Harlequin (Dark Forces) (The Minister's Magician) Reviews

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September 6, 2010
An enchanting fantastical mystery movie, I didn't even mind that I was still confused in the end, the movie was cool anyway. Check it out.
August 22, 2010
An interesting fantasy and mystery movie, but I'm still not quite sure exactly what the dark force behind everything was supposed to be. Even so, I found the movie captivating.
November 18, 2013
Classic Australian shlock-fest.
January 31, 2013
The sickly son of a state senator is miraculously healed by a traveling magician, Gregory, who helps to cure the boy of his illness and his mother of her loneliness as he eases his way into the family's good graces. Meanwhile, the senator is caught up in a sinister ploy for power, which Gregory looks to stop. This modern reworking of the Rasputin tale is filled with added mystery and intrigue as director Simon Wincer bends the limits of reality in DARK FORCES. At its heart, DARK FORCES is a political allegory dealing with absolute power and corruption, but the intertwining themes of family drama and pure fantasy make it easily accessible for fans of varying genres. Wincer has assembled an excellent cast, with a paranoid David Hemmings as Senator Rast, Carmen Duncan playing his disillusioned wife, and the talented Mark Spain as their young son. Most impressive of all is Robert Powell in the lead, whose charming and devious performance as Gregory Wolfe never quite reveals his character's true intentions. Drawing additional influence from the Australian shocker PATRICK and THE OMEN, DARK FORCES includes several flashy special effects and gory murders as well. As yet undiscovered by many Horror fans, DARK FORCES stands as one of Australia's strongest entries in the genre.
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