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October 10, 2010
Interesting movie that takes you back to 1950's Nashville and the real life drama of a lesser known backup guitarist that is famous for his style and arrangements from artists like Elvis, Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline. Unknown Waylon Payne does a pretty good job with this movie but the storyline is similar to any we have seen before. First off, Payne looks nothing like Garland and when you see the real life photos at the end of the movie, it surprised me they didn't even try to get the similarities. Ali Larter plays a similar role to most of her movies, the sultry wanted girl that ends up cheating on the husband. As good as some of the acting and music in this, the story is chopped up into so many different parts, it feels like a TV miniseries. However, the story becomes tragic and sad and this is what really draws you in to the world of blues country music in a rock n roll age. In the end, not a bad movie but I can see why it was unknown.
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