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½ December 14, 2013
Or known as The Colombian Connection but that's way too cheesy for me, but cheese is the name of the game here folks. Yep 'McCoy' is back and ready to take down some major drug kingpin scum. Funny thing is yet again despite the film title there isn't actually much Delta Force action. Again it all happens right at the end for the big finale, there's even less Delta Force action than in the first film! maybe they should of left out the Delta Force 2 bit in the title.

Its pretty straight forward stuff, the ever evil Billy Drago is the worlds most dangerous richest drug kingpin ever and he's flooding the US of A with lots of Lemsip....errr cocaine. So the DEA draft in Chuck Norris of Delta Force to basically save the South American country of 'San Carlos' where Drago is based, save the USA from all the drugs coming in...just save the world in general gosh darn it!.

Its all very predictable stuff that we've seen before (baring in mind its an old film of course), the step by step motions of any action flick really. The bad guys pull off some deals, kill some people, the good guys manage to capture the main boss, he gets away, he takes revenge on family members and this ignites Norris blah blah blah. It could easily be 'Lethal Weapon', well any of the first three really.

Norris plays the same character he plays in all of his action films, the same damn bloke!. He doesn't swear, he doesn't speak that much, his one liners are a bit tame but we always manage to see him topless at some point. That said he does the job we expect him to and he does it reasonably well, but he's no Arnie, JCVD, Jaa or Gibson if you ask me. I think the problem is his films never really come across as adult action flicks, they lack that bloody punch to really get you excited, I guess his films feel like slightly adult episodes of the A-Team.

In all honesty this film is so cheesy and cliched it feels like an old Bond film, especially with all the henchmen at the end wearing the exact same outfits. Not military garb which would be fine, but casual looking clothes, as if they all shopped in the same store or Drago ordered a huge supply of his favourite design. Speaking of Drago he's the boss here as usual, we all know Drago isn't exactly the best actor around but its his face. That snarly, slimy, creepy vamp-like face along with his skill of being a really really sadistic evil bastard that you just wanna see get taken down. Here he plays the white suited, white fedora wearing drug dealer to a tee, right down to the greasy pony tail. We know that Norris could break his neck in a heartbeat but Drago doesn't play like that, he's a shifty, dirty, underhanded slimeball who hides behind his henchmen and various weapons, love it.

The films poster was always ice cool, Norris calmly cradling an Uzi, it looks smart, alas the film isn't as cool. Its very by the numbers, highly hokey and doesn't really look that special either. For the most part its rather bland with not too much happening, the finale is much better of course but nothing to write home about. As said at the start this is when we see some Delta Force unit action but its nothing amazing, lots of explosions. If it wasn't for the uber cool Drago this film would be a bit boring really...there I said it.
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½ November 28, 2006
What a powerful, gritty performances, a lightning-fast pace and an outrageously exciting skydiving sequences in this Chuck Norris's sequel explosive action-adventure film. With a chilling performance from Billy Drago is a great choice to play the main villain and John P. Ryan really seems to be enjoying himself here, and gave a fun performance.
The direction is good. Aaron Norris does a good job with good camera work, great angles and some spectacular shots during the sky diving stunts!. There is a bit of blood and violence.
June 10, 2007
This is another great movie

When DEA agents are taken captive by a ruthless South American kingpin, the Delta Force is reunited to rescue them in this sequel to the 1986 film.
October 15, 2006
Chuck Norris kicks bad guys, punches bad guys, and looks menacingly into the camera. This was an awesome Walker, Texas Ranger prequel.
December 14, 2011
With The Delta Force (1986) being one of Chuck Norris' most iconic films, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection sounded like it might offer a modicum of the original's spirit.

