The Earthling Reviews

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June 2, 2011
I can't believe anyone would give this movie a bad rating. Very poignant, breath taking scenery, and wonderful message! A must see!
½ June 15, 2007
incredible the sound of the rocks being dropped all the way thru the movie..great foreshadowing
November 13, 2012
I didn't like it as much as WALKABOUT, but worth a watch.
September 26, 2010
This is one of those movies that flew under the radair but is more than worth the time to watch. A young boy is lost in the Asutraulain out back after his parents die in an accident. He is found by an old man that is trying to make it to his family homestead before he dies of cancer. The old man doen't want to be saddled with the boy but can't just leave the boy to die in the wilderness. The old man has to teach the boy to survive and live off the land before he dies. A very young Ricky Shroder does an outstanding performance along side William Holden, who always gives his best. The senery is outstanding, and the acting is great. This is the last film by William Holden who died not too long after making the movie.
June 6, 2010
A real tear jerker about a man coming to the end of his life and a boy just starting his. William Holden puts in a gritty performance while young Ricky Schroder tugs at the strings of even the hardest hearts.
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