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Daybreakers (2010)


Average Rating: 6.1/10
Reviews Counted: 142
Fresh: 95
Rotten: 47

Critics Consensus: Though it arrives during an unfortunate glut of vampire movies, Daybreakers offers enough dark sci-fi thrills -- and enough of a unique twist on the genre -- to satisfy filmgoers.

Average Rating: 5.6/10
Reviews Counted: 31
Fresh: 15
Rotten: 16

Critics Consensus: Though it arrives during an unfortunate glut of vampire movies, Daybreakers offers enough dark sci-fi thrills -- and enough of a unique twist on the genre -- to satisfy filmgoers.


Average Rating: 3.2/5
User Ratings: 208,361


Movie Info

Fresh off the success of their inventive take on the zombie genre, Undead masterminds Michael and Peter Spierig direct Ethan Hawke in an ambitious tale of a futuristic Earth populated entirely by vampires, and the efforts made by the creatures to ensure that their food supply doesn't run out as humankind is faced with extinction. The year is 2017, and a vampire plague has turned most of the planet's human population into bloodsucking ghouls. As the population of mortals fast begins to dwindle, a … More

R (for strong bloody violence, language and brief nudity)
Drama , Action & Adventure , Horror , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
Written By:
Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig
In Theaters:
May 11, 2010
Box Office:
Lionsgate - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Daybreakers

All Critics (142) | Top Critics (31) | Fresh (95) | Rotten (47) | DVD (7)

Daybreakers is the pinnacle of fun, modern sci-fi horror actioners.

Full Review… | May 6, 2011
Top Critic

Hawke gives his all here -- or maybe just half his all -- and it isn't quite enough: He's trying to be soulful, but he really just looks a little tired. The real delight is Willem Dafoe.

Full Review… | January 8, 2010
Top Critic

For the lowbrow, the thrill is a level of fleshy explosiveness reminiscent of David Cronenberg's Scanners. No one dies quietly; he must either detonate like Hiroshima or burst into juicy red chunks of viscera.

Full Review… | January 8, 2010
New York Post
Top Critic

Daybreakers is more fun than foreboding; it's fright-lite, yet that's par for the bloody course in these busy apocalyptic days.

Full Review… | January 8, 2010
Globe and Mail
Top Critic

The narrative may flag, but the doomsday atmosphere and George Liddle‚(TM)s production design remain vivid until the final, blood-splattered reel.

Full Review… | January 8, 2010
New York Times
Top Critic

Writer-directors Michael and Peter Spierig equip this unpretentious, low-budget, high-functioning shocker with some sharp satirical teeth, and Dafoe has a ball behind his Manson goatee.

Full Review… | January 8, 2010
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

A slick, violent, and intensely gloomy horror/action/sci-fi hybrid that stands out in a crowded field of end-of-mankind movie scenarios.

Full Review… | September 24, 2014
Film Comment Magazine

Around here Daybreakers' clever streak runs out and the previously witty, refreshing film becomes a predictable action romp that's big on over-the-top gore but lacking in everything else.

Full Review… | February 15, 2013

That Daybreakers biggest problem is that there isn't enough of it should tell you enough: watching it provides short-term entertainment, but like those voracious bloodsuckers, it'll just leave you wanting more.

Full Review… | September 28, 2012

It's pretty clear that directors The Spierig Brothers are ready to make their mark as a couple of high-end horror genre auteurs.

Full Review… | April 4, 2011

While America continues to produce interminable undead dross ... Australia can now proudly announce itself as being home to two of the best genre auteurs working today.

Full Review… | October 21, 2010

The power of the Spierig Brothers is mighty and it'll be impossible to sit down without becoming absorbed in their futuristic world of vampire clichťs and novelties.

Full Review… | August 13, 2010

The is no denying that the production values of Daybreakers are superb; the sophomore directing duo fill every inch of their frame with some startling effects work and detailed production design.

Full Review… | August 9, 2010

A hybrid of future dystopian sci-fi and classic vampire conventions, Daybreakers is a horror movie which boasts as many ideas as it does bloodshed.

Full Review… | July 17, 2010
Matt's Movie Reviews

Pointed social commentary using the vampire as a metaphor for an increasingly predatory bourgeois society.

Full Review… | June 15, 2010

"Smartly constructed and lively all around, the gloom and doom submitted by filmmaking duo The Spierig Brothers is wildly entertaining and appropriately gushy with gore. Against all odds, Daybreakers is a blast."

Full Review… | June 2, 2010

Squandered potential at its most obvious.

Full Review… | May 22, 2010
Cinema Sight

Once the world is set up, the follow-through comes up short.

