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March 4, 2012
What's great about the 50's sci-fi era is that there's an overabundance of movies made of this type and you're likely never to run out of things to watch - if that's your thing. It's not really mine, but I try to be fair and give everything a shot. Basically everything that came out after The Day the Earth Stood Still is either a rip-off or an echo of it, and Devil Girl From Mars is no different. Despite that, it actually manages to be at least a mediocre effort. Things are set up early on and paid off later, the characters all actually have something to do in the story and the effects are decent without really being amazing. The biggest draw to the movie, in my opinion, is Patricia Laffan as Nyah the female alien. Intentionally or not, she comes off as a dominatrix who in the story is looking for men to bring back to her planet for procreation. Now that sounds very juvenile, but the characters don't care for the idea of going back with this lady, even though she is kind of sexy if you ask me. The movie doesn't really go anywhere and they made the alien way too menacing and indestructible for the story, but whatever. It's not a bad movie and it's pretty well-made so check it out.
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September 5, 2010
This is a strange movie storywise, but otherwise it's a formulaic 50s sci-fi movie. I don't think it's worth taking the time to watch really.
½ June 23, 2009
Come on, you know you love bad b-movies as much as I do. And this is one of the worst. It has it all, cheesy spaceship, even cheesier robot, bad raygun effects, etc. You'll love it.
March 2, 2005
I was pretty tired yesterday.

I had to tweak my 8 minute project down to 3 minutes...(which wasn't too hard)...

I missed my nap during the in-between class break, talking with my friend, Felicia about an instructor she has right now that I'm disputing with about a past grade.

After my final class at 6:45, I picked up Clover from school...and came home to go to bed....(my last day before I go to work.

Today, we finally have our scenes on camera for Acting class...(that's good, because I'm getting tired of going over and over the same scene)...LOL. Then, I have to put my Graphic Matching project on MiniDV for Lexi because she won't be at school tomorrow....going to Massachussetts to show her film...


I am contemplating something: Writing a pilot to either a Captain Robert April miniseries, DS9 telefilm, or a Space:1999 reboot. (Other ideas was for: Land of the Giants, or Seaquest DSV)....


I got up at around 5 today, and had two or three(?) bowls of cereal....(wheat bran sprinkled with sugar)...however, I'm still hungry....

I have a taste for something...cheesy...(like 7-11 nachos, or those Taco Bell nachos you get with the steamed burrito)....

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