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Dragon Wars Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

September 24, 2007
Well its not that bad come on, a cross of 'Star Wars', 'Godzilla', 'king kong', 'Jurassic Park' and all other monster flicks ever hehe. The effects are alright, very good for Korea but less so for Hollywood, but they still look fairly good, the only real problem is when people are bluescreened against the action, then its obvious.

The plot, like allot of Eastern movies, its confusing, with lots of odd names, sorcerers, magic and creatures running around, you lose it big time.

The acting is slightly below average but you can live with it, the main claim to fame here is an awesome monster battle between US soldiers, dragons and all manner of warriors with weird weapons, including a pretty good 'Star Wars' style Apache choppers vs flying dragons through a skyscraper trenches section, probably the best part. On the whole I quite liked it, its fun stuff and actually beats 'Reign of Fire' thats for sure.
Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer

November 30, 2011
Dragon Wars is considered the most anticipated film in the history of korean cinema. It's worth seeing for whats there on the screen in front of you. The effects and the movement of the dragons are mind boggling and the surrounding backgrounds of the film are good to look at. The problem with it however that will dissapoint most is the acting and the very very bad script. I did however enjoy the appearence of the actor from the TV Series "Mike and Molly" as a zookeeper. I didn't like it but I didn't hate the film either.
Ariuza k.
Ariuza k.

Super Reviewer

March 8, 2011
If you go back to 2007 there was this really big line up for a new film getting promoted in my country and was made there called D-War. And director Hyung-rae Shim blockbuster was being promoted everywhere.
If you're not quite familiar it is a film that appeals to our nationalism and culture and it cost a stuttering more than $70 million, and my first thoughts where "Don't be Crap" And with the mixed to very negative reviews I was reading I still had hope... And of course I was it opening day like so many and walk out hunted by what I saw.

So just because it was made to succeed in my country or even America doesn't make it good... In a matter of fact it was even worse.

One tends to always think our country was positive on this... No we weren't at all. If anything 45 million other people thought the same thing.

Look how about I just pan out the film for you... Awful acting from our American cast (That occupies the whole film). A horrible story that in same way might not even have anything to do with the legends I was told when I was young.

Though impressive Ground breaking Special Effects that can't make up for this plain awful fucking film.
Jens S

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2007
After a rather fun trailer I at least expected an entertaining popcorn flick. But this disappoints on pretty much every level. It starts with confusing mythological blabla, then lots of getting chased by a giant snake and at least has two huge action scenes to offer in the second half. The battle for Los Angeles looks decent, so does the revelation of the good dragon in the end. The pace feels horribly rushed, though, the acting is terrible, so are the dialogs and I've seen better editing in student projects. A terrible waste of time.

Super Reviewer

January 11, 2010
It can be laughable enjoyment sometimes, but the movie itself plummets. The ending sequence somehow I find incredible, so I therefore give this movie 1.5 instead of .5!
James A

Super Reviewer

August 31, 2009
If you were begging for a more adult power Rangers then you just found the perfect movie.
Red L

Super Reviewer

August 13, 2008
The story is not outstanding. Ethan is the hero, but he doesn't quite know what he is supposed to do. Sarah is confused at the beginning, but she catches on by the end of the movie.

CGI are everywhere in the second half of the movie. I didn't like the two snakes fighting at the end of the movie. Unless you are following intently, it is pretty easy to confuse grey with black. Interesting that when I saw this movie a second time about a year after the first, the only thing I remembered about the movie was the snakes/dragons battle near the end of the movie.
Lewis C

Super Reviewer

March 29, 2009
I know that Dragon Wars was made with a fairly big budget, but it has "Sci-Fi Channel movie" written all over it. There's nothing polished or redeeming about this waste of time.

Most of the actors are unknowns, the plot is something that an 9 year-old would dream up, and the special effects are really not that impressive. The last battle sequence between the two serpents is fairly cool, but the rest of the movie is simply dross. A Sci-Fi channel original may have actually been marginally better.

Super Reviewer

November 14, 2008
Was really dissapointed with this one, Everyone built it up as something big, and it wasn't. Maybe I am getting burned out on Dragon Movies. A Rental not a buy.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

September 30, 2007
For a straight to DVD release the special effects, CGI and stunts, were very good. It had a much bigger budget feel to it. The story and plot are all a bit simple but you know what to expect. The creatures look good. Overall totally over the top B-movie monster mash fun, not to be taken too seriously.

Super Reviewer

August 4, 2008
An over abundance of plot holes in an already weak story, made for a truly laughable film.

It's hard to believe this was released in theaters! Had it just been a "Sci-Fi Chanel" original movie, I could be a little more forgiving as this sort of schlock is expected from them.

I'm SO glad it was just a DVR flick and that I didn't waste $10 to see it in a theater!
_kelly .

