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½ September 4, 2007
Enjoyable thriller. Doesn't try to hard but at the same time delivers everything you'd want from a thriller!
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½ June 24, 2007
A decent conversion of a Hitchcock classic to modern-day America. The leads are passable, the story is very predictable however, with an ending that ruins its one shot of suspense big time. It's still a pretty good movie for teens and the like to watch, since the two lead stars are obviously attractive and their relationship strengthens as the film goes on. It's a typical standard thriller, but it has enough humor and the use of technology is used very well, so it's probably worth a view.
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September 18, 2012
Hardly an homage to "Rear Window", "Disturbia" steals the plotline from a classic and gives it a contemporary twist with surprisingly positive results.

Swap out an injured photographer for a troubled kid with a past and a house-arrest leg-brace and you get partly the same claustrophobic and helpless feel that "Rear Window" injected into audiences. Shia LaBeouf is this kid and he gives off possibly his best performance in his entire career. He's convincing, emotional, and downright explosive.

But let me get this out of the way: "Disturbia" is no "Rear Window"... at all. "Disturbia" may have taken the similar narrative, but in no ways does "Disturbia" execute in the same fashion or quality. The writing's off, the tone is geared more towards the teenage crowd, the storytelling isn't as suspenseful, cinematography is done in mainstream Hollywood fashion, and it has a clichà (C)d ending that interrupts the tension it built up. Now unlike "Rear Window", "Disturbia" decides to throw all the mystery aspects of its narrative out and make the suspense and tension aspect its focal point. And in many ways, "Disturbia" delivers. Despite the fact that it was fixated to bring a tense-filled experience, "Rear Window" is just a more suspenseful film that so happened to also be an intriguing character-piece, an engaging mystery, and a thought-provoking film. Despite high regards to the classic, "Disturbia" is not a bad film on its own nor is it only fixated on suspense. There is a subplot that involves LaBeouf's character's father and the subplot is absolutely riveting for the first few minutes. But this subplot is only a device that is used to hook the audiences with the character and the film. In no ways does it characterize with the main story arc by its finale. I asked myself, "So what was the point of that part of the story?"

"Disturbia" gets a lot of things right. Unfortunately for the film, its overshadowed by a whole 'nother beast named "Rear Window". Like I said before, this is not a bad film, but it evidently shows how the quality of mainstream Hollywood filmmaking has declined from the time "Rear Window" was made. "Disturbia" is a perfect representation of what a 21st century film is like; "Rear Window" is a perfect representation of what a 20th century film is like. The result? "Disturbia" is clearly the inferior film but still worth a watch.
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September 1, 2007
Warning spoilers! Kale (Shia) was in the car when a car accident killed his dad. His life deteriorates in school and gets given house arrest after he hits his Spanish teacher. He starts to spy on his neighbours and is convinced his neighbour is a serial killer. Good thriller. Good cast.
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½ May 2, 2007
This review won't get into the question whether or not it makes sense to offer a quasi-remake of Hitchcock's "Rear window" for the generation X-Box. Shia LaBeof is the obvious acting choice as a young troublemaker who is under house arrest while coping with his father's death. The rest is well known: hot neighbor moves in, while another neighbor acts very suspicious and we find ourselves in a story of stalking, murder and sexual tension, not necessarily in that order. What the film does really well is create an atmosphere of an exciting teen summer, with the new crush and the surveillance of the neighborhood. It also does create a couple of great moments of excitement and tension. Sadly, a couple of teenage decisions come from the "stupid horror film kids" book and the showdown is maybe a bit over the top. That doesn't change the fact that this is a worthy nod to the classic and pretty good entertainment.
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½ August 9, 2007
This is a vastly inferior remake (to a degree) of Rear Window, but, I guess for those unfortunate souls who have yet to watch that one, I could see how this might be seen as a fun little thrill ride. It certainly does have its moments, and it could have done a worse job of updating the material for a new generation, but even then, this wasn't really necessary or called for. Rear Window still holds up, and it actually had stuff going on underneath the surface. This is all surface, and only marginally impressive.

I wasn't bored watching this, but it's not a good sign that I had Hitchcock on the brain the entire time, either. LaBeouf will (and should) have a long career ahead of him, but he should spend his time doing other, better projects instead of stuff like this. I enjoyed seeing Carrie-Anne Moss, but like Shia, she deserves better. Morse is good at this sort of thing though.

