like the cast and the performances they give. That includes even the bit parts by Jack White, Ethan Suplee, and others. I also really enjoyed the camera work and the music- good stuff.

This is a tearjerker, but if you have the time, and are in the right mood, this proves to be a satisfying watch.
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November 18, 2009
There is no denying that Cold Mountain is a good movie. if you were to make a list of things that a "good movie" shoud have, it would hit every single item. It has a good story, one that is very famiilar while still unique; great acting from a talented and popular cast; and is sprawling and masterful in its cinematography and sheer scope. While I really did enjoy the movie, it never got under my skin. The story sort of demands that it be incredibly emotional, but it just seems sort of detatched. You never really feel all that strongly for Inman and Ada. Oftentimes the characters seem very stereotypical and cliched as well. Overall, it is a good film, but there are just to many flaws to really consider Cold Mountain to be great.
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½ January 10, 2010
For a movie that romanticizes the Civil War, it's quite entertaining and well acted. In the context of the script, the plot makes perfect sense and it doesn't try to make the South seem like a beautiful and happy place. Jude Law and Nicole Kidman were great and you couldn't ask for a better supporting cast. The look of it is very well done, semi-stylized to fit the time period.
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½ May 5, 2007
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½ May 6, 2007
Gripping, epic and beautifully shot war drama, set during the American Civil War. Very slow-going most of the time, but it's sufferable thanks to the radiant cast and gorgeous visuals. What impressed me the most, however, was the great number of unique and fascinating characters. Actually, coming to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen so many in one and the same movie. Not in this particular genre anyhow. It's just too bad they're given such small slices of screen time, because right when you got attached to them, they disappeared out of the plot. The movie is also really violent and bloody in some scenes, which may be good to keep in mind if you know you have a weak stomach. It's just that sort of contrast though that made the story such an arresting experience. Because while parts of it are very poetic and romantic, others are the complete opposite. It also serves as a great illustrator of the dual nature of man, and the many consequences and horrors that comes with war, both on and off the battlefield. And if not for that reason, it's certainly worth seeing just for its dazzling cinematography.
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September 14, 2007
It was an ok movie i thought it would be better i dont think it was doing justice to represent the americcan war between the south and north so not bad probably watch if theres nothing better to wtch
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½ September 30, 2008
Ada: [voiceover] "Dear Mr. Inman, I began by counting the days, then the months. I don't count on anything anymore except the hope that you will return, and the silent fear that in the years since we saw each other, this war, this awful war, will have changed us both beyond all reckoning."

Based on the novel by Charles Frazier, Anthony Minghella's star-studded Cold Mountain is a sweeping tale set in the final days of the American Civil War. Jude Law stars as Inman, a young soldier who, despite an injury, is struggling to make his way home to Cold Mountain, NC, where his beloved Ada (Nicole Kidman) awaits. In Inman's absence, Ada befriends Ruby (Renée Zellweger), who helps her keep up her late father's farm. Meanwhile, in his travels, Inman encounters a menagerie of interesting folks. Also starring Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Donald Sutherland, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Sprawling historical epic based on a book. This tale has Nicole Kidman and Jude Law as people who meet cute, kiss and then he goes off to fight in the Civil War and she sits around and longs for him for most of the rest of the movie. Sounds pretty soapy, but the film is actualy quite good.. owing to the strong acting by Kidman, Law, Renee Zellweger (as a woman who helps Kidman on the farm) and a solid group of supporting players in minor roles (including Natalie Portman, Donald Sutherland, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and many others). The production is also top notch, with good cinematography, production design and all other elements. Keeps you involved and interested. A solidly produced epic.

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½ August 3, 2008
Cold Mountain is a very good film starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger. Set during the civil war a young couple (kidman and law) are torn apart due to the war and him leaving to join it. During it she meets an off the wall loner (zellweger) whom helps her create a life by herlself....what love will do to someone...a movie worth seeing
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½ May 14, 2007
A decent civil war story with good performances from all three top-billed actors - Renée Zellweger's character, for example, was very well portrayed, a sentiment the Academy shared - this film is long and slow moving, and perhaps too explicit at times. "Show me, don't tell me" was the mantra for aspiring actors in even my 10th Grade drama class, but it doesn't seemed to have carried over to Anthony Minghella's direction in this film, as the plot and emotional development were too often accomplished by a sweeping statement from the lips of a character, and not by the action itself. As concerns what the film did show, while striving for a depiction of the harsh and brutal reality of the situation and the horrors of the civil war, the violence and the blood were too glossy to achieve such an effect. It was still a good movie, but I think it was too directed at the Michael Bay crowd: a shame, because this could have been a truly great movie if a little shorter and tighter.
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July 17, 2007
I thought this movie was pretty good. It might just be because of my obsession with the Civil War Era, but it was almost a twist of Action and Romance all in one. Good couples movie, if not anything else. Too me though, it was great!
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July 14, 2007
Movie about people who have to survive. Great cast. Renee is brilliant.
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July 1, 2007
Fantastic historical and love story about after the American Civil War where a laconic Confederate soldier treks home to his beloved lover. I see everything has changed and become helpful between Jude Law and Nicole Kidman after the civil war - very interested. Law, Kidman and Renee Zellweger make their great performance in this epic movie.
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½ May 27, 2007
despite the very bizarre ensemble cast, the three main characters act very very well. particularly (and this goes without saying) zellweger in her finest role to date.
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