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Critic Consensus: Like a Werther's Original dropped down a sewer drain, Dirty Grandpa represents the careless fumbling of a classic talent that once brought pleasure to millions.

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Jason Kelly [Zac Efron] is one week away from marrying his boss's uber-controlling daughter, putting him on the fast track for a partnership at the law firm. However, when the straight-laced Jason is tricked into driving his foul-mouthed grandfather, Dick [Robert De Niro], to Daytona for spring break, his pending nuptials are suddenly in jeopardy. Between riotous frat parties, bar fights, and an epic night of karaoke, Dick is on a quest to live his life to the fullest and bring Jason along for the ride. Ultimately, on the wildest journey of their lives, "dirty" Grandpa and his uptight grandson discover they can learn from one another and form the bond they never had.more
Rating: R (for crude sexual content throughout, graphic nudity, and for language and drug use)
Genre: Comedy
Directed By:
Written By: John Philips, John Phillips
In Theaters:
On DVD: May 17, 2016
Lionsgate Films


Robert De Niro
as Dick Kelly
Zac Efron
as Jason Kelly
Julianne Hough
as Meredith Goldstein
Dermot Mulroney
as David Kelly
Jason Mantzoukas
as Spring Break Wally
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapm...
as Chapman-Bradley
Mo Collins
as Officer Finch
Henry Zebrowski
as Officer Reiter
Catherine Dyer
as Brooke Kelly
Deena Dill
as Cougar #1
Lane Carlock
as Cougar #2
Chris Setticase
as College Kid
Eric Goins
as Father at the Beach
Gavin Munn
as Boy at Beach
DeRon Horton
as Georgia Student #1
Michael H. Cole
as Catholic Priest
Salley Hooks
as Female Hippie Chick
Amy Parrish
as Wedding Planner
Eugenia Kuzmina
as Hippie Cathy
Joshua Mikel
as Hippie Griz
Warren Steele
as Hippie Bart
Stephanie Astalos-Jo...
as Jones-Rest Stop Wait...
Matthew Cornwell
as Father at Wake
Shawn Shepard
as Karaoke MC
Michaele Chappell
as Jamaican Nurse
Nelson Bonilla
as Random Cop
Amelia Brain
as Party Girl
Wiley Rinaldi
as Uncle Rubin
Paul Manzella
as ASL Singer at Weddin...
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A movie so annoying, so ugly, so lead-footed, so misguided, and so blisteringly unfunny it has to be seen to be believed. Please don't see it, though. It's not worth the sacrifice.

Full Review… | May 17, 2016

Though there are some polite, heartfelt moments about living life to the full, Dirty Grandpa is an arrangement of outrageous lines and sight gags for those who like their comedy crude, if somewhat pointless.

Full Review… | May 16, 2016
New Zealand Herald

If vomit could vomit, the upshot might resemble alleged comedy "Dirty Grandpa" and its titular performance from 72 year-old screen icon Robert De Niro.

Full Review… | April 9, 2016

Keen to follow the Judd Apatow formula -- crude gags plus big-hearted sentiment -- Dirty Grandpa winds up losing the courage of its gross-out convictions. Offensive in all the wrong ways.

Full Review… | April 6, 2016
South China Morning Post

If you would rather spare yourself the torture of having the image of the legendary, Oscar-winning actor tarnished for good, then you are advised to look for your dirty laughs elsewhere.

Full Review… | March 31, 2016

There are many ways you could go in attacking something like Dirty Grandpa.

Full Review… | March 26, 2016
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Audience Reviews for Dirty Grandpa

Decent buddy comedy that pairs DeNiro and Efron. Yes, they step over the line quite frequently (and you might wonder how DeNiro got involved) but the two manage chemistry together and stepping over the line is one of the staples of comedy. There are many gay and butt jokes. Some off color racial stuff. If there's anything to question it's what has happened to our society that this is what the pros believe the public wants to see: DeNiro grinding on a much younger woman. The stars are brave and up for the challenge. They'll do anything for a laugh. My hat's off to Efron for what he goes through. It's a decent comedy, but you'll be shaking your head "no, no, no" throughout.

Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer

"Dirty Grandpa" boasts one great thing, and one great thing only. The chemistry between Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron is much better than I was expecting it to be, and I really bought into their troubled relationship which each other. On the verge of marriage, Jason Kelly (Efron) and his Grandfather set out on a trip to Florida once his wife passes away. At it's core, this film is here to explore these characters emotionally as the audience watches them take their wacky trip. Self discovery and choosing what is right and wrong in life is what the message is here, and whether or not I bought into that is another story. I admired the attempt at something heartfelt, but when all of your humour is raunchy dialogue and visuals, it is hard to take a moment to enjoy the nice moments. "Dirty Grandpa" tries way too hard to impress it's target audience, and becomes a sloppily made comedy that really is not all that funny. In the end, I admired the attempt, but the execution was a little much for my taste. It really is a shame, because I love this cast, but they were not given enough to do. I did not hate sitting in the theatre watching this, but was it really worth the time? Sadly no.

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

Upon reading other reviews for this film, I've seen people say things like, "has Robert De Niro lost his mind?" and "you know you're pretty desperate for work when you start ripping off Johnny Knoxville." It is for this reason, that people are staying away from this film, and they are making a big mistake, here's why. At 73, with over one hundred films under his belt, is it really that surprising that Robert De Niro is bored and looking to try something new? In reviewing his credits, he's never been in what one would call a raunchy comedy, and for it what it's worth, he was outstanding. De Niro plays a man who has just lost his wife of fifty year, and is looking to reconnect with his Grandson, and of course get laid. After tricking his Grandson into taking him to Florida, the two wind up at Spring Break in South Beach, where the hilarity begins. De Niro's grandson is played by Zac Efron, who took a while to lose the teen idol label and find his niche as the awkward, but lovable guy in these extreme comedies. Their two characters are so different, that just bringing the personalities together is enough to make things funny, but when you throw them into ridiculous situations together the laughter is off the charts. Personally, I am someone who has found some of the most classic comedies of all time to be a waste of time. Humor is something I enjoy, but not something that I understand easily, and I found Dirty Grandpa to be one of the funniest films, I've ever seen. You will not believe just how raunchy it gets or the lengths De Niro is prepared to go to in order to get some good laughs at his age. I too was thinking this film would be "okay" at best, but I was wrong, and so are my fellow critics. Dirty Grandpa is hysterical and those who are avoiding it due to bad reviews and similarities to other films, are really missing out.

Todd Smith

Super Reviewer

Dirty Grandpa Quotes

Lenore: Rip my bra off like your ripping open your Social Security Check!
– Submitted by Christian I (3 months ago)
Jason Kelly: I dropped my phone.
Dick Kelly: I think it fell into the car's vagina.
– Submitted by Nick C (3 months ago)
Lenore: Woops, I guess they just slipped off.
– Submitted by Pool M (4 months ago)
Dick Kelly: She's not right for you, if you get married to her you'll be sleep walking the rest of your life.
– Submitted by rob g (4 months ago)

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