All in all, this is just kinda of average blah. When you compare it to the film it is based on though, it's just a pale and sad imitation.
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December 8, 2007
When I saw this movie I realized that Shia Labeouf grew out of his Disney Channel ways. Not only was his acting excellent in this movie,he also was REALLY CUTE!!!! :) :) :)
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July 6, 2008
This was a scary film, which I wasn't expecting. Extremely creepy and David Morse plays a convincing killer. Shia LeBeouf is nothing short of beautiful and his acting is just that. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and the supsense almost kills you. Great thriller!
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May 20, 2011
I've never seen Hitchcock's Rear Window, so I really don't know the similarities. I read on many webpages that this film was mostly inspired by the 1985 vampire film Fright Night. I can see as to why people would say that it was inspired by that film, as this film has aserial killer living next door to a teen, and really follows the same plot as Fright Night. Like I said I didn't see Rear Window, so I can't say for a fact that this is an updated version of Hitchcock's classic. I personally enjoyed Disturbia despite the slight rip offs of classic thriller and horror films. Disturbia has a good blend of thrills and horror, but is nothing excellent by any means. The cast are good, especially David Morse as Robert Turner, the neighborhood serial killer that Shia Labeof's character is investigating after being confined for the summer for assaulting his teacher. Disturbia is a good, entertaining film that shouldn't be dismissed too quickly, sure the film is nothing new or original, but it does have plenty of scares and thrills to entertain you for two hours. The cast do a fine job, and the pacing of the film is perfect. The film combines elements of a horrior film and a thriller film very well, and you're always on edge as Robert Turnet outwits his neighbor and remains one step ahead to protect his sinister secret. Disturbia is a good film worth checking out, and has plenty of thrills and scares But in the originality department, it's nothing you haven't seen before. A fun film to check out.
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April 20, 2011
A very suspenseful ride that won't let up. Shia is convincing enough to make this Rear Window-esque film thrilling and entertaining.
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April 5, 2011
Disturbia worked for me. Shia Lebeof was a perfect choice, the plot was a great mix of horror and humor, and the music deserved an Oscar nomination, it was so perfect and creepy. Disturbia was a good movie and I highly recommend it.
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½ January 9, 2011
Decent film about a boy, played by the ever likable Shia LaBeouf who is put under house arrest following an attack on his teacher for referencing his recently deceased father. Boredom leads to him spying on the neighbours and upon closer inspection starts making links between the dissapearance of a girl on the news to one of her neighbours.

I liked this film alot and particularly enjoyed the character Ronnie played by Aaron Yoo which swayed the film from becomming too serious.
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½ August 30, 2010
This was a very well made horror film.

Most of the characters are very likable, which makes it very easy to care what happens to them. Usually in horror films, the characters are so obnoxious, nobody cares if they die or live- this was not the case in Disturbia.

The action starts off slow, but I like that because then you get a chance to meet the characters and see what each of their personalities are like. When the action does come within the last hour or so of the film, it's very intense and thrilling. Nothing in this movie is predictable and the acting is so amazing.

This is a very nicely made movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror movies. This movie will not disappoint.
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June 24, 2010
this was actually good, I really liked it. B+
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½ May 24, 2010
This was awesome. Recommend this to watch!
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½ June 17, 2010
three stars and one and a half out of five!!
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½ January 4, 2008
Decent thriller. Drags a little in the middle, and Shia not the best actor, but mostly kept my interest. Aaron Yoo steals the show here.
Clintus M.
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March 17, 2010
Disturbia is sufficiently creepy and surprisingly engaging for a teen slasher flick. Its actually much better than that genre. Shis LaBeouf stars as Kale, a youeristic teenager just out to alleviate boredom and meet the new hot girl next door, when his new hobby propels him into a Silence of the Lambs-type thriller. First, I am a BIG Hitchcock fan, and I appreciate the modern twists this film employs(house arrest instead of broken leg, high-tech gadgets). Next, the comedic aspects are likewise enjoyable, for example Kale's friend Robbie is scene-stealingly funny and the cop as the cousin of the punched-out Spanish teacher. Lastly, teen angst inevitably turns into teen romance as events unfold.

So, its teen angst, young love, some highjinks, then a creepy thriller. Don't attempt to overthink this movie, although the performances make it superior to other teen slasher movies. It isn't Rear Window, nor Halloween,and the screenplay is scattered as others have observed, but it is thoroughly likeable unless you're completely jaded. As a non-teen and lifelong AH/thriller fan, I recommend it.
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February 3, 2010
Looks like an annoying teen movie on the outside, but you find out it's rather compelling and holds your interest completely once you start watching it.
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January 13, 2010
One of the best recent thrillers that I've seen! I was very interested in it!
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