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½ April 23, 2010
For some reason I really enjoy this movie. Its an interesting story of young romance and a young man discovering himself through it. Humorous and sweet, it doesn't try too hard to be more than what it is.
April 14, 2008
Keri Russell is the present-day Lindsay Wagner: a vacant, unconvincing actress who looks like she's distracted by something (or stoned).
½ June 14, 2009
I actually saw this before and forgot to rate it. It came back on again this weekend and I must say, it was pretty good.
February 8, 2008
Rent it, buy the vhs online for 2 bux like I did if they don't have it! It's sweet, and its my dream come true.
½ September 5, 2007
Now I know what your gonna say at first..."How intersting can movie be when the bulk takes place on some girls front lawn". And you'd be right, this movie is obviously set up to fail from the start solely for that fact. However, the side stories incoporated into the film more than make up for the dullness of the main story. Of course the guy is gonna get the girl so you're not watching this to see what happens at the end, you will want to watch for the quirky friends and neighbors that make this movie fun and innovative.
June 1, 2007
Perfect example on how a boy bot loves a girl so much he stand underneath her window until she falls for him, Great love story with a mix of modern humor.
April 22, 2007
this movie makes me believe that good guys are out there and they are willing to do anything for the girl they love
May 12, 2011
this movie is one of my favourites with Keri Russell!!!!!
August 22, 2010
Man, this is a weird film.

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Michael Davis, 1997) is about a teenager (Joshua Schaefer) who decides to camp out underneath the balcony of the girl next door (Keri Russell), who he is in love with. His hope is that if he stays out there all summer, until she goes off to college, she will fall in love with him.

Okay, if you stop reading this review here, I?m sure you would conclude that this is a bad film. I mean, let?s be real: not only would this never work in real life, but it would probably get you arrested. Only a nerd would think this was a good idea and believe that it could send a girl any message besides ?desperate, needy chump?, or alternatively, ?dangerously unhinged stalker?. This whole premise is preposterous, and based on this alone, I never should have wasted my time watching this film.


The thing is, this is the most incredibly well-written bad movie I?ve ever seen in my life! The dialogue is witty! The gags are pretty funny! The acting is good! The kids are charming! I?ve honestly never seen a bad idea executed so well. It?s just bizarre! If this movie were about anything else, I probably would have said it was phenomenal. And yet, it has the worst premise for a film I have ever heard of, and somehow manages to work. The mind boggles.

Joshua Schaefer?s ?Peter? is the type of kid who will grow up to be Woody Allen. He?s far too clever for his age or this movie. A hopeless Romantic, he will never get what he wants. But his observations about life are spot on. Also, the setup of this film, of having the kid sit on his lawn and watch the neighborhood, and then think he sees somebody having been murdered (ala REAR WINDOW (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954) ? yes, I?m comparing this film to REAR WINDOW) is ingenious too, if not original. It?s a way to add visuals and humor to a story of a kid pretty much just sitting on some girl?s lawn. It?s a really well-constructed story, again, in spite of what it?s about, and I was really impressed by that. Also, the humor is just clever, and not in a smug, cynical sort of way. It?s really just funny, self-reflexive in one place, and just nicely written. It reminded me heavily of a movie I saw in like middle school called FROG (David Grossman, 1987), where a talking frog (!) helps a kid with his science project, and in the process get with a girl. Sweet, innocent, charming. It?s like that.

And that, in essence, is why it works: it?s a teenpic written like a kid?s movie. Despite having tons of raunchy, AMERICAN PIE (1999, Paul Weitz)-styled humor (though it predates that film), it?s remarkably cute, to the point that we the audience, like the kid, do wish we lived in a world where his plan would work. And we all gave up on that dream back in the eighties. It?s a nice throwback to that kind of film, but honestly, if it wasn?t executed this well, it would go horribly wrong really quickly. What?s even more bizarre is that this guy Michael Davis doesn?t have that many credits, but he pulls off this movie like a master. Such a shame he hasn?t done more.

So again, while I can?t rousingly endorse this movie because really, at the end of the day it?s a film about a loser stalking the girl of his dreams, I can honestly say that I did like it. Just goes to show the power of good writing and directing conquers all, even a bad idea.
½ December 28, 2009
It started out with a promising romantic movie, but as the film gradually unfolded, it became dull and uninteresting.
November 3, 2009
A surprisingly witty teen comedy. (If you even want to consider it a teen comedy) The basic premise for the film is a little silly, but makes up for it in it's acting and clever narrative of the main character played by Joshua Schaefer.
November 1, 2009
Honestly, I know that a lot of people will hate this film. I actually enjoyed this film. The plot is quite simple and a viewer can tell that it is pretty low budget. Basically a kid really wants to go on a date with his neighbor. He knows he has no chance so he figures that there is no point in even asking until his grandfater tells him a story about a guy who stood outside of a girl's window until the girl decided to go on a date with him. This is exactly what Peter intends to do. The only problem is....he isn't supported by anyone he knows. His dad changes the locks and his best friend thinks he is wasting the last summer they have together.

There isn't much to talk about with this film. It had a very 1980s feel and I was surprised when I found out the film came out in 1997. Peter is a nerd in every sense of the word, but throughout the film we start to see that even the hot girl next door has an inner nerd. We are also given a buch of bizarre theories about life. These include an asshole gene and being able to judge a girl based on the size of her breasts.

I'm going to cut this review short because I can't really talk about the film without giving something away. Just know before you watch it that you won't be laughing hysterically the whole time you are watching it. I think the movie will be more appealing to people who have been willing to do anything for one chance with a girl/guy.

Other interesting things:

These should not ruin the movie for anyone, so you can read them even if you plan on watching the movie. I found it funny that Peter started observing the neighborhood while he was sitting outside of her window. It was even more ironic that he thought the neighbor could of been a killer. Can anyone say DISTURBIA??? I know Disturbia was not based off this film, but it is funny to see that subplot within this movie.
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