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January 11, 2009
"What is war if not mud, pestilence and horror?"
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January 29, 2012
We went in not knowing what the heck to expect, and ended up being impressed. The movie could have seriously kicked ass if they had done things a little differently, but it had a good cast with solid performances, (including Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell, and "Colin-God-of-Sex" from Love, Actually) and Chris was particularly impressed with the attention to WWI detail. The story was decent, but should have been hyped as a psychological thriller a la Jacob's Ladder, rather than straight up horror.
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November 19, 2011
Not sure why this has such a low rating here. This movie was really well done. Great actors. Very eerie setting. Very "Twilight Zone-ish". Apparently, these men were stuck in limbo between heaven, and hell. Wasn't too hard to figure out, in my opinion. Hell won out with most of them...
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August 27, 2008
If war wasn't horrific enough already then just imagine a haunted trench. It's a nice idea but poorly executed for the most part. For starters it draws no parallel with the actual war itself. It could be any place, any time The Haunting, Alien etc. Unlike Devil's Backbone or Pan's Labyrinth where war is used as a background for the more specific genre here the soldiers are completely removed from the actual events. We're also given a piss poor character in Jamie Bell. He sound as though he is trying to convince the others of the existence of Christmas elves as opposed to insurmountable evil. He has no urgency in his voice and it's no wonder nobody else listens to him. Add to that he is one of those annoying do-gooders who doesn't do the right thing until his mates are being shot in the head. Had he made the right decision earlier he could have saved us a lot of hassle. Serkis is unfortunately laughable with his "cor blimey, bollocks, come and 'ave a go if yer think yer 'ard enough" attitude. There's still some stuff to enjoy, such as the brilliantly constructed trench which is the most terrifying aspect of all. The costumes and props also lend to the authenticity. When the horror comes it is hit and miss but there are truly some great moments such as the barbwire. I'd suggest the Korean film R-Point over this.
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October 13, 2007
Bloody awful hybrid of war and horror movie, singularly lacking in suspense, potent atmosphere and period feel. It's often too dark to see what's going on but never interesting enough to care. Only likely to appeal to those whose idea of cinematic bliss would be watching Gollum, Billy Elliot and that-twat-from-"My Family" mud-wrestling.
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July 11, 2007
I was expecting a lot worse, but it wasn't bad. It dragged a little in places, but the claustrophobic nature of the film seems to make it necessary to show how slowly they turn against each other (though personally I was all for shooting the guy with the knife long before they started going mental on each other). The ending is very good, though I must admit I'm not sure if I grasped all it meant.
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½ March 6, 2007
An interesting oddity set in a trench in WWI. Nicely shot and atmospheric, this is a horror that refreshingly relies on suggestion rather than the usual bog-standard CG monsters
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July 15, 2007
This was a little odd but a good film
½ May 13, 2012
An interesting oddity set in a trench in WWI. Nicely shot and atmospheric, this is a horror that refreshingly relies on suggestion rather than the usual bog-standard CG monsters
October 31, 2011
This was a surprisingly impressive film. It was certainly helped by the subtlety of its concept and execution, but there are genuinely good actors here and a writer/director who obviously gave a damn about making a good movie (something even more evidenced in some of the deleted scenes). But certainly the subtlety helps; the film largely relies on the understanding that war IS horror and war IS evil and it affects all those involved, even the land itself. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that I wasn't completely happy with the film's resolution, and what few FX there were I felt would have been better had they been done with camera work or something similarly understated; it would have both fit the tone of the movie much better, and FX are one of those things that really shows when you have a low budget. But overall just a really good movie, the kind of gem you used to be thrilled to find on the shelves of your local video store back in the eighties
February 21, 2011
Silly me. Didn't pay attention to the title and just thought it was a war movie. Watched it by myself at 1:30am. Reminded me of Event Horizon, but set in WWI trench. While Event Horizon was a good movie, not one I like to watch alone at 1:30am. I kept yelling at the tv, but the idiot characters wouldn't listen to me. Not until it was too late. In the end, I couldn't complain, Jamie Bell was as usual amazingly great and made the movie extremely watchable. I am not dead!
July 10, 2010
Assumed this was a war flick but it turned into a horror flick, so I didn't finish watching it. Looked like it would have been a good horror movie, if you're into that.
October 18, 2009
GREAT MOVIE!! Other then the CGI effects at times, the movie itself, including the actors, and the script were excellent!! A must BUY, not just rent!!
½ March 15, 2008
Jamie Bell is great as usual but there was a bait and switch in the marketing of this film. If you're expecting monsters or ghosts you'll be disappointed. On its own merit however, it's a memorable dramatic horror movie.
½ April 23, 2009
Well, war time in-the-trenches scary movie. Well, not that scary, but it had that Carpenter?s The Thing aspirations, and tried hard, but falls short. And the ?physical? appearance of the monster isn?t too awe-inspiring. But a great a attempt and some good empty headed entertainment. I think the filmmakers have definite potential and I expect good things to come.

One note from this movie, it was very hard to distinguish who was who, but Billy Elliot really stands out as a great actor. It?s strange to see him in grunt roles like this and Flag of our Fathers. He needs some better roles because I think he could shine.
½ December 27, 2008
a film that most would find scary,for a movie fan you have to like jamie bell as either an actor or as a person to find great enjoyment out of this film.
October 18, 2008
Pretty good. Not the best thing I've seen but it was alright. Really glad to see a few familiar faces like Matthew Rhys and Jamie Bell. The story was really really good, but the ending was bit confusing.
September 5, 2008
movie was pretty good, i didn't expect the twist at the end so for once i was surprised in a movie. it's been a while!
August 4, 2008
Good acting and a decent story but it left me wanting more. Too bad the budget wasn't quite there as the director would have liked but he did a good job with what he had.
Just check out the deleted unfinished scene of Quinn (Andy Serkis) being torn apart by barbed wire.
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