While The Delta Force was a huge project for Menahem Golan which had a huge scale and some A-list cast members, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is far from a project with the same ambition. Another film from the notorious company Cannon Films who specialized in low-budget action movies, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is an attempt to milk the modicum of success achieved by the original. As a Chuck Norris film it has a low-standard established, but as a sequel to one of his better works it has greater expectations to live up to. It fails to reach the same heights, but that's largely because the two features are very different films.
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection could not have less to do with The Delta Force. Instead of having multiple prominent heroes responsible for the story's main mission and a collection of shootouts, car chases and missile-equipped motorcycles, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is far more focused on a small-scale tale of vengeance in which Col. Scott McCoy is on a stealth operation to avenge the death of his former partner and rescue the slaves and hostages of the antagonist. To appreciate Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection, viewers must remove themselves from the knowledge it is a sequel to The Delta Force. It's not difficult to do since they have little relevance to each other aside from the name of the protagonist, but viewers need to look at it simply as a generic Chuck Norris vehicle to get a kick out of it. In that regard, it is a somewhat decent film. It replicates the earlier Chuck Norris vehicle Missing in Action (1984) more closely than its actual predecessor, but it manages to borrow enough of the enjoyable elements of that film without being a clear-cut remake of it. But it is to be expected that it also borrows some of the lesser elements.
The script isn't amazing. Even though it has the room to wiggle some one-liners in, it fails to bring a humourous edge along. One scene depicts DEA Agent John Page is is ordered to leave San Carlos airspace immediately and the Academy Award-nominated actor in the role responds with "Why don't you shut the f*ck up?" while his head struggles to stay on his neck. But then again, there is always the potential that viewers will get a kick out of how much the language heavily adheres to genre conventions with a proud B-movie spirit.
Among the more favourable elements of Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection are the slick production values. Though clearly a low-budget film, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection manages to make a convincing story due in part to its convincing scenery. Shot on-location, The Philippines provides a great backdrop to the story due to its mix of dry land and jungles. The cinematography manages to capture the colour in all this while staying true to its B-movie visual style. Most of the film is composed of simplistic medium-shots and some occasional close-ups, with the former ensuring that the spectacle is captured and the latter managing to add tension to things. This effectively means that the film has a good amount of appealing imagery, and that means that when it comes to the action side of things Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is set up to succeed.
And it really does. Though not having the same level of over the top fun as its predecessor, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection benefits from a lot of competently staged action scenes. There is an effective balance between soldiers having shootouts and helicopters blowing everything up. But most importantly, not neglecting its relevance as a Chuck Norris star vehicle, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection gives the man room to flex his martial arts muscles. It could probably use a little more action, but either way Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection manages to deliver on the action front in by having an entertaining and fairly long climax of action scenes which boast effective stunts, strong cinematography and well-timed editing without overuse of slow motion.
And though it doesn't have the relentless patriotism that Alan Silvestri brought to its predecessor, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection does benefit from a good musical score. One of the most impressive assets to the film, the musical score in Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection manages to capture the appropriate style of tension for the slow-burning stealth scenes and the larger scale battles. Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection's musical score is its one asset which is strong beyond the standards of a B-movie, it is simply an intense collection of compositions which fuel the film with energy and keep moving along.
And as always, Chuck Norris is an asset. Bulking with muscles and patriotic heroism, Chuck Norris adds his natural action charisma to Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. Like I said, the film offers him plenty of opportunities to show off his skills in hand to hand combat as well as with a gun rested firmly in his hands. But beyond that, Chuck Norris is an engaging screen presence because he is rich with genuine tension. He grasps the theme of vengeance in the story by constantly keeping himself twisted in a strong mood of restrained aggression, able to act swift with firm line delivery or physical energy. Chuck Norris is more than just a gimmick in Delta Force 2: The Columbian Connection, he is the source of a genuinely good performance.
And even though Billy Drago is stuck with a lot of repetitive and conventional lines as antagonist Ramon Cota, he has a genuine nature of evil about him which makes him an appropriate fit.

