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½ March 17, 2014
A colorful, lively, well-executed musical-film, Dreamgirls is a must-see spectacle. Jennifer Hudson steals the show with powerhouse vocals and a vulnerable debut performance. The film never lags, always entertains, and features beautiful music. It is an ultimately uplifting experience.
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½ February 12, 2013
The definitive musical of the rise to fame and the fall from grace. Dazzling, engaging and wonderfully acted, it leaves me bewildered that ''Dreamgirls'' didn't get a Best Picture nomination in 2007.
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March 8, 2012
Bill Condon directs an incredible cast in the movie version of the Broadway musical Dreamgirls. Let me say this before I say anything else: I was so stunned by the performances and musical numbers in this film that I literally had to tell myself to close my mouth. Jennifer Hudson got an Oscar for her role as Effie White, and did she ever deserve it. Beyonce was not far behind, but I have to say I prefer her singing songs like the Oscar nominated song "Listen" than "Run the World". This film also proves that Eddie Murphy can act. He just needs proper direction, and the right role. He was really great the role as James Early which got him an Oscar nomination. Overall, Dreamgirls features electrifying performances from the whole cast especially from Jennifer Hudson, and incredible musical number that sent shivers down my spine. Even though I felt that the ending was rushed a little, it was very moving and satisfying.
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March 2, 2011
A beautifully well made film, with great performances, and proves Eddie Murphy is a good actor.
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½ November 9, 2010
A very good film. A bit overrated in my opinion becuase 8 Academy Award nominations is very generous. However this film delivers on all levels. Great performances all around, emotion, brilliant cinematography, fantastic music....it's good. The music is definitely the highlight of the film for me though, particularly because of Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. They both give great performances musically and theatrically. They carry the film to a whole nother level. A very good film. I recommend it!
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June 24, 2010
I didn't like this, I thought it was boring, and I hated the songs, there was nothing I really liked about the movie so I can't give it anything but this. D
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½ April 25, 2007
Enjoyable version of the Supremes rise. Good music and fine perfomances from everybody plus well paced direction make this highly watchable. Eddie Murphy is certainly better than he has been in years in the slop he usually makes and coasts through but he doesn't do anything extraordinary so his loss of the Oscar doesn't seem like some great injustice. However the standout role is Effie and Jennifer Hudson is brilliant in it completely deserving of all the accolades she earned.
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January 30, 2007
Dreamgirls is the kind of big budget, flashy, brassy, Hollywood musical that hasn't been made for a while. The production value and art direction dazzels as does the show stopping numbers by the fabulous Jeniffer Hudson who steals the show. The music makes you want to dance in your seat especially the song "I'm Telling You" and the amazing "Listen", to name but two of the many fantastic songs. Eddie Murphy's performance is enjoyable but not worthy of an Oscar. Dreamgirls illuminates the glitz and glamour of an era and is the first film I have ever seen where the entire cast is african american. A great Musical and great entertainment.
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½ March 19, 2010
not good acting and not a good plot
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September 10, 2007
Great music, and strong performances. The story is a little contrived and what not, but it's still an enjoyable movie.
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September 1, 2008
Detroit, the early 1960s. Curtis Taylor, Jr., a car salesman, breaks into the music business with big dreams. He signs a trio of 18-year-olds, the Dreamettes, gets them a job backing an R&B performer, James "Thunder" Early, establishes his own record label and starts wheeling and dealing. When Early flames out, Curtis makes the Dreamettes into headliners as the Dreams, but not before demoting their hefty big-voiced lead singer, Effie White, and putting the softer-voiced looker, Deena Jones, in front. Soon after, he fires Effie, sends her into a life of proud poverty, and takes Deena and the Dreams to the top. How long can Curtis stay there, and will Effie ever get her due?

An amazing musical treat for those who love the jazz, blues and the 60's Motown music scene. But, if you're not really into these kinds of music well don't worry, after you watch this film, I'll bet you'll become a fan. The music was just spectacular. It was uplifting, it was alive, it has got the 'soul' just like James "Thunder" Early said.