Super Reviewer

April 29, 2008
Possibly one of the most gloated and outrageous action scifi movies ever, but not in any sort of good way, just a consistently annoying way that even skipping through this movie, I still couldn't wait for it to be over.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

September 14, 2007
Bad acting, bad screenplay but overall an interesting idea. It sort of gets cught between Eragon and Godzilla, unfortunately it is much more of Eragon. The final battles are pretty nice and exciting but most of your soul will be sucked out from the first hour. The dragons generally look great, realistic and textured in their own terms but just don't quite combine with the live action footage in a realistic way. Not cheesy or bad enough to be good, but just about bearable.
Drew S

Super Reviewer

September 11, 2007
I hate this movie. I hate what it stands for and I hate everyone involved with it. I hate the shitty CGI and the undeservedly high budget and the fact that it even exists. I hate that it's so boring. I hate that there are flashbacks that have flashbacks that have flashbacks, and I hate the dream sequences and the totally purposeless characters and scenes.

But I did love that one part where the old lady tried to walk into the fence.

Super Reviewer

January 2, 2008
Entertaining... Great to see a mix from Korean and USA in a great war movie... Visual Effects were great... I amazed with that... And the legend, it's fantastic...

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2007
This movie had me incredibly conlicted as for my conclusive feelings about it. The writing was cringe-worthy, the directing and editing pretty awful and I doubt the actors would even be considered as seat-fillers at the Oscars. Not to mention the voice-over in the prologue, that makes Eragon look like Lord of the Rings. Yes, it's that bad!

Now you'll be thinking: "With all this bashing and ranting, why the heck did you give it as much as three stars?" Well, the answer is pretty simple. Somewhere inside all of us (unless the word "good fun" has always scared you) is a 12 year-old kid, that still remembers the happy, more ignorant days where such things as bad acting and lousy dialogue didn't really exist, or was leastways very easily forgiven. My point is, Dragon Wars had one strong upside, which was enough for me to end up in that childish state of mind: namely constant entertainment. The CGI, altough flawed and videogame-ish in some places, looked surprisingly good for a non-Hollywood production. Just to see all the dragons and monsters wreak havoc on a whole city was a true malicious pleasure. It's like being the witness to a great train wreck: it's horrible, yet you can't look away.

If you happen to have an appetite for brainless monster movies like Godzilla (the 1998 version), or really enjoyed the parts in the Jurassic Park movies where people got eaten and torn from limb to limb, then this is the movie for you. As for myself, I'm gonna continue to allow the kid in me these occational treats. For as long it comes in reasonable dozes, no harm should be done in the end.
Matthew C

Super Reviewer

September 14, 2007
I really REALLY wanted to love this movie. The CGI is some of the best I have seen in a movie, and I love typical monster terror flicks (except for Godzilla back in the 90s).

The problem with this movie is that the folks that wrote the screenplay didn't get a proofreader, or seems like it. The plot is pretty straightforward, but there are some plotholes that you can park a semi-truck. The beginning was very promising, but once the action hits, it seems to unravel more into a "let's do this" scene by scene, with no real unity.

If you want a good monster movie, watch "The Host"...otherwise, save this for a rental.

Super Reviewer

August 30, 2007
A big-budget movie that isn't so bad, due to the fact that it wasn't made by Hollywood. If it was it would have, most likely, turned out pretty bad.The story revolves around Korean mythology and it is pretty interesting. The first quarter of the movie is the unfolding of this mythology and it takes place in ancient Korean times. This is the part of the film that really shines as it has the best acting and the most emphasis on the story. There is even a good amount of action as well. Once the film returns to present day Los Angeles the story is pretty much non-existent and the acting takes a huge dive. The only thing that kept this part of the film alive was the action and CG.As I just mentioned the acting is only good at the beginning when the film is running in ancient Korea mode. The American acting, back in Los Angeles is lame. Almost everybody seemed as they were reading out of the script. I think this film may have been more successful if it took place in modern Korea with Korean actors, rather than Los Angeles with American actors.If you are watching this film for the action you will not be disappointed. Before watching this I was really worried that all the action seen in the Korean trailer was all the action in the movie. Luckily for me, it wasn't. This film, especially the entire second half is loaded and loaded with action and CG. There is also some good emphasis on the helicopter battles in the sky. Intense stuff. The dragon vs. dragon battle was also great.The CG is great, but it isn't the best I've seen. The helicopters were OK, but the dragons are pretty detailed and the other creatures are fun to see. Not to spoil anything, but the final dragon transformation was absolutely stunning and brilliant.I would recommend this film to anybody that doesn't really care about too deep a story and wants to see some good CG and a ton of action.
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2007
I don't know what anyone is expecting to see from a little marketed, non-hyped movie entitled Dragon Wars, but I can tell you I wasn't expecting much, so I was happy with what I got.

Opposed to Reign of Fire, this movie delivered actual Dragon Wars. Sure the CG is spotty in plenty of areas, but watching a man against beast battle involving ground troops and dog fights, all taking place in the middle of LA gave me the entertainment that I was seeking.

Plenty of clunky dialog and acting, as well as force fed humor to go along with the of course unintentionally hilarious moments, but that only hurts the movie so much.

Overall, there are still worse things you can see, but this has plenty of dragon action to keep one entertained.
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