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June 29, 2008
I saw half of it about 20 years ago...


I waited to long to see a movie that, basically, sucks!

I, literally, saw a little more than half of this on cable about 20 years ago and completely missed most of the 2nd half. I knew that the movie sucked, or that it was going to suck but, I was determined to see it. All of the characters, in varying amounts, suffer from terminal stupidity. The story, while ridiculous & stupid, stands up as perhaps the best part of the movie, save perhaps Jill Schoelen & Sandra Sexton, who are freaking knockouts! This movie also suffers from something called "gore-porn" which is basically pointless gore that adds nothing to the story or ANYTHING meaningful to the movie whatsoever...

The violence in this movie, while there was some, is by no means over the top & is not something that I had a problem with. The gore, the vast majority of which takes place in the final scene of the film, has some violence to it but, it is by no means worthy of anything, except for perhaps a "Razzi"...

This movie is by no means the worst film ever made but, if I had a "Top 100 Worst Films Ever Made" list it would arguably be on that list!
May 12, 2014
The lovecraftian vibe is gone in this name-only sequel. Instead we get a fun schlocky story about a man who gets bitten by a radioactive snake (Damn Gub'mint and their atom bombs!) and gradually devolves, spreading carnage in his wake. With some modest acting but some familiar faces in supporting roles Curse 2 is well worth watching for a gross, gory laugh.
½ March 4, 2013
The Curse 2 is one of those titles created to cash-in on a profitable name. Originally this movie was actually called The Bite but I guess it played so miserably with test audiences that they scurried to find a potential franchise to tack it onto. Suffice to say that The Curse 2 has NO relation to The Curse and it's a stupid, dumbass movie. Driving through a radioactive stretch of Arizona, a couple encounter mutant snakes. The guy is bitten on the hand and before long his arm turns into a snake... yep, you read correctly. If this was made with a facetious tone or a deliberate lampoon then it might have transpired into a quirky little creature feature but the folk who made this seriously thought they were onto something great. THAT alone makes it laughable. It's a stupid fucking movie that can only be enjoyed if viewed with an audience who's willing to participate... a so bad its good thing. Here's the kicker... believe it or not there's a CURSE 3 starring Christopher Lee. It boggles the mind how another unrelated story's makers thought that The Curse was a worthy name to latch onto considering how abysmal this second instalment was.
July 30, 2012
This had some promise at the start, but soon fell off a cliff. Weird seeing Jamie Farr in a horror film, that's for sure.
November 22, 2010
Scared the shit out of me when I was little!!!
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