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September 13, 2010
I believe this is the longest of the Marx Brother's movies. It really didn't need to be so long, there were a couple of boring scenes. Other than that, the Brothers do all their usual jokes and run around being silly as usual, which is always fun, so I liked this movie anyway.
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June 13, 2010
Much funnier than the last couple of films I've seen.
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½ June 3, 2007
Another Marx Bros. classic. As long as you can stomach the superfluous romantic and musical interludes, you just cannot go wrong with them. Hilarious.
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February 8, 2007
This second Marx Brothers picture for MGM has many of the same elements. Sam Wood directs again. Allan Jones and Margaret Dumont are still on hand. Ruman returns in a briefer supporting part. Wunderkind Thalberg dies part way through production at age 37 though. Maureen O'Sullivan is the new romantic leading lady. Ceeley, Dumbrille, and Middlemass are the villains this time representing business managers of a sanitarium who want to turn the building into a casino.

Groucho is Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush, a vet who has convinced Dumont's Mrs. Upjohn that he is an expert psychiatrist and medical doctor. He is brought in to try to save O'Sullivan's sanitarium, which her father ran before her. Chico works for O'Sullivan and Harpo is a jockey at the nearby horse track. Jones is romantically involved with O'Sullivan of course, but annoys her when he invests in a race horse expecting to win enough to pay her debts and his.

Again some of their best comic "set pieces" are contained here: Tootsie-Fruitsie Ice Cream, Groucho calling Whitmore as the Florida medical board, Harpo's charades for Hackenbush is gonna be framed, Chico and Harpo interrupting Hackenbush's dinner with Flo, the medical examination of Mrs. Upjohn, and the chaos the boys cause at the race track. Harpo's non-verbal pantomime is even more expressive and hilarious in this picture. The music is still great entertainment though more on a popular track this time since the opera of the previous film. Jones has a solo in front of a wall of water, a Busby Berkeley type ballet number is revealed behind the wall of water, and a solo ballerina does an unbelievable number of rapid pirouettes. Chico does another piano piece and Harpo does too until he demolishes the instrument. It is a treat to see him use the strings and frame from the inside of the piano as his harp to avoid being hauled away by the authorities. Later there is a huge gospel/jazz/swing musical number. An entire black community living around a barn where the brothers are hiding out follow Harpo who is playing a whistle. The scene is a little odd and at times disturbing for its racial stereotyping, but the singing and dancing by everyone but the Marx Brothers is well done. At least there is some variety from the ballads popular to white culture in the mid-30's here.
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July 16, 2007
"Emily, I've got a confession to make. I really am a horse doctor, but if you marry me, I'll never look at another horse."
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½ April 15, 2007
Have you got a woman in here?
If I haven't, I've wasted 30 minutes of valuable time.
March 27, 2015
Thanks to Groucho's spitfire wit, Chico's incessant scheming, and Harpo's innocent antics, "A Day At The Races" churns out constant smirks and chuckles from the other end of the silver screen.
April 29, 2007
This was the last Marx Brothers movie that made money. It's also the last Marx Brothers movie made during the Great Depression. It also has several scenes without one of the Marx Brothers. The back story is about trying to save a sanitarium from being bought out by a gambler wanting to turn it into a casino. There are a couple of long musical numbers. One has all black musicians and dancers. From today's perspective it's slightly racist. Especially at the end when the Marx Brothers smear grease on their faces to hide from the sheriff among the black dancers. The plan is to have Groucho convince a rich lady to bailout the sanitarium. The other plan is to have a horse win a race and use the prize money to pay the debts. There are no memorable one-liners. The Marx Brothers are funny but none of the lines were classics.
February 16, 2014
The Marx Brothers take their antics to a sanitarium and a race track, the results are mostly funny. It isn't their best film, but I'll be damned if they don't crack me up in this one. Essentially Groucho plays a vet who is mistakenly hired by a sanitarium for humans, while Chico plays a guy who hangs around the sanitarium and the race track, and also at the track is Harpo, who is playing a jockey. It is a film whose plot is fairly loose in order to give the Marx Brothers a chance to unleash their antics.
½ October 18, 2009
Hysterically funny and certainly one of the Marx Brothers best. The writing is great and the musical numbers are terrific too. Great supporting cast, Margaret Dumont is a delight as always. Excellent!
April 20, 2009
Another movie with the Marx Brothers at their best. Whether it's the great miming scene between Harpo and Chico or the final race scene, this movie had plenty of lines and momments to make me laugh out loud while watching it.
A strong supporting cast including Dumont, Ruman, and the couple Jones and O'Sullivan (who manage to be the least annoying out of all the romance stories used in the Marx Brothers movies) help give the Marx Brothers plenty of things to play off of and make for a great, classic comedy. Defintly for any fan of the Marx Brothers, old movies, or grea comedies in general.

"You've got it all wrong. This is my aunt. She's come to talk over some old family matters."
"I wish I had an aunt look like that."
"Well, take it up with your uncle."
½ December 25, 2006
Another one of those Marx Brothers movie that is filled with roaring laughter and clever remarx rolling out of the mouth of Groucho Marx. With the help of his two brothers, Harpo and Chicko, these three brothers need a lift on a Horse to save the day!
August 5, 2008
the best marx bros, musically. two harpo numbers, one magnificent chico number, some crazy black minstrel shit.
January 26, 2008
In my top 4 of my favorite Marx Bros movies. A little long on the pace and the final song routine can seem a bit...dated, but still bringing the funny guaranteed.
½ October 31, 2007
Title is a follow up to the Marx Bros. Anight at the Opera.
Groucho plays a horse doctor at a human "spa". The action is great, the song and dance numbers are classic and the Marx Bros. are their usual hilarious selves. The quick witted Groucho and the even more witty Chico make for one of the funniest comedic routines (Tutsi Fruitsi Ice Cream/Racing Code Books for betting) rivaled by Who's on First and not many more.
½ July 29, 2007
They started to falter a bit with this one, but it's still great. Groucho is a horse doctor who has to pose as a people doctor. Chico is a bookie who doesn't sell tootsie-fruitsie ice cream. And Harpo is...well, Harpo.
July 2, 2007
not there best, but you gotta love the racist musical number with all of the poor black people. yes, movies could get away with that back then
½ October 6, 2006
Though I'll admit it is not on par with the great A Night at the Opera, it is close enough to be considered one of the better comedies of alltime. The same comedic formula that worked so well in the previously mentioned film is applied in A Day at the Races. They even had the same director. Sometimes I wish the Marx Brothers would get more credit than they have received, especially in comparison to the ridiculously stupid 3 Stooges. In any event, Grouch Marx will always be one of my heroes.
½ August 15, 2015
The last film of their prime, and The Marx Brothers made it count.
½ November 6, 2010
Another Marx Brothers classic. As always, the highlights are Groucho's one-liners, but Harpo's clowning is a treat too.

It's not all good though. The plot drifts, and gets more absurd, in the second half. Also contains a fair amount of padding - the musical numbers were unnecessary (except for Chico's piano solo, which was brilliant, and Harpo's subsequent playing of the piano until it is a harp!). Plus, some of the skits went on beyond their punchline.
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