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½ August 9, 2009
"Edison Force is a good thriller. I was surprised that with it being good and with the cast it has, that it was a film that went straight to DVD. I enjoyed the story and thought all of the acting was solid. I am usually a disbeliever of rappers and singers being good actors, but LL Cool J continues to prove me wrong. I really enjoy him in movies. Plus he's nice eye candy. Justin Timberlake was also good in this. I've see in a few movies now. His acting has definitely gotten better since this movie.
The movie is your basic cops gone bad with a news reporter seeking out the truth trying to expose those said cops. Although the story is not original, it is still good. I would see it again."
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½ March 24, 2007
This film had a lot of potential but in my opinion failed to deliver what could have been a great plot. A waste of two great actors; Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman, disappointingly watchable
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½ September 28, 2007
A riveting and exhilerating edge of your seat action thriller. Smart, fast-paced and packed with plenty of excitment. A great story of coruption and politics. A truly stunning all-star cast. Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman are teriffic. Dylan McDermott is electrifying. LL Cool Jay has never been better. Justine Timberlae is sensational. Tense, stylish and filled with explosive action. A real nail-biter from start to finish.
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September 24, 2007
Nothing more than a sub-average film
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June 21, 2007
An ok action/drama film as a young reporter discovers a possible cover-up by a group of police officers. Which puts his own life in danger. There are better examples of this type of film around though.
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½ December 26, 2006
Great thriller about the corrupt cops. LL Cool J is doing great in the final shootouts and Justin Timberlake makes a fine performance in his debut acting of this film.
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½ June 25, 2009
Lol this is a knock off of Swat. Same type of motive, people, and story. Yet, it is almost as enjoyable. Not quite though.

Oh, wait! One more thing. Isn't LL Cool J in Swat?

True Rating EE: Extreme Emulation
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July 17, 2006
had potiental... but fell flat with poor directing... nice fight scene between LL Cool J and Dylan McDermott though...
April 5, 2014
yes it's yes it's yes yes yes, a movie thatz the world is something that can become something of truly showcasing what the world today can become too thatz of what it is like as now.......Lol, thought this said the ender games
February 13, 2014
Where was the oversight on this one? The cast is rather good overall, but the result was rather poor.
One line summary: First time actors and a poor script waste the efforts of the veteran actors.


Deed, Lazerov, and Tilman work on the Edison Force, an elite crime stopping unit. Ashford, who used to be well-regarded reporter, runs a publication of only modest reputation. Ashford faults Pollack early on for not backing up his opinions with facts; not so long later, he fires Pollack.

Pollack is interested in showing that the Edison Force has done some shady work, but he does not seem to know how to do that. Even his girlfriend Willow thinks that about him.

To get his career back on track, Pollack starts pursuing a particular case in which he thinks a man has been framed. The trail leads to exposure of corruption, reactive violence, and other discouraging results.

Will Pollack get his story substantiated and published?


Cinematography: 9/10 Good looking night filming as well as crisp daylight footage.

Sound: 8/10 Good for the most part.

Acting: 4/10 I have come to like LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles, but his acting in this earlier work just did not cut it. Justin Timberlake did OK in the fluffy comedy Friends with Benefits, but in Edison Force and other dramatic roles, I did not care for his performance. Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, John Heard, and Piper Perabo seemed to be trapped inside this awful screenplay. Given a good screenplay and a skilled director, Dylan McDermott can give fine performances, but he had neither to rely on here. The worst part is that Timberlake's character is the center of the film.

Screenplay: 2/10 Given the budget of over 24 million USD, a better screenplay could have been obtained, but it was not. This is the second biggest weakness of the film.
½ January 22, 2013
Four points, two +'s and two -'s:
+ Kevin Spacey
+ Justin Timberlake

- Morgan Freeman
- L.L. Cool J

Don't nobody say I'm racist.
½ December 23, 2012
Not a bad cop film. Great cast here, but almost low quality in appearance. I don't know if they were trying to go for gritty or something here, but the "style" of filming, if there really was a purpose behind it, it's really lacking in quality. As a side note, while the journalistic practices portrayed in this film aren't entirely correct, the writers get it right more often than not, and as a journalist-in-training, I can really appreciate that.
½ May 4, 2012
All budget was blown on the cast apparently as there is zero in the plot and dialogue of note. If you are a fan of any of the cast you'll be sorely disappointed for thinking their appearance might be worth while.
November 6, 2011
There is an excellent reason "Edison Force" went straight to video...Mainly due to the fact that it would have landed in theaters with a crumbling thud. The movie lasted entirely too long and was mindbogglingly boring even though this movie does have a first rate roster of fine actors and decent enough effects that are pretty good. The Name (Edison Force, WTF?) and the overall story suffers from inconsistencies and eye rolling plot points. I mean you don't really know what they're doing or where the film is going. I did read that it was suppose to be based on "Edison, New Jersey" and the police scandal that made news over there but obviously that wasn't the case since they felt the need to establish some type of Dystopian society feel throughout the film that never really makes any sense.

The only redeeming quality this film does hold is the performance Dylan McDermott puts forth. He is brilliant as Lazerov. Just a complete nut case in this movie and made a believer out of me. LL Cool J is pretty bad in this film considering this was supposed to be his big starring role. He says every line the same way and shows pretty much the same emotion. He is capable of better.Justin Timberlake also "Can" be a capable actor, but here he is not very good. He looks blank during the really emotional scenes, and I just didn't buy his character at all. I will say that he has improved tremendously since this film. Morgan Freeman is classy and intriguing as usual, He does have a few great scenes, especially when he's interacting with Timberlake's character. Kevin Spacey is terribly wasted, and has virtually nothing to do. John Heard is fantastic Capt. Tillman, he's a terrific character actor. Cary Elwes as well. Roselyn Sanchez doesn't do much of anything and that's a shame. Piper Perabo also, nothing added besides her being around for an important plot point.

Edison is nothing more than a direct-to- DVD action'er inhabited by a few A-listers. Though far more watchable and entertaining than one might suggest, Edison remains highly disposable, forgettable and generic. There's nothing wrong with the movie at face value, but it's pure genre stuff, and clearly a paycheck effort for all involved. Fans of hardcore action flicks may find this an enjoyable evening of movie- watching. For those seeking something more substantive...move along, there's nothing to see here.
½ August 31, 2011
Good acting for the most part. What happened to Kevin Spacey though? His acting comes off as a pastiche of himself. He seems to have lost his chops. This story of police corruption and brutality is heavy on violence and short on drama and tension. Merely okay; gave an extra 1/2 star for Piper Perabo!
February 17, 2011
Edison Force is a ok movie made better with great acting by Spacey and Freeman... Even LL Cool J was pretty good in my book. Decent flick.
February 17, 2010
Whoa, whoa, whoa-- I think a 0% fresh rating is pretty harsh. OK, this is not a great work of cinematic genius, but it wasn't bad either. It was fairly predictable, but enjoyable enough-- better than I expected. There are some good moments about the nature of journalism, and while more development could have been done on the tension between necessarily tough law enforcement and encroaching fascism, there at least was an attempt.

I would happily watch it again if I was bedridden and it was on cable.
October 23, 2008
There was some good action, but definitely not Justin Timberlake's best role. Morgan Freeman pulled it off though.
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