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½ September 7, 2009
Another movie I saw when I was younger so I didn't really get to appreciate it. I'd like to see this one again too
December 26, 2007
Fairly typical anime, but beautifully drawn, Darkside Blues is just moody enough to convince the self-serious adolescents who are drawn to anime like water that it's a masterpiece. They're wrong, but who can convince them otherwise?
April 18, 2007
The story's a bit hard to follow, requires a few viewings to grasp what the heck is going on and what the dream treatment is. Buy the Graphic Novel, it helps to understand Darkside better.
March 7, 2007
Perhaps one of my favorite, if overly short, animes - the english voiceover, in particular, the old woman, is very well done. The characters are each interesting, and later on, many other anime copied them. An overall dark theme with some deep concepts :-) Enjoyable.
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