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September 5, 2010
I saw this on TV, so I didn't see the beginning, but I really liked the rest of the movie. The cast is good, and the story interesting, even though I'd never heard of Duchin before.
September 12, 2015
I liked this when I saw it in the movies - at age 10 or 11. I'm a sucker for father-son-love stories, like this one, Frequency, and MIB III. I probably won't see it again, but...
September 12, 2015
Just saw it on get TV....excellent
September 12, 2013
This movie has always been one of my favorites. Good story, sad story. Well acted.
½ June 16, 2013
The fine musical scenes and Tyrone Power's excellent performance are among the highlights of THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY, filmed in spectacular CinemaScope and containing lavish production values and fine performances from its cast. It's sensitively directed by George Sidney, a veteran director of M-G-M musicals, and-as one reviewer may have pointed out-the film is indeed a lovely Valentine to Eddie Duchin's memory.

The film is a delight to watch and is highly enjoyable yet quite tragic in places. However, there are flaws within the film due to the sentimental music score and some unbelievably saccharine and fanciful scenes. But the fine performances and direction, as well as the beautifully filmed music sequences, make up for such flaws. I felt the same way about the George Gershwin biopic, RHAPSODY IN BLUE (1945).

Tyrone Power's performance as the talented and popular pianist is one of Ty's very best performances. Although Ty's looks remain middle-aged throughout the entire film, his transition from a young pianist in the 1920s to a World War II veteran battling leukemia is entirely believable. The film was a box-office hit in 1956 and was nominated for four Oscars...but sadly, Tyrone Power was not nominated. I presume that it had to do with his "pretty boy" matinée idol roles at 20th Century-Fox in the past, which were roles that Ty hated playing and did little to enhance his reputation as an actor.

THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY is well worth watching, even more so for its piano sequences. And did I mention the hauntingly gorgeous Kim Novak? She stole my heart for about a half-hour, and she and Ty have nice chemistry together...even though she and Ty did not get along very well off-camera.
March 20, 2013
picture is wonderful...his music outstanding
August 12, 2008
Very well made biopic, but a little over the top with the dramatics. Tyrone Power tries, but the casting could have been better. Good music and sound. Nicely photographed.
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