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½ August 6, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]"Day Night Day Night" proves the old adage that if you have seen one suicide bomber walk through Times Square, then you have pretty much seen them all by so overloading on detail, that what is meant to be frightening instead just leads to a feeling of impatience from the viewer. Actually writer/director Julia Loktev is less concerned with terrorism then with how women are treated by men, in this case, a young woman(Luisa Williams) being coerced by men to do the unthinkable. However, this same woman has the gumption to get on a bus to travel cross country which would take a good deal of free will on its own. The one thing the movie gets perfectly right is the sensory overload to a new visitor to Times Square, giving some idea that the woman is from a less populated area and by her dress, very conservative. But her lack of hopelessness, desperation or anger do not give any indication that she would resort to such senseless violence. Her hyper-politeness clashes with the profile of a suicide bomber(The fellow members of her cell also act very considerately towards her...) in that she seems so afraid of hurting someone's feelings that she would never be rude on purpose, much less wish to blow them to kingdom come. [/font]
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May 29, 2007
Sporadically effective but ultimately unsatisfying portrait of a suicide bomber.
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April 30, 2010
very dry and realistic, down to every last detail, but ultimately goes nowhere
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February 2, 2008
Intriguing story plot. An interesting performance by Luisa Williams. Worth seeing!
August 9, 2012
Got caught up in this fictional docu drama. It does a great job of protraying life and building up a tense sense of dread but the payoff is lacking. There are too many questions about why and what happens to make it a "good" movie but I think the movie did what it intended to do, which was put the viewer in the shoes of a suicide bomber. The why part, will not be answered to any satisfaction. Not worth seeing.
October 19, 2010

This is one of my favorite films. It was so incredily engrossing, anxiety-provoking (which I love). The at-first seemingly tedious minuteness of detail eventually becomes captivating and crucial to the film's success.
November 1, 2009
Day Night Day Night's casting decision of a racially ambiguous woman allows the film to steer clear of the banal territory of political controversy and drive straight into the realm of the human psyche.
½ September 28, 2009
I just watched this movie and it was TERRIBLE! The description made it sound so interesting and it has won a lot of awards but I found it utterly boring. 84 minutes of my life wasted. I do not recommend this movie!
May 10, 2008
Hey guys, this movie does not conform. Just letting you know. I'm sure everyone who made it would want you to know. They're just too modest to say so. It's cinéma vérité without the cinema! I did like it when it wasn't over-dramatic though - about 15% of the time.
June 27, 2008
At first I thought this would be the bomb in the cafe scene from "The Battle Of Algiers" stretched out into whole movie. Even though it had some of the slowest pacing Ive ever seen, I managed to watch it all the way through. It's a very subdued emoti...(read more)onal portrait of a suicide bomber. Kinda like the passion of "Joan of Arc" but with less context. Minimilist and realist less is more, at least for me alot of times get's old quick, but here it generates a good deal of suspense and tension. Not for everyone, due to the pacing. But patient viewers, more interested in human pathos than political exposition, might appreciate it. Also I really want a candy apple now.
½ February 29, 2008
If you like movies that dive into pointless minutiae and linger there for 90 minutes, here's your film of the year. The director said she made this film because she became interested in terrorists who don't consummate the act. That's great. So wha...(read more)t happens to them? This film doesn't tell you. The movie is devoid of context and extremely limited in dialogue. Like the deaf bomb-maker, it doesn't say anything. This may be related to the fact that the film had the worst sound recorder and mixer in the history of cinema. All dialogue is toned down and sometimes difficult to hear. Meanwhile, obnoxious noise is elevated: the sound of She lathering herself, shaving, eating (constantly), her annoying ringtone, etc. Like a suicide bomber, this film is unrepentantly bad.
