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½ December 30, 2007
Great movie. Interesting story plot. Great cast- John Leguizamo, Leonor Watling, Alfred Molina, Javier Cámara, and Damián Alcázar. Worthy!
May 4, 2007
Una representacion muy apegada de como logro escapar un asesino en serie, enganiando a los reporteros que sospechaban de su culpabilidad, pero querian la gran noticia.
½ March 21, 2007
Dug it. I'm a fan of foreign films, and this one wasn't a was well worth the time. An interesting take on journalism in another country.
December 28, 2006
Hard to watch at times. Gripping. The ending is shocking beyond belief. One of John Leguizamo's best movies ever.
November 12, 2006
John is good in this
A very good story and shot very well
It keeps you interested the whole way through and you feel for all the characters
Check out the alternate ending i thought that was a very good way to end the movie
June 8, 2006
This one is okay but predictable. I don't get the relationship between the reporters. Just wanted a quicky??
June 4, 2013
An engrossing, entertaining, and troubling exploration of human nature. Very well done.
November 29, 2010
Review #469 True Story, Drama, Espanol

A film that is about as unsettling as they come, but doesn't give the viewer much subtlety . It is engaging and gets the performances that it needed, and that it the main reason, I ended up not hating it.

"This was Leguizamo's film to own, and he owned it well."

Trust Me: It's still worth at least one watch.
August 16, 2009
This is the story of a colombian serial killer of kids. I guessed is so shocking because we know it is based on a real story. This guy raped and killed over 175 kids and the other serial killer more hideous than this one was another colombian named Pedro Alonso Lopez who was presumed to kill more than 300 kids. Even though the movie is not very high quality in terms of the script and the cinematography, I could not stop watching it just because I was aware of the similarities with the colombian killer. It is always amazing for me to have to admit that this kind of people really exists. It is a call to reality that I cant avoid. The movie not also shows the disgusting aspects of the killer mind but also of some journalists who just cared about the story and the fame.
January 21, 2008
The movie has a nice feel to it. The cast is terrific and it is very believably filmed. It is very well written, good pace and setting.
½ March 19, 2006
[size=6]Esta Pelicula Estuvo Llena De Intrigua, Muy Buena En El Genero Suspenso, Con Un Final Inesperado.[/size]
[size=6]El Rey Says: Rent It.[/size]
½ March 13, 2006
[font=Times New Roman][color=yellow][b]I am not a journalist, but this seems to be the realest chronicles of a journalist trying to get the story of a lifetime. There is a baby murdered in the streets and the cameramen search to capture the emotions of the parents for better ratings. They go and find the best story out there, regardless of the dangers or the emotions interrupted. John Leguizamo carries the drama very well as a news personality who is in pursuit of the killer known as the ?Monster of Babahoyo.? This is a foreign film from Ecuador and it is the first time Leguizamo has done a film in his own language. It is a great film that may become the go-to for a film about the truth of journalism.[/b][/color][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][color=yellow][b]***1/2[/b][/color][/font]
October 19, 2005
:rotten: :o[font=Arial][size=1] I cant think of anyway that this film could have been worse.[/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1]This has to be in my all-time worst movies, clearly from the beginning you can tell this is on the way down when the acting sounds bad. You got this guy that is suppose to be from Ecuador in the movie but is talking mexican and then there is a John Leguizamo that looks like he cant believe what he's doing not to mention where he's at. Looks like he was rooting for the filming to stop. The script is based on true events but the characters are non-believable. [/size][/font]
½ August 11, 2005
issue of journalists who are not really interested in the truth, but only in their ratings and reputations. And when faced with the question between their own careers and the lives of the others, choose.... A very nice critique of the problems of our media these days.
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