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½ March 14, 2009
As has been noted, the Director's Cut and the shorter version are completely different films. Watch the Director's Cut as I found it fantastic. Apparently the shorter cut is more biased towards one of the love interests, which to me, would have made this a very flat and plain love story. It starts off like many Korean romances. Sweet music, a voice-over and an awkward but endearing couple gingerly getting to know each other. Then all of a sudden there is a bad ass shoot out. People get killed,tragedy ensues, it's a manly headbutt to the genre. After all this is from the director of the incredible Infernal Affairs. Andrew Lau is a man who can deliver on action and excitement as well as flesh out his characters. There are a few plot contrivances here and there, but luckily the beauty of the film and Lau's directorial talents shine through. Being a director of mostly films from Hong Kong means that Lau stays away from the overt sentimentality that ruins many Korean romances. A real complicated love affair with balls to match the hugs. Hugballs if you will.
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½ July 12, 2009
Daisy, set in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in where some places in the film looked so familiar to me. This was a story of a love triangle between 1 girl and the 2 men. One a professional hit man, and the other an Interpol agent.
What rocks was the editing.Some scenes came to the points of view of all leads, keeping you in suspense, and end up in a three way split screen showing all their emotions in a single event, which I found was extremely well-done.

It was a beautiful film in terms of landscapes and busy city squares in Amsterdam, with plenty of classical music to sooth the soul.
Despite some flaws, DAISY made it tempting for viewing, and the story gripped almost for a dark fascination not to see which of the men Hye Young will end up with, but to see which one will die in her arms. This easy going drama works well enough for the genre, and the film functions perfectly well as an enjoyably romance.
½ May 19, 2015
Fun and romantic beginnings with interesting sudden changes of perspective but with a less romantic than possible ending.
March 5, 2014
My arteries are hardening quicker than the pace of this plot!
½ April 5, 2013
Beautifully done...Jeong Woo-seong delivers yet another wonderful performance..
May 9, 2012
wow Korean movies are really good!!
July 29, 2011
good story+ JJH = perfect
sayang storyline nya kedodoran di 20 menit trakhir
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