September 18, 2007
Potential is a terrible thing to waste. This film is a perfect example. The film follows a young woman as she prepares to become a suicide bomber in the center of Times Square. The film does an admirable job of making this girl very neutral--we have no idea what her background, ethinicity, or true motives are. Unfortunately this ends up serving to make the audience try to guess the who, what, and why. However, if that were the only problem with this film it would still be a pretty good film. However, this film tries for a cinema verite feel. This means that the film has many shots that go on for far too long, with nothing of note occuring. It also means that there are several scenes where the video is completely washed out. The acting is not too bad, except that our protagonist the nameless suicide bomber speaks in a subdued, quiet little girl voice. Perhaps this is to disguise any accent she might have, but it gets old pretty fast. The worst part of the film, however, is that it does not follow through with its own premise. Not only does this film go out without a whimper instead of a bang, it does not even resolve itself. It seems as if the filmmakers did not know what sort of film they were trying to make. Most of the film plays like a serious, dramatic exploration of its subject matter. Yet several scenes seem to be played as a sort of satire--witness the darkly comic scene of the suicide bomber and her cohorts preparing to film her pre-bombing "statement" video. This film had so much potential to be gripping and powerful. Instead, it's just a disappointment and not nearly compelling enough.
September 1, 2007
Very thought provoking film looking at the activities around a suspected suicide bomber. The target location is Times Square in NYC. Good gonzo filming in actual streets with actual people. Great acting by the protagonist. Many spots in the movie with no dialog and good cinematography allowing the viewer to debate what is happening and what is being thought about. Tough movie to create an effective ending for but I believe they pulled it off very well.
½ October 25, 2012
A chiller of the finest degree, with a startlingly haunting performance from its criminally under discussed Luisa Williams. Loktev's vision is a minimalist approach to the narrative of a suicide bomber, so devote in her faith or perhaps so mental sick that she is willing to destroy herself and others. An incredibly taunt and naturalistic film that will leave you on the edge of your sit through most of the run time.
September 22, 2013
Ciudat si terorizant
½ April 1, 2013
This girl in the film is really what I would expect a suicide bomber to be--a mentally disturbed and very malleable girl child who is scared being manipulated by a group of older men too cowardly to do their dirty work themselves, because they are too important to their cause in their own estimation, always such a good excuse. That she is disturbed is shown in their way she compulsively cleans herself, which also shows that she doesn't really believe she will really be gone, as kids her age don't, and that she is doing this in the first place. That she is scared shows in her extreme meekness and politeness, her blinking eyes, her fetal postures, peeing herself. The men's cowardice shows in the way they let her do this, their wearing the masks around her, and putting the blind folds on her. All the other terrorists are older than she is. The only thing that surprised me was that all the speaking voice accents, including hers, are distinctly American. It is a very effective film, and nothing of this type had been attempted before of which I had ever heard. The very lack of any emotion in all of the film but the last twenty minutes makes it very chilling, and that is a plus--one would not want to glorify such intent. Only a selfishly childlike person could mix with the people on the street who only try to help her and whom she asks for help and not consider that other peoples' lives are precious to them, even if she doesn't consider her own to be of any worth. Her childishness is also shown by her pizza, pretzel, candy apple last supper, her watching the barking dog toy, and calling her parents when the going gets rough. All of these factors make this film very moving emotionally for the thoughtful adult audience member. It is not an enjoyable film, but it is not meant to be.
½ January 22, 2013
What do you believe in? This film will have you asking that as well as other questions. What is faith, and what happens when what you believed to be true is not? A minimalist approach, great actors, and an engaging presentation.
December 28, 2012
Understandably a well shot/wrote film but just fell short in keeping with a middle ground i thought. With the freedom to come up with a "real life" story, I felt they should have given the lead character that freedom to be more involved with the screentime instead of just reusing blank stares and quiet moments.
October 15, 2012
This movis is absolutely terrible, unless you are interested in destailed sound recordings of a woman doing everyday tasks, such as shaving her pits and eating... This was like nails on a chalkboard for 94minutes...(I assume, never made it to the end)
August 17, 2012
Day Night Day Night is a chilling drama that leaves you tense throughout it, even if it doesn't have much depth.
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