So despite an absence of relevance to its predecessor and an adherence to the conventions of many other Chuck Norris movies, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection remains a decent action B-movie which offers a competent sense of style and patriotism of its own right.
½ March 18, 2015
A fun sequel. Not even close to as good as the first one.
½ January 25, 2013
The first Delta Force was not great, but was at the least entertaining. This Delta Force, however, lacks any effort to do even that. It is tasteless, dull, and overbearingly uneventful. There is hardly any appreciative action. Heck, even the soundtrack was thrown out the window. Might as well do the same to this film...
March 24, 2012
the actings kinda crappy but stil really fun to watch
July 6, 2011
Dreadful film. However, there are some redeeming qualities when watching with a group of friends with lower than low expectations. The description of the villain during the plane ride was absolutely hilarious! Also, the henchman with the flowing horseshoe mullet that was able to fabricate a knife out of nowhere, sort of like Macgyver, was funny as well. All in all, bad movie, only watch with friends.
½ October 15, 2010

Woha. This is bad, very bad. Nothing is good in this movie. This is a good example that sequels are not always good as the orginal. The music is the worst ever. It would have helped if they had the theme from the first film, which made it so fun. The half-a-star is just for Chuck.
May 27, 2011
aww Chuck, and Delta Force 1 was so good :(
February 8, 2011
A royal waste of time..........hours of dross with no rhyme or reason. Stick with Rambo instead....or even hot shots part deux
July 24, 2004
DELTA FORCE 2 (1990)
½ August 13, 2007
[b]Simply Put Chuck Norris is a deadly force of nature.[/b]

The title of this movie should have been changed post-production, after seeing the absolute tour-de-force performance of one of the world's most accomplished B actors, Chuck Norris. If it's us, we're calling this one "Delta Force 2: Don't (explitive deleted) with Chuck!" Norris plays a man possesed and bloodthirsty, taking out every drug poisoner in sight. His nemesis: the one, the only Billy Drago who as we all know was only three short years away from his breakthrough performance as Denton Vachs in the B zenith "Death Ring." Drago was great in this one too. He doesn't try to do too much with the role and stays pretty much the same in Death Ring. It's not bad acting, he just knows what to do to put meat in the seats.

Meanwhile, lets get into what makes this movie worthy of a go from Sid The Elf. It is extreme B! There is limited dialouge(most of the movie is fight and training scenes which are wonderful, and the most explosions we've ever seen in a B action, which is what gave ith the nod for 5 stars). I mean, there is roughly a 20 minute sequence with nothing but a helicopter shooting missles at a village. Beautiful! And when Norris does deliver lines, they're pure gold. Who can forget the famous "lessons" sequence with the Spanish Gallagher? Another B hallmark was the fact that we counted the same mexican warrior was killed off 5 seperate times, count them 5!

We would like to announce this is Chucks first movie in our list of reviews due to his sons captivating role in our critically acclaimed "Death Ring." Does it get the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval? You bet your sweet a-- it does, Seal of Approval- Did her. If you do yourself one favor this year, prove that Christmas doesn't only come once a year and check out Delta Force 2 and Death Ring.
April 20, 2006
I have finally decided how I will update this journal from now on.

RottenTomatoes is all about film, right? OK then, I will only update when reviewing movies. Or situations surrounding movies. Like when I met Bruce Campbell. (Except I didn't have RT then...)

So what is going on?

Not much -- I bought four VHS' today at a used video store...
-Code of Silence (Chuck Norris)
-Demolition Man (Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Dennis Leary)
-Death Wish II (Charles Bronson) FUCK YEAH!
-Forth and One: Joe Gibbs (A documentary on Redskins coach Joe Gibbs)

Reviews to be coming, I guess!

Otherwise, I watched Delta Force 2 last night. Its plot is really similar to the James Bond movie, License to Kill. Chuck Norris kicks ass in this film, obviously. He kills Billy Drago (a surprising good creepy villian) and an ugly dude with a skullet. According to Norris' biography, a showing of this film delayed several senators (including Bob Dole) from getting to a senate vote. They wanted to stay and see the end.

That's it for now -- see ya!
October 3, 2005
chuck is great as usual
January 7, 2005
[size=4]:rotten: 2.25/10[/size]
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