Dream Warrior Reviews

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July 29, 2011
what dreams may come? so said shakespeare but in this dystopian drama about rebuilding civilazation.
January 12, 2014
As movies go this one is alright enough, though deficiencies are easily spotted even by me, and I don't like to be critical. Looking for the positive in movie values here is also easy because the story has the requirements for a feature length movie - conflict, bad guys, good guys, the twist at the end. Getting honest we will say the action and the acting are not up to standard practices in released movies. However for me, the story is interesting, and the action and plot unfold in timing that I appreciated well enough, making it watchable and not regrettable. For the critics, you would immediately see action and effects that remind you of the cheapest you've seen, and acting in places that looks like rehearsal takes by non-professionals. I want to say this is because it is a low budget film, it looks like they didn't have many takes to work with. Because all the actors are capable, displaying performances that are enjoyable and get the story told.
½ March 11, 2010
Most misleading cover of a movie I have ever seen. If you go into it with no expectations you are in for an excellent laugh.
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