Full Review… | May 17, 2010

Somewhat enlivened by perfunctory professional performances by Ethan Hawke (as a guilt-ridden vampire looking for a cure for blood dependency) and Willem Dafoe (as Elvis, a crossbow-toting member of the human remnant).

Full Review… | May 15, 2010
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

... film of glistening surfaces...all lit in the subdued hues that "heaven to gaudy day denies."

Full Review… | May 11, 2010

Humans and parched vampires engage in endless skirmishes of hide and seek, while corporate meanies go about concocting efficient farming and drainage systems of homo sapiens in profiteering captivity.

Full Review… | May 2, 2010

Malo je %u017Eanrovskih ostvarenja koja su kao Daybreakers %u0161a%u0161avo zabavna, a istovremeno znaju stimulirati i neka ozbiljna razmi%u0161ljanja

Full Review… | April 24, 2010

There is a lot of non-sparkly going on, if you know what I mean.

Full Review… | April 17, 2010

Daybreakers could have been a pulpy delight instead of just another, albeit entertaining, action movie.

Full Review… | April 15, 2010

Despite this fascinating premise and the careful construction of ingeniously retrofitted world, Daybreakers fails to dazzle.

Full Review… | April 14, 2010
Concrete Playground

Audience Reviews for Daybreakers


I liked it just for the fact it was a completely different approach on the genre than i was use to. Coming from fairly new directors Ill give them leeway on any plot holes and or mistakes made. overall i enjoyed it.

John Manard

Super Reviewer

In spite of its intriguing idea and a good cinematography, this is a safe movie that never goes deep enough into the possibilities of its premise, relying on many coincidences and contrivances, and with an attempt at a "message" in the end that disappoints.

Carlos Magalh„es

Super Reviewer

Again I must go against many bad reviews here as I quite liked this vampire tale. Some of the ideas in this film are really good, I loved how the human race has adapted to being vampires by building huge tunnel walkways under the cities (like subways) for getting about during the daylight and how cars are kitted out with daylight protection and UV alerts.

It's really quite cool and I would love my car to be like that hehe I also like the look of the vamps in this universe, simple pale faces with yellowish clear eyes that reflect light wonderfully, simple but effective and not everyone is a good looking gaunt vamp either which is more believeable. Other little bits like the death of a vampire when exposed to sunlight or struck through the heart was nice too, good explosions and ember usage although not a very original way of doing it. Much like the plot and the now overused 'world has been infected by virus leaving only a handful of resistance' story.

Things I didn't like about this film was firstly the way in which Hawke changes back to a human, I don't get how that worked, he just flashes himself to the sun for a few seconds??...huh?. Second was the casting of Dafoe and his character. Willem just didn't seem into it properly if you ask me, he wasn't given much to do and his acting was beyond normal cheese levels where as the rest weren't too bad, I stress weren't too bad, Neill being the best of course.

Lastly was the mutation of vampires into bat-like Nosferatu looking vampire creatures if they didn't get blood to feed on. I just felt that was stupid and not needed, why would they change into big bats??. Just about on par with the first 'Underworld', just.

Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

Vampirism has spread throughout humanity to the point where they vastly outnumber the normal humans who have been turned into livestock to replenish the rapidly diminishing stocks of blood. Daybreakers was a really nice surprise. In the seemingly endless parade of pointless vampire films it has a really fresh feel to it as it puts a different spin on the idea rather than rehashing the same old schtick. Ethan Hawke has made a career out of playing off beat, vulnerable anti-heroes and Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe bring their usual dominating presences to the screen which combined with some really nice production design and a smart script makes for a refreshingly different fang flick. My only reservation was with the open ended conclusion which made me think that the Spierig brothers were more interested in angling for a sequel than presenting the audience with a satisfying conclusion to the story, but as a whole it's easily one of the best vampire films I've seen of late.

xGary Xx

Super Reviewer

Daybreakers Quotes

Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac:
We're the folks with the crossbows.
– Submitted by joseph j (7 months ago)
Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac:
Day time driving man nothing beats it no traffic no cops trouble is if you ain't carefully you can get yourself one hell of a sunburn.
– Submitted by joseph j (7 months ago)
Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac:
Being human in a world full of vampires is about as safe as barebacking a five dollar whore.
– Submitted by Chris E (13 months ago)
Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac:
We're the guys with the crossbows.
– Submitted by Alex F (18 months ago)
Charles Bromley:
No, don't do that. That will poison you.
– Submitted by Baurushan J (20 months ago)
Alison Bromley:
Is this what you wanted?
– Submitted by Baurushan J (20 months ago)

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