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½ December 19, 2007
Fuck me. I liked it. It was a mess and attempted to be ironically philosophical and was a trite mess of love and fear of such, but still...I saw it on tv about 5 or so years ago and yet, I can't stop liking it. I know the original screenwriter was displeased by it mostly, but even so, it was worth the dollar or so you will pay for it on Amazon or some other similar site. Also, added binus, Shannon Elizibeth, surprise surprise, is a stripper. By bonus, I mean totally normal. But really kids, its good. Am I drunk? Yes. Still a pretty decent movie to watch even though Mathew Lillard is a fucking tool and couldn't act his way out of Oprah's Vajayjay? Yeah, why not?
½ December 5, 2004
Philosopher dishwashers travel the country seraching for epiphany, only to find love is the answer.

Need we say more?
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