I can't believe I'm even saying this but I must say, Eddie Murphy gave a fine performance was soulful singer James Early. His last great performance before he plunged into the deep dark recesses of Norbit and Meet Dave. Kudos to Jennifer Hudson too. She got a big voice and her performance here is one for the books. Its not easy singing and acting at the same time, that's a very hard task to accomplish but she did it amazingly.

If you like musicals and the blues, I suggest you go see this one.

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August 31, 2008
A very good cast and movie....go see it. Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy all do a very godo job in this film....very good musical numbers...a well done movie.
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April 15, 2007
I watched Dreamgirls with the sole intention of staring at Beyonce for 2 hours so I didn't expect much out of the experience. What I found was a movie that was decent but incredibly overrated. More of a series of events than a story. Beyonce was foxy (as expected) even though she was just kind of there but all of the other performances were overrated (namely Eddie Murphy) with the exception of Jennifer Hudson who was fantastic. The music was good but over produced. Great-looking movie and great costume design though...
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½ January 13, 2008
Based somewhat on the Supremes in the 60's and 70's, Dreamgirls tells the story of four black singers climb from obscure black R&B charts to the top of the white pop charts.

Pretty good movie, although the tendency for the cast to break out in song when they should be arguing/talking drove me crazy.
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August 20, 2007
Enjoyable. Great performances allow me to forgive the film for going on maybe a little too long.
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May 23, 2007
Directed by: Bill Condon.
Starring: Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy.

Usually I tend to review a film on its filmmaking qualities, such as direction, screenwriting, cinematography and acting to name a few....this film can't really be reviewed like that, so this will be a little different.

To be honest, this could have been portrayed on broadway and it would have still been a hit, but I like the way that they converted it into a film and I certainly give props to Bill Condon for creating an extremely entertaining and glamourous film, it is very much a musical, with 90% of it all in song and that is exactly what I liked about it, the fact that alot of arguements and conversations were in song and directed and written extremely well....to say the film had any depth would be incorrect, the characters and the plot are very simple and cardboard thin, but it focuses more on its musical numbers and does extremely well.

Now for the acting.....there have been alot of musical related films out there that have won Academy Awards for there actors.....you have Jamie Foxx for Ray, Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago, just to name a few....and they didn't win there Oscars because of there singing, it was because of there amazing acting range and there portrayals of there characters.....now with Jennifer Hudson winning the Oscar....I think it is the biggest mistake the Academy has ever made seeing as she hardly acted and when she did, it was nowhere near Oscar-worthy........if the Grammies had an award for "Best Musical Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture", then I would certainly give Jennifer that award, because she was truly outstanding in her singing performances, with alot of soul, emotion and attitude. And I think another mistake the Academy made was not giving Oscars to 2 songs written for the film, 'And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going' and 'Listen', which are truly powerful and sung with powerful depth from Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson.

So overall the film is pure entertainment and very glamourous, to judge it on its filmmaking qualities is hard to do, as it could very easily have been made on Broadway and still have the same impact, but I do highly recommend it.
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½ January 28, 2007
this marvelous 2006 musical started its run as the front-runner for all the award shows, and it was doing so well, until the Oscars, where it got terribly snubbed... i was so sad, beacuse this movie is pure greatness, first of all, the look, it transports you to a different era, the soundtrack is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, the writing's good, the art direction, the costumes, the cast is great : Beyonce did a terrific job, Jamie Foxx was okay and so was the really overrated Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose and Danny Glover were good, too, but undeniably, this film's star is Academt Award Winner (and American Idol LOSER, but who cares?) Jennifer Hudson, with such a great performance, and her voice is so powerful, the girl is here to stay...
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July 7, 2007
it was good but at some points ur like WHEN WILL U STOP SINGING ! LOL
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June 18, 2007
Hopelessly overdone.
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