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October 1, 2009
A Look at Stars in there Early Days. Martin Sheen has very young and trapper who comes across a great Native American's White Horse at his burial site, he takes the horse that was left to die along with the great chief and his squaw. Mean while another Chief played by no other then Sam Waterston has his eyes on the horse, Sheen will stop at nothing for this horse, he even passes up a beautiful women. Its not Spaghetti, but just a western. Made for a eye opening look at early Sheen. The only bad thing about the movie was the ending, and off into the sunset he rode. I'd watch it again in the future, distant future, But I will give it 3 stars,
February 11, 2011
A taciturn and vaguely mystical drama with a cast that looks desperately out of place and whose occasional dialogue is as oppressive as is its more common silence? Or a weirdly hypnotic Western made by a British director who has a quirkishly funny vision of how the genre might be realized -- as a sort of Medieval quest attended by its own peculiar rituals and chivalries between the white man and the Indian that ultimately spirals into a lamentation of lost illusions? Probably a little of both...
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