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January 12, 2013
Where did 83% approval come from? This film was lousy. Poorly written without benefit of any research and most of the acting was devoid of emotion despite the horrific and traumatic subject matter.
January 10, 2013
Literally YIKES! This was basically a combination of bad acting, digusting porn scenes, and random crazy stuff. At first I was interested enough to want to keep watching but I should have stopped earlier than I did. I couldn't watch it. Just couldn't stomach anymore...
January 4, 2013
WORST. MOVIE. EVER. I wish I could give it negative stars. I think film students at the local college could do better. Editing was bad. Music was too loud and tried to add drama where there was none. Save yourself. You can't get the 1hr 45 minutes back in your life.
September 30, 2012
This movie from the fist to last scene as my interest. I moves and has twist and turns to keep you wanting to know what is going to happen next. The Cast deserves what ever praise they get for a job well done. All the charters are interesting and believable. Well shot and put together well.I can't wait to see what this Potent crew does next.
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