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June 16, 2011
A lukewarm Lynch-like film that leaves much to be desired, especially from stiff-jointed actress Elisabeth Shue. The movie's a series of curve balls without any real dramatic tension. It also can't make up its mind tonally. One minute it's a serious thriller, the next a black comedy. It's very rough and with a little work it could have been a bit more interesting. It's just a mess of a movie that will only mildly entertain.
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½ September 15, 2010
Cast: Thomas Haden Church, Rachel Harker, Stephen Benson, M. Emmet Walsh, Melissa Leo, Elisabeth Shue, Amanda Donaghey, James Rebhorn, Keith David, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Lonnie Farmer

Director: Jake Goldberger

Summary: At the urging of his ex-girlfriend, Sonny (Elisabeth Shue), who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, high school janitor Don McKay (Thomas Haden Church) returns to his hometown for the first time in 25 years and finds himself ensnared in a web of conspiracy, deception and murder.

My Thoughts: "I really don't know how I feel about this film. It's not your typical thriller. It's pretty average to say the lease. The character's are odd and sometimes unbelievable in their parts. The acting was semi good. Elisabeth Shue's acting was between good and bad. I'm not sure if that was how her character was to be played, or if it was indeed her acting. Thomas Haden Church played an quiet, sad, but kinda interesting character. He just seemed very lonely, but by the ending of the film you understand why. The last 30-40 minutes of the film, in my opinion, is the only part worth watching. That's when you get interested in where it's going. Unfortunately you have to sit through the rest of it to understand the ending. But the ending and the twist is disappointing as well. Even unrealistic. There was some dry humor, but not much. The script left something to be desired. Not sure if many will like this film."
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June 26, 2010
Its a thriller,comedy and indie role in to one.Thomas Haden Church is great as the main title role.Elisabeth Shue as never been better.The movie is a mix bag and was not sure what i was watching but was drawn into it with ease.Its was never boring and with the added little twist at the end which i never saw coming it is a great watch and worth checking out.
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½ April 11, 2011
Thomas Hayden Church (as Don McKay) has been around for a loooong time, as an actor...I saw this and wasn't disappointed at all!!! What a twisting, dark and delirious movie of a man that kept a secret for years and saved it to the very end.See this...his secret will stun and move you.
½ December 6, 2011
This was a strange movie, yet engrossing. It's difficult to even summarize what was going without giving away some of the plot points. Don McKay keeps getting drawn back to small town that he grew up even though it seems like no one really wants him there. It's more an exercise into the human psyche than a "what are thinking" or "I would never do that" type moment.
½ November 1, 2010
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda! This film pretends to be interesting and maintains a little suspense then leaves you disappointed at the end.
August 16, 2010
A fairly average little thriller, it keeps you guessing as to what might be going on, though I kind of found Thomas Haden Church's stilted performance a little hard to get into, as he seems (understandably, we later learn) fairly confused for most of the running time of the film. This is somewhat forgivable due to later revelations, but it makes him a bit boring to watch, as he is our entry point into the world of the film.

July 4, 2010
THC is pretty good. Movie goes a little too slow, for me. Its a drama with a crazy lady and a dude that is in over his head. Not a great story ( seen a million of these stories already).
½ August 13, 2011
This independent film is an attempt to a black comedy that doesn't quite work out to be funny despite having a good cast.
August 6, 2011
What a wacky movie. It is very confusing right through the movie as to what is going on, who is who and what is what - until the preposterous ending where all the relationships emerge. The movie is like "what?" at every turn until the end where everything comes together. This movie is fun for those who like twisting plots and relationships.
June 29, 2011
Off-beat pseudo-detective story that wants to be THE BIG LEBOWSKI but comes up short when translating from a pretty good script.
February 14, 2011
Oh Don McKay is a really interesting film, a mix of quirky comedic bits with noir elements thrown into a thriller, a true genre-bender. Thomas Haden Church is the titular character, and he's really great as him, a quiet school janitor who's past comes back to him as an ex-girlfriend gets him to come back home because she's dying, or is she? Every single person in this film is shady as fuck, and when you have actors like Mr. Haden Church, Elisabeth Shue, who plays Sonny, the ex, and the great Melissa Leo, who plays Sonny's housemate you gotta love how it all comes through.

This is writer-director Jake Goldberger's feature debut, and while he does get some parts right the majority isn't right, it's kind of right, but not entirely there yet, and what is actually really right is not that much because of him as it is because of Thomas Haden Church, who really gives a powerful performance here and because every single element that's outstanding in this one came out from the playbook the Coen brothers used in Blood Simple, and Goldberger is obviously not the third Coen brother. Just sayin'.

Grade: C+
January 27, 2011
People don't like it because it is so plain and off-beat. but that is what makes it "noir", right?
½ December 21, 2010
I am honestly searching for a review of this this movie sincere in its attempt to be a "thriller" or was this pure camp? I cannot tell. Was I suppossed to be laughing or not? Someone please help!!
½ November 24, 2010
"I wasn't crazy, I was just lonely." - Don McKay ... and perhaps me ;)
Excellent psychological thriller. I liked the way the plot unfold.
½ August 31, 2010
It's not funny, it's not thrilling, and the plot is a mess. Thomas Haden Church's acting is wooden, and the rest of the cast doesn't do much better.
½ July 11, 2010
I have to say, I never enjoyed hating a movie so much as this one. It was AWFUL. Never in my life HAVE I seen a movie that was so terrible!!!!!
½ July 8, 2010
A bit disorganized, but worth an hour and a half